We talked, he apologized, we made a deal, and I have no hard feelings.

After I posted about a random message which exacerbated conditions created by my relapse to anorexia, (and after the sender came into that post and left some disjointed and strangely hostile comments) an acquaintance of his delivered me this message from him: JT,I’m a dick. I’m a horrible person. I’ve wronged many people in the [Read More...]

Random cruelty.

For those who don’t know, I’m a recovering (and now relapsed) anorexic.  I try to write about my mental health issues as openly as possible.  However, when they get tangled with other people, I tend not to write about them – just out of courtesy for those people.  That is why I’ve not written much [Read More...]

Woman arrested after claiming Jesus would pay for her dinner.

A woman was recently treated to a dinner date at an Oklahoma El Chico.  However, the story turned sad when her deadbeat husband skipped out on paying the bill. The woman, identified at Kristi Rhines, visited the Mexican restaurant El Chico in Lawton and ordered several drinks and a meal. When the bill came, Rhines [Read More...]

Man who drove a car into the Oklahoma ten commandments monument is a Christian.

Immediately after the news hit that someone wrecked a car into the ten commandments monument on the Oklahoma capitol building many people, including many atheists (like myself and Hemant), assumed the perpetrator was an atheist.  Then, when Michael Tate Reed Jr. was arrested and said that Satan told him to do it, the atheists corrected [Read More...]

About to head off to my next appointment.

I had a really rough weekend, which I’m sure we’ll talk about.  I’m up 1.5 lbs from when I weighed myself two weeks ago, which I guess is good, but it hasn’t done wonders for my mood.  I’ve eaten 400 calories today and feel disgusted at the thought of eating more.  Thanks scale. There’s not [Read More...]

Appointment #9 coming up.

I’m about to head out the door to my 9th appointment. I ate well this last weekend.  I ate REALLY well – as in I ate too much.  But it didn’t bother me much.  I don’t want to step onto the scale today though to check the damage, I just want to go back to [Read More...]

Your morning happizzzZZZzzz….

When I hit a low spot depression-wise I get insomnia hardcore.  That happened last night.  I hardly slept, but I got some rest this morning.  Sorry for the late start. Here’s a song from the Dream Theater album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.  The second CD on that album is a 42 minute long song [Read More...]

Aftermath of appointment #8.

We had another good session today. Over the past week I’ve felt like I’ve eaten enough, much like last week.  But while my weight was constant last week, today I weighed myself under non-ideal conditions to see I’d lost two pounds (probably more, since all previous weighing was under ideal conditions). I had a pretty [Read More...]

Aftermath of appointment #7.

It was a good session.  I left feeling a lot better about things. Last week Katy recorded our session (that was not a good session, I was a traumatic mess).  She showed me the video of that today.  I asked her what this was supposed to accomplish.  She said she wanted me to see what [Read More...]

Pre-appointment thoughts.

I haven’t weighed myself in a week because I’ve been eating more.  Each time I feel like shit right after, but I keep doing it.  Today I busted out the scale to check, sure I’d ballooned back up over 200 lbs.  It was 190.0.  I’ve not gained or lost any weight, despite feeling like I’ve [Read More...]