One hour until my first appointment…

I’m more calm than I had reckoned I would be.  That is very unlike my first trip to the doctor when I was pretty much in hysterics… Will the meds he gives me cause me to start eating again?  Will I gain even more weight?  I can’t let that happen.  Will all my friends drift [Read More...]

Study: LGBT people who go to religious counseling more likely to commit suicide.

Going to a counselor or a therapist is something a person does for the same reason they go to the doctor: your quality of life is supposed to improve.  However, a new study out of UCLA has found that when LGBT people seek therapy from a religious counselor, their odds of committing suicide actually go up, [Read More...]

Sky Williams on depression.

Sky Williams is a League of Legends streamer (essentially he plays the game on the internet, people watch him, and he makes money) who also makes youtube videos about the game.  I love his videos and have watched them all because he’s funny as hell.  He literally makes me laugh out loud. So you can [Read More...]

On the idea that Robin Williams’ problem was lack of Jesus.

Michaelyn saw a post by one of her facebook friends that made her almost vomit.  She sent it to me and I post it here because it’s not the only one like it I’ve seen, not by a long shot: That is all…smiley face.  And other Christians rush in to like it. Who knew that [Read More...]

Matt Barber: Robin Williams chose to die.

Man, my special twitter feed is often the source of hilarity.  Today it just made me sad: I try not to respond to things with insults to a person.  I’ll demean ideas, religion, discrimination, etc.  But there are plenty of blogs who just say “Fuck this guy, and fuck that guy” and I don’t really [Read More...]

Provision in the Affordable Care Act has resulted in better mental health treatment for the young.

While this doesn’t count in Kansas thanks to Sam Brownback, on the whole this is a very, very good thing. A provision in the health care reform law allowing parents to keep their adult children on their health-insurance plans has led to millions more young people with mental-health and substance-abuse problems getting treatment, according to [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: dealing with relapse via humor.

Everybody deals with hardships in their own way.  I’ve often said that I deal with mine by joking about them.  Even though anorexia led to a suicide attempt for me in the past, I still make jokes about my condition and laugh when others do so.  It’s cathartic. Anyway, still waiting on getting in to [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: another sleepless night.

I didn’t sleep last night (so I apologize for what’s sure to be a myriad of typos), but I did get to see the sunrise.  It’s Kansas, so the only silver lining was in my head, but at least it was there.  Mostly it looks like a sunset, just muggier. I’d like to think I [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: made the call.

Just did the intake call with a local clinic.  It was going well until we got to the questions about self-harm, at which point I was reminded of the first time I ever admitted to a doctor that I was having thoughts of self-harm.  I’m not having any such thoughts right now, but when asked [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: back into therapy.

So…the last week has been rough for me.  My ordinarily firm grip on my mental state has slipped considerably.  I haven’t hallucinated, but leaving the house has been hard and it seems like everything triggers a depressive episode regardless of how fanatical I get about controlling my environment. During this time I’ve done all the [Read More...]