Off to appointment #2.

Yesterday was not a good day.  Today’s not a good day either.  I’ve eaten 96 calories because I had told myself I’d eat before my appointment, but that was all I could manage: 16 almonds at 6 calories each.  I counted the calories on each on as I swallowed.  My stomach still feels empty, my [Read More...]

I weighed myself again.

When I got married I weighed 210 lbs. A little over four weeks ago I weighed 208.6. Today I weighed 196.4. How can I not be happy about that? I can do pull-ups again. That’s where it starts. Then you try to eat less, so stepping onto the scale next time will feel even better. [Read More...]

My inert brain.

It was actually a busy day in the news.  I have lots more to write about, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow. I weighed myself a bit ago.  It was the first time in four or five days, I think.  I weighed 208 late last month and today I’m at 198.2.  I [Read More...]

Intake paperwork is fun.

I love my new therapist (who picked my file out of the intake folder because she thought it looked interesting).  For the sake of anonymity when I write about my therapy sessions, let’s call her Katy Perry.  Katy is extremely analytical, direct and to-the-point (but still with a sense of humor), big on evidence-based therapy, [Read More...]

The Thinking Atheist: Mental Health Episode.

Man, what a great show.  I tried not to say much because Jeremiah Beene, Michaelyn, and Darrel Ray had so much good stuff to say.  Seth Andrews is just great for putting this episode together.  I hope everybody can learn something. Listen To Education Internet Radio Stations with TheThinkingAtheist on BlogTalkRadio Hear more of Jeremiah [Read More...]

One hour until my first appointment…

I’m more calm than I had reckoned I would be.  That is very unlike my first trip to the doctor when I was pretty much in hysterics… Will the meds he gives me cause me to start eating again?  Will I gain even more weight?  I can’t let that happen.  Will all my friends drift [Read More...]

Study: LGBT people who go to religious counseling more likely to commit suicide.

Going to a counselor or a therapist is something a person does for the same reason they go to the doctor: your quality of life is supposed to improve.  However, a new study out of UCLA has found that when LGBT people seek therapy from a religious counselor, their odds of committing suicide actually go up, [Read More...]

Sky Williams on depression.

Sky Williams is a League of Legends streamer (essentially he plays the game on the internet, people watch him, and he makes money) who also makes youtube videos about the game.  I love his videos and have watched them all because he’s funny as hell.  He literally makes me laugh out loud. So you can [Read More...]

On the idea that Robin Williams’ problem was lack of Jesus.

Michaelyn saw a post by one of her facebook friends that made her almost vomit.  She sent it to me and I post it here because it’s not the only one like it I’ve seen, not by a long shot: That is all…smiley face.  And other Christians rush in to like it. Who knew that [Read More...]

Matt Barber: Robin Williams chose to die.

Man, my special twitter feed is often the source of hilarity.  Today it just made me sad: I try not to respond to things with insults to a person.  I’ll demean ideas, religion, discrimination, etc.  But there are plenty of blogs who just say “Fuck this guy, and fuck that guy” and I don’t really [Read More...]