Natural News…another group co-opting the Elliot Rodger tragedy for their cause.

The loathsome website Natural News has put out an article saying it wasn’t psychological problems that cause Elliot Rodger to go on a mass murdering spree, but rather the anti-psychotics he was taking: Time after time, mass murderers are found to have been taking psychiatric drugs Elliot Rodger now joins a long and ever-expanding list [Read More...]

Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. That conversation needs to take place.

There is a debate going on as to whether or not Elliot Rodger, the man who recently went on a killing spree in California, was mentally ill or if he was sane and driven by sexism.  Because mental illness is important to me, I feel the need to weigh in. Jaclyn Glenn put out a [Read More...]

Pro gamer who attempted suicide recovering and has realized he wants to live.

Back in March I wrote about one of the first major tragedies to hit professional gaming.  A young professional Korean team was essentially scammed out of their dreams and one of their players, identified by his gamer handle “Promise”, attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a twelve-story building. It’s two and a half months [Read More...]

The rest of my thoughts on Andrea Yates.

In talks I have often cited Andrea Yates, one of many women to have killed her children because god supposedly told her to do so.  I’ve done this to draw a parallel: Christians think Abraham was noble for obeying the voices he heard commanding him to commit filicide, but they think Andrea Yates was insane. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: for every villain, a thousand heroes.

In the wake of professional League of Legends player Promise fallen victim to a fraud that could have (and may have) destroyed his career and his attempt to take his own life, the League of Legends community has swiftly pulled together. NA analyst and coach of Counterlogic Gaming, MonteCristo, is friends with representatives of AHQ [Read More...]

Professional gaming rocked by Korean player’s attempted suicide.

Today’s morning happiness post will be the second post today.  However, as an avid League of Legends player, I wanted to write about a tragedy that has struck the world of professional gaming, perhaps morbidly signaling e-sports reaching the “big time”. In Korea, e-sports superstars are celebrities on the scale of our most idolized athletes in [Read More...]

On calling religion a mental illness.

The big topic around the atheist blogosphere the last couple of days is whether or not religion should be called a mental illness.  To spare you wondering where I stand, I’ll just lead off by saying that I don’t think it is even if at times religion is scarcely distinguishable from mental illness. There are [Read More...]

Linda Harvey: being gay is like being anorexic.

Mission America’s Linda Harvey gave an interview to the ironically named American Family Associan’s radio show the other day where she compared homosexuality (which the American Psychological Association considers to be a perfectly normal facet of human psychology) to anorexia (which the American Psychological Association considers to be a psychological disorder).  This is akin to [Read More...]

Update on me.

Hey again.  Saturday I felt a lot better and actually wound up eating a bit too much.  Boy, I paid the price for that on Sunday.  I did manage to get up to about 1400 calories near the end of the day though when I was feeling a bit better. Still having some problems this [Read More...]

Update #3

Hey everybody.  I did manage to get up to about 900 calories yesterday. This morning I feel better, but it’s the way I feel better that makes it not a good thing.  Because I ate so little yesterday today I feel 30 lbs. lighter.  It feels good.  It feels like success. It is in this [Read More...]