Be back tomorrow.

The last few days I’ve been having some issues with anorexia resurfacing.  It’s not terrible, and I’m far more equipped to handle it now than in the past.  But it’s a slow news day and my head just isn’t in writing today on account of it.  I’m gonna chill, watch Sherlock and Once Upon A [Read More...]

In Defense of Religious Belief

The Harris Poll about religious adherence was released a little over a week ago. In a report that surprised none of us at WWJTD but shook certain of our neighbors to the core, it determined that adherence to religious belief is dropping significantly. Well, significantly for a drop in religious belief, anyway. It’s a small [Read More...]

Secular Therapy Project continues to grow: over 2,500 registered clients!

I got an email this morning from Dr. Darrel Ray, the man behind the Secular Therapy project.  Things are continuing to go well! This week the Secular therapy Project exceeded 2,500 registered clients. These are people looking for a therapist that uses evidence-based methods and won’t send them back to church. We are delighted that [Read More...]

Religion does not prevent depression.

Also prayer doesn’t heal sickness and donuts don’t help you lose weight. Religion does not save you from depression. It’s not atheists who say it, but a group of researchers in an international study published inPsychological Medicine. The analysis, that has taken into account data from 8,318 participants, has put in evidence that 10.5% of those having a spiritualistic [Read More...]

A bit about mental illness and “retards”.

As many of you know, Michaelyn is studying cognitive neuroscience.  She had a homework assignment the other night to watch one of a list of movies depicting someone with mental illness and to write a paper about how well/poorly it was portrayed.  She had never seen A Beautiful Mind before and we decided on that [Read More...]

Speaking in Minneapolis tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Minneapolis to give my most popular talk: Skepticism and Mental Illness.  The talk will be from 7-9pm on Thursday, Oct 24 in Folwell Hall room #108.  We’re going to Stub & Herbs afterward for general carousing. This will mark the third time I’ve given this talk.  Each time it reminds [Read More...]

The Fat Kid.

I woke up today with my brain eating at me over my weight.  So I woke up, took Michaelyn to school, and went about controlling my environment.  Then I came across this article by Wes Fenza at Polyskeptic.  He talks about growing up as a fat kid and what went through his mind: Remember how [Read More...]

Ray Comfort capitalizing on a man’s suicide to spread lies about mental illness and life.

Ralph Barton was a popular cartoonist who shot himself in 1931.  Ray Comfort is now using his suicide to dig at atheists and, in doing so, to elevate Christianity. Makes sense since no Christian has ever committed suicide.  Wait a minute… Sadly, if Comfort had bothered to do any research, he would’ve learned that the [Read More...]

Prayer: neglect without shame.

Reading the prayer requests on Mark Shea’s blog always fills me with bewilderment.  For one, their prayers seem like an indictment on the same god they worship for being oh-so-good.  I mean, you can’t think that you’re bringing the situation to god’s attention.  If the guy’s all knowing, he has surely been aware of whatever [Read More...]

Placebo effect works in psychology too. God must exist.

Saw an article on Hemant’s blog this morning.  A recent study in the Journal of Affective Disorders concludes that religious belief makes people feel better about their recoveries from mental disorders. Over all, those who rated their spiritual belief as most important to them appeared to be less depressed after treatment than those with little [Read More...]