Access denied

First thing’s first: the Therapist Project’s therapist database went live today.  If you suffer from mental health problems and want a therapist who you know will treat you with evidence-based therapy, now, hopefully you can get it. Speaking of which, today I go see the new psychiatrist.  I’m nervous.  I barely slept last night. [Read more...]

New doc

I’ve got my first appointment with my new psychiatrist next Wednesday. Excited and nervous. I’ve been stable now for about ten months and still feel really on top of things.  I’m getting the new doc because I want to be able to focus better, especially on SSRIs.  I know I’ve promised to blog completely openly [Read More...]

Culture Wars Radio: Mental Illness

Last week I was on Ed Brayton‘s podcast, Culture Wars Radio, talking about mental illness and why the skeptic community should pick it up as a cause.  I start in about 20% of the way through the clip. Ed is a pretty fantastic interviewer.  One of my favorites. You can listen to the episode by [Read More...]

Commenter Mark on how the church is helping those with mental illness

Speaking of taking comments to blog posts, Mark gave us this one regarding therapists. Secular culture has a lot of catching up to do in this regard. There are churches that offer free courses on lay counseling as a Sunday School curriculum. So, what you get is armies of people equipped at a basic level [Read More...]

Question about health insurance

I’ve swapped emails with a reader of this site for about a year now.  She is anorexic and has made tremendous strides in getting better.  She saw a doctor, got meds, and has been doing great.  Props to her for having the gumption to get help, it’s not easy. However, she just sent me this [Read More...]

Darrel Ray on the Therapist Project

In response to some of the comments on my post yesterday announcing the launch of the Therapist Project, Dr. Ray submitted the following guest post. Reading some of the comments from JT’s post on our new initiative, The Therapist Project, I thought I would clarify its purpose and discuss the greater issue of religion’s place [Read More...]

Wellbutrin: not going well

Today marks my second day on Wellbutrin, which was prescribed to help me focus. It is sapping my energy, slowing me down mentally, and today I have been angry at everything, even at people close to me, and I’ve been hallucinating all day (same ol’ with my reflection).  I know I’m openly angry about things [Read More...]

Launch of the Therapist Project

Dr. Darrel Ray has been secretly laying the groundwork for a monumental undertaking.  Yesterday, it launched. It is called “The Therapist Project” and it kicks the ass of literally every person on planet earth and their ancestors. If you are looking for a secular mental health professional, this is the first place to look. Through [Read More...]

It's not all bad: mental illness edition

I got this email a few days ago.  Re-reading it makes me feel a little better about battling my particular mental illness publicly. I just wanted to thank you and Christina for your openness about your mental illness. Two weeks ago I went to the doctor and got treatment for my anxiety/depression. For the first time [Read More...]

Mental illness update: new meds

I take SSRIs.  They keep me stable, but there are downsides.  For one, they make me fuzzy and easily distracted.  The best description I’ve ever heard is that it’s like thinking through cotton.  It makes it hard to quickly recall facts, it makes me slower to solve puzzles.  However, the benefit of not being controlled [Read More...]