MORNING HAPPINESS: Baby llama nuzzles.

Good morning, everybody! Here’s a little girl nuzzling a baby llama: [Read more...]


Good morning, everybody! Nothing to report here.  Spending time with my family and trying to support my mom.  Will try to post some pictures later. Here’s a kitten saying hello: [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: One of my favorite gamers might not be a Christian.

Good morning, everybody!  I’m back home.  Happiness all around.  :) Your morning happiness is a League of Legends player I watch.  Yesterday he uploaded a video that makes me think he might not be a Christian (skip to 2:30 for the part that makes me think that). [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: So many new friends.

Good morning everybody!  First, a brag: my voice students held their spring recital this past weekend.  They absolutely killed it.  They’ve all made so much progress and I really could not have been more proud.  To know that I was a part of it, even if I wasn’t a part of all the memorizing and [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Elephant finds a piece of ribbon. Best. Day. EVER!

Good morning, everybody!  My stomach is wrenching itself into all kinds of knots right now.  It did this at the start of yesterday too.  I also have congestion that won’t stop.  Figures, my voice students have their recital this weekend and I’m supposed to sing a number.  I’m probably gonna take it fairly easy today. [Read More...]


Good morning, everybody!  Often when Michaelyn has had too much studying she’ll go into the bedroom and make herself into a blanket burrito. This reminded me of her: [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: I think these people might be losing money…

One of my twitter followers recently made me aware of some of the, shall we say, fascinating ad placement on my blog. @jteberhard they’ve nailed their advertising audience on your blog! — The Prophet Jeremiah (@nrrprophet) May 11, 2015 Meh, studies show atheists know the bible better, so maybe they just know their target [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Guys, wait for me!

Good morning! I have five vetting calls to make with The Hotline Project starting at 10am Central, each of which take 25-35 minutes, so posts will be short today. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Hey guys! Watch this!

Good morning, everybody! [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Delicious hair.

I kind of do this to Michaelyn, minus the hair licking, when she’s studying. [Read more...]