MORNING HAPPINESS: Singing the music that speaks to you.

Good morning everybody.  What a weekend.  Having a meal with somebody who’s about to die, where we all know it might be the last time you see them, is so strange.  There’s that big elephant in the room, and ordinarily I don’t mind elephants in the room.  I just point them out and discuss them, [Read More...]


It took a try, but once trust was established… [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: This is acceptable.

The human…it pleases me. [Read more...]


This dog fell asleep watching it’s owner play games.  I want this dog.   Sad news: I slept in today and it’s voice lesson day.  That means I have to power through the news and do short posts.  Git redy. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Dog that’s horrible at catching food.

I’d feel bad for this dog, except he’s getting oodles of good food. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: More pics from Colorado.

I’m back home.  It was a fun trip and good to get out of the house.  Here’s some pics that didn’t get shared along the way. The lord provides…a crappy sign. The obligatory road side porn billboard followed closely by… “JESUS IS WATCHING YOU BE NAUGHTY!” Michaelyn in the Garden of the Gods.  We saw [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: In the Garden of the Gods.

Good morning, all.  Of course, the moment we get to Colorado Michaelyn has become sick.  We think it’s just a cold, but still, grrrrrrr. Here we are yesterday in the Garden of the Gods being shmoopy:   Look for posts to be short today. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: What I do to Michaelyn on weekend mornings.

Good morning from Colorado!  Looks like a slow news day, so I’m going to get articles up and then we’re going to go to the zoo.  :) [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Good morning, everybody!  Michaelyn is on Spring Break so we’ve decided to spend the next several days in Colorado walking in the mountains/the Garden of the Gods.  Oh, and I’ll probably eat marijuana again since the first time was so fun.  :)  Anyway, we’re going to spend the day road-tripping.  I’ll attempt to post pictures. [Read More...]


I’m back from Columbia and what a lovely time it was.  The organizers did a spectacular job, turnout was good, and all the speakers were fantastic.  A couple of angry Christians stormed out of my talk when I asserted that genocide by flood might not have been a very compassionate move by god.  Ah well. [Read More...]