Your morning happiness: the happiest baby.

Good morning everybody!  At mid-day today we depart for Apostacon where I’ll be running a debate workshop tomorrow (I plan to ask Matt Dillahunty to join in, I plan to even bat my eyelashes at him).  If you’re going to be there, track me down.  I’m still very anxious, but optimistic.  Sometimes eating or being [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: baby kangaroo!

Good morning everybody!  Before I spam you with things that are awful in politics and religion, here’s a dog about to take off in a flying car.  He’s really excited!  And he’s followed by a baby kangaroo.  :) I’m a little pressed for time today, but I’m going to post everything I find today that [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: best shopping trip ever.

Now I understand: all those groceries were taking up space where puppies could’ve gone. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: face is yummy.

Good morning everybody.  I slept very little this weekend, so here’s a picture of a cute puppy while I get to stumbling about the blog. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Obama sing to the shawties.

Hey all.  Gonna be quick hits on the blog this morning.  The father-in-law’s birthday is coming up so in a couple hours Michaelyn are driving up to see him.  I’ll be back tomorrow. Here’s a clip that usually manages to make me giggle: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: this pig really loves this cat.

Good morning!  Here’s a reason to be happy (before I deluge you with reasons to be pissed). [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Korean pop Happiness.

One of the streamers I have on while I write played this song the other day.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it did make me smile.  The video’s weird as hell, but if you like Korean pop it’ll probably bring a grin to your face.  :) By Willie Robertson logic, you [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: bunny breakfast.

Hey all.  Appointment #4 for me is in less than two hours, so I’m gonna be hustling to get posts up this morning.  You might even say I’ll be writing quick like bunnies… [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: just a kitten.

Hey all.  Was a bit of a rough weekend for me.  Let’s try to find something to be happy about today.  How about a little kitty? [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: warmest kitten ever.

This was the first image I looked at this morning for a possible morning happiness post.  I didn’t look at any more: Also, in other good news, I found that if I put a scrambled egg on top of the bread it diminished the paranoia about eating the bread.  I actually got a whole piece [Read More...]