MORNING HAPPINESS: Puppies in love. :)

They are in love. (Michaelyn sent me this because it looks like a lot of pictures we’ve taken)   [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: German Shephard caring for baby goat.

[Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Don’t Wait For Heroes.

Here is one of my go to cheer up songs.  It’s cheesy 80s goodness from Dennis Deyoung (ex-lead singer/songwriter of Styx), but it always makes me happy.  :) [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Killing time at the airport.

I follow on twitter because I’m incredibly fascinated with airplane disasters and they give live updates about when planes declare pan-pan-pan, mayday, emergency, etc. This morning, however, I was a bit shocked to see a tweet that read “VIDEO Stuck at San Francisco airport, a group of girls killing time by dancing “Flawless” choreography [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Look at my butt.

This cat is using the skylight to full troll effect.  “Look at my butt!  Look at it!” My therapist appointment is this morning, so the blogging will start about noon central time.  Wish me luck.   [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: An affordable officiant.

Today requires a second morning happiness.  Here’s a bona fide officiant in Alabama making herself available for LGBT couples who just got their marriage license:   Some days you look at the world and it looks pretty black.  It’s important to look for stuff like this. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Gilbert Godfried reads “50 Shades of Grey.”

I teach voice today, so posts will be short.  However, there’s a couple that will require nuance and sorrow.  Hopefully this can provide some laughter: [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: King of the mountain.

Good morning.  :) [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Guess who owns which tracks.

There are two sets of tracks here.  One was the owner’s,the other the dog’s.  Can you figure you which is which? [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Five co-stars recreate Saved By The Bell on Jimmy Fallon.

Ok, I admit it: when I was a kid I watched a lot of Saved By The Bell.  Seeing this clip brought a huge smile to my face.  I hope it does the same for you.  :) [Read more...]