Your morning happiness: tortoise chasing a toy truck.

Holy Jesus fuck it’s early.  The wife needed me to take her to her adult job this morning.  The sun was so low on the horizon in my eyes.  Stupid, aggravating, life-giving sun. Here’s a tortoise chasing a toy truck: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: hiker scares away mountain lion by singing opera.

Holy crap, my education may not be worthless!  If I’m ever cornered by a mountain lion, I’m set. Kyra Kopenstonsky was hiking a trail near Down Valley Park in Placerville, Colo., last week when she caught the attention of a mountain lion. The big cat reportedly stalked her for twenty minutes, often pouncing in front [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: OK GO.

It’s an OK GO kind of morning.  Watching the POTUS statement on Ferguson, MO.  Will start posting afterward. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: dog loaf.

Today will be a day of light posting.  I’ve had a couple of really good days with my head this week, but last night was not good.  Today I’m just…exhausted, physically and psychologically.  I don’t think I have it in me to write particularly well. So let’s have a morning happiness?  :P  Seems like a [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: panda triplets.

Didn’t even have to search for the morning happiness content this morning, it popped right up on my news feed! China announced Tuesday the birth of extremely rare panda triplets in a further success for the country’s artificial breeding program. The three cubs were born July 29 in the southern city of Guangzhou, but breeders [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Children of Eden.

Your morning happiness today is a performance of the musical Children of Eden.  Stephen Schwartz is among the most famous composers in musical theater, noted for the blockbuster hit musicals Pippin, Godspell, Wicked, and others. Children of Eden, I think, is one of his best, but it’s flown under the radar over the years. It’s [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: best game of fetch ever.

This dog doesn’t fuck around when it comes to playing fetch. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: we’re outsiiiiiiide!

They’re outside.  It’s grand.  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: this dog is content.

The dumb thing about depression: you can be chugging along just fine and within the space of a few minutes be in tears for absolutely no reason.  This was me yesterday.  I’d had a couple of good days, was contacted by a therapist (which I’ll write about when I’m ready), and was optimistic about everything [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you may pass.

The person who took this pic and posted it to reddit said she walks by this dog every day.  He just hangs over his terrace to say hello to passers-by. [Read more...]