Your morning happiness: husky love.

Onyxony, the woman who sometimes takes over the morning happiness posts while I’m away (and who has a mild to severe obsession with huskies) will love this one:   I feel like such a failure as a pro-drug liberal.  Here I am in Colorado where marijuana is legal and, I hate to admit it, I [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: black mage.

Good morning from Mountain Time!  I’m in Colorado for a reunion of high school friends.  Lots of video games are sure to be played, so I thought this image was apropos: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: drinking problem.

This dog is plotting an intervention: I’ll be posting all day today, but tomorrow I make the 9-hour drive to Colorado, so unless I see something cool to snap a picture of on the road (which is unlikely since it’s a straight boring shot from here), tomorrow will be pretty slow. I’ll get caught up [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: koala on a sink.

It’s the weekend!  Here’s a picture of a koala on a sink. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: giant panda’s first snow day!

Greetings everybody! I’m back in my office, so let’s get back into the swing of things with some snow-themed happiness like most of you are experiencing right now. As the year’s first blanket of snow coated the Washington, D.C. area today, giant panda Bao Bao spent much of the morning playing in it for the [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: the Wrinkle family.

I give you a family of Wrinkles:   Today’s kind of sad: it’s my last day at home.  My family lives far enough away that this is really the only time each year I get to spend significant time with them.  The good news is that the Razorbacks won all their games over the holidays, [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: doge ram.

I saw this on top of /r/aww this morning and it made me all kinds of happy. Thanks for putting up with a bit of a dormant blog whilst I’ve been enjoying the vacation with my family.  We’re having a blast down here.  All our sportsball teams are winning, we’re playing loads of Cards Against [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: warmest cat on earth.

This picture pretty much captures the feeling of the holidays down here with my family.  :)  We’re having the time of our lives.  I won the cosmic lottery with my family. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: I’m married to daddy!

My friend Rob Lehr (the guy who films and produces the Skepticon talks) made this video and sent it to me.  I literally lol’d. Freud would be proud. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: baby gorilla and baby chimp.

They are best friends!  :) [Read more...]