Your morning happiness: baby tapir!

Good morning everybody.  Sorry for the light day on Friday.  Michaelyn only had one class and we decided to hang out.  :) I’m prepping my talk for American Atheists this weekend, so it will be a week of lighter posting.  First off, what’s a tapir?  It’s… …a large herbivorousmammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: sleepy lion cub.

He’s taking a nap, and nobody’s gonna stop him. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: jumping is for lamers.

This bunny wins the gold medal for innovation, even if it finishes in last place for “jumping over shit”. The trainer’s hands read as “disappointment.”  I’d be elated – my bunny beat the system. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: drinkable kitten.

Thirsty? [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: the cat and the ducklings.

This is too sweet.  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: HOLY CRAP A MOUSE!

I’m back!  Reasonfest 2014 has concluded.  Overall I’m pleased with how it went.  All the presenters were very good.  Scott Clifton’s debut on the atheist circuit exceeded my every expectation.  Clifton has every reason to be a Prima donna but is extremely down to earth and nice. I also slept all through the night last [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you guys.

Hey all.  Just wanted to say thanks for bearing with me during hell week for Reasonfest.  Things kick off this evening and I’ll be scrambling all day today and tomorrow.  I’ll be back to doing 6-8 posts a day on Monday. You guys are the coolest.  <3 [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: better living through science.

The last three weeks I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I’ve been tired, just hardly able to sleep.  This is strange for me because I am a god damn all-star when it comes to sleeping.  Seriously, ask Michaelyn because it drives her crazy.  My head hits the pillow and five minutes later I’m sleeping [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: “Let It Go” from Frozen + Vivaldi’s Winter.

Have some music to start your day!  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: mighty duel.

What a fearless warrior. They were both masters… [Read more...]