Your morning happiness: It’s ok to be gay!

I came across this video last night based around a character in League of Legends named Taric, who is so completely and obviously gay.  Now for those of you who don’t play video games, bear with me.  It wasn’t the video that made me smile, it was the song to which it was set by [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: your face is next.

Dat tongue doe. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: sleepy corgis.

They are so sleepy.  Don’t worry…in two minutes they’ll be up and super excited about EVERYTHING. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: guinea pig and carrot.

GOD DAMMIT! So…I get paid ever 25k hits and I generally get between 8-10k hits each day.  This morning I’m 2k hits beneath my next pay level so, unless I have a post go big, I’m working for free today.  So I was going to take the day off, but there’s just too much stuff [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: armadillo butts.

Mom and her kids.  :) Did you know that armadillos always have litters of four and that they are identical quadruplets? [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: upward-facing dog.

I would exercise a lot more if I had a workout partner like this: [Read more...]

Morning happiness #2: recipe for JT’s angry egg & cheese sandwich.

So those crazy kids at Skepticon have come up with an idea for a fundraiser: they’re selling a cookbook with recipes from past speakers (for a modest donation, you can have your own recipe included).  So they messaged me and asked for one of my favorite recipes to put in the book. Now, anybody who [Read More...]

Morning happiness #1: Bronn of Blackwater’s musical past.

There will be two morning happiness posts today.  The first deals with an interesting Game of Thrones related fact Michaelyn tossed my way yesterday.  So any fans of Game of Thrones know of Tyrion’s sellsword Bronn of Blackwater: He is played by Jerome Flynn who was part of a doo-wap group in the UK from [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Michaelyn is victorious!

Hey gang.  Gonna be a day of very light posting because…Michaelyn has finished her thesis!!!  So we’re staying at home celebrating while she puts the finishing touches on. Toss her some congrats in the comments.  :D [Read more...]

Morning happiness: a blast from the musical past.

Doing all this youtube stuff has caused me to stumble back upon some of my old karaoke vids.  I miss doing this stuff.  Next conference I’m at, we all need to find a karaoke bar. [Read more...]