Your morning happiness : Denton, USA.

While almost everybody is familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, very few people are aware that a sequel to Rocky Horror exists.  The sequel, Shock Treatment, was also written by Richard O’Brien and starred many of the same people such as O’Brien (Riff Raff), Patricia Quinn (Magenta, and the owner of the famous lips [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Kate Bush returns.

There’s going to be some rapid fire posting this morning.  I have my second therapist appointment in under two hours and the appointment itself will last two hours.  I think today I get to fill out a bunch of bubble assessment sheets.  Therapizing. Anyway, your morning happiness for this morning is the return of Kate [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: elephants dance to Bach.

Hey everybody!  Taking yesterday off was a great decision.  I feel so much better today and so much more motivated.  Thank you so, so much! To get us started off right today, here’s a violinist who discovered that these two elephants enjoy dancing to Bach: Music: the universal language. Oh, and here’s a clip from [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: a noble steed, indeed.

Ride forth, Sebastian!  Ride forth! [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: slippery squirrel.

A couple finds the solution to a squirrel that has been raiding their bird feeder: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: more upbeat music.

My first appointment with the new therapist is in a couple hours, so I’m listening to all the happy music I can find to keep my spirits high.  Here are some of the songs on my playlist. Enjoy. It will be a day of mental health content. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Simon Belmont is a jerk.

Ok, I know not everybody has played the Castlevania games.  Long story, short: Simon Belmont is the vampire hunter who pursues and defeats Dracula in every game.  This music video kind of turns that on its head: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Odds are that we will probably be alright.

Ok, it’s time for some upbeat music.  Boom: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: tortoise chasing a toy truck.

Holy Jesus fuck it’s early.  The wife needed me to take her to her adult job this morning.  The sun was so low on the horizon in my eyes.  Stupid, aggravating, life-giving sun. Here’s a tortoise chasing a toy truck: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: hiker scares away mountain lion by singing opera.

Holy crap, my education may not be worthless!  If I’m ever cornered by a mountain lion, I’m set. Kyra Kopenstonsky was hiking a trail near Down Valley Park in Placerville, Colo., last week when she caught the attention of a mountain lion. The big cat reportedly stalked her for twenty minutes, often pouncing in front [Read More...]