MORNING HAPPINESS: Guys, wait for me!

Good morning! I have five vetting calls to make with The Hotline Project starting at 10am Central, each of which take 25-35 minutes, so posts will be short today. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Hey guys! Watch this!

Good morning, everybody! [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Delicious hair.

I kind of do this to Michaelyn, minus the hair licking, when she’s studying. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Snuggle trolling.

This is often how mine and Michaelyn’s snuggling turns out: [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: A baby and her husky.

I saw this and immediately knew what the morning happiness would be: I have a lot of calls to do for the Hotline Project today before jetting off for voice lessons, so posts are going to come fast and short. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Ten year old Valjean.

Meet Joshua Colley, the young man presently play Gavroche in the Broadway production of Les Miserables.  As a fundraiser with Broadway Cares to fight AIDS he ran a couple scenes as Valjean.  This was the result of The Confrontation: Damn. [Read more...]


Here’s a big hug, because the news is shaping up to be pretty depressing today. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Dog helping to care for baby squirrel.

Good morning all! [Read more...]


Good morning everybody! Hope everybody’s having a good one. Today is voice lesson day for me, which is rapidly becoming the highlight of my week. Maybe one day I’ll try to wrangle a video of one of my students singing to show you guys. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Skateboarding dog.

See the title.  :P [Read more...]