Your morning happiness: we’re outsiiiiiiide!

They’re outside.  It’s grand.  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: this dog is content.

The dumb thing about depression: you can be chugging along just fine and within the space of a few minutes be in tears for absolutely no reason.  This was me yesterday.  I’d had a couple of good days, was contacted by a therapist (which I’ll write about when I’m ready), and was optimistic about everything [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you may pass.

The person who took this pic and posted it to reddit said she walks by this dog every day.  He just hangs over his terrace to say hello to passers-by. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: a duel!

One bird announces a duel.  The other accepts, and the battle begins.   If you can’t handle the violence, here’s a baby sloth:   [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: my first date to the fair.

When I was in high school, getting a date to the fair was like a declaration to the world that you were an achiever.  It was actually a pretty big thing.  Sadly, for me, I never got a date.  I went with the family a few times and always felt like a bit of a [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: tiny bunny.

Here is a tiny bunny to get your day off to a good start: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: “Oh! You made me muffins!”

Today’s date will include dinner, Sharknado 2 (no spoilers!), and a board game night.  :) For your morning happiness, here’s a dog that thinks he’s people:       And because I’m taking the day off for date times, you need something to make you depressed to justify the morning happiness post.  Here’s a child [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: riding a camel to a hot date tomorrow.

I get paid every 25,000 hits.  What that means is that if I end the month with 299,999 page views, I essentially don’t get paid for 24,999 views.  So sometimes the stars align in such a way that it wouldn’t make a great deal of sense for me to work the last day of the [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: no room, sorry.

Oh, you were wanting to sleep?  Sorry, there’s no room for people here. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: scared at the vet’s office.

Awwwwwww.  Poor guy. [Read more...]