MORNING HAPPINESS: What I do to Michaelyn on weekend mornings.

Good morning from Colorado!  Looks like a slow news day, so I’m going to get articles up and then we’re going to go to the zoo.  :) [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Good morning, everybody!  Michaelyn is on Spring Break so we’ve decided to spend the next several days in Colorado walking in the mountains/the Garden of the Gods.  Oh, and I’ll probably eat marijuana again since the first time was so fun.  :)  Anyway, we’re going to spend the day road-tripping.  I’ll attempt to post pictures. [Read More...]


I’m back from Columbia and what a lovely time it was.  The organizers did a spectacular job, turnout was good, and all the speakers were fantastic.  A couple of angry Christians stormed out of my talk when I asserted that genocide by flood might not have been a very compassionate move by god.  Ah well. [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Angie loves her jar.

I saw this on reddit this morning.  The caption was, “Angie loves her jar.” It’s going to be a half day for me.  I have to drive to Columbia, MO to speak at SASHA Con this weekend.  If you guys are around I hope to see you there! [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: No f**ks given.

“Yeah, I did it.  What are you gonna do?  Clean it up and then feed me?  That’s what I thought.” [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: My kind of people.

Last night at the Bo Burnham show we found some other pro-gay people (sitting right behind us, with “NO H8″ washable tattoos on their cheeks, so they kinda stuck out):   Always nice to be reminded that we’re in this with a lot of other people. Today is voice lesson day and I have a [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Going to see Bo Burnham!

My wife’s Christmas gift to us was tickets to a Bo Burnham concert in Kansas City tonight.  We’ll be taking off this afternoon to run some errands and I’ll post pics tomorrow.  :) For those of you who don’t know, Burnham became famous as a teenager writing songs on youtube.  He’s wicked smart and his [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Vicious predator.

He’s right behind you. Posts will be short and sparse today.  I have seven people to vet for the Hotline Project (on top of that, I think I’m coming down sick).  I’m elated to see the massive influx of interest…but it makes for long days for volunteers when each one takes a half an hour. [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: How was this picture taken?

How was this pose arranged?  How did they get dogs to sit still that long? [Read more...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Sharing an apple.

Hey everybody.  Sorry for the late start, therapist session this morning.  Here are some pigs sharing an apple: [Read more...]