Your Morning Happiness: Hammock Huskies and a Proud Scalebaby Mom

I subscribe to the utoobz channel the following video is from. Their vids are a mix of all around cuteness, every day silliness of the 3 huskies they have, pet product reviews, and fan mail Q&A. Huskies are a misunderstood breed, as the questions they have to often answer repetitively illustrate. When we first moved [Read More...]

Your Morning Happi… HUSKY DOSE OF AWESOME!

Hey all you JT readers!!! I guess I’ll kick off the guest blogging since it IS technically morning for me here now(Miami), and the actual “wake up go to work” mornings are always a bit hectic for me! I’m a reader/lurker of various blogs dealing with religion and science, and read JT’s blog before he [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: bridesmaids!

This Saturday I will be married.  O.o  I never saw myself as the marriage type, but it’s gonna happen.  She’s just…wonderful. Anyway, we have a lot of decorating and prep to do.  Plus, many of my groomsmen are coming into town this week, some of whom I’ve not seen in years.  It will be good [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Daddy! …and Elvis.

I probably shouldn’t show this to Michaelyn, lest she get ideas… [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: I got mentioned on an NA LCS broadcast!

Every broadcast of the LCS they ask a question to everybody on twitter.  I submitted an answer and they mentioned it on air!  Just play the below video, it starts with the twitter answers. Phreak even pronounced my name right.  That’s it, I retire.  [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: wedding crasher.

The wedding is in eight days.  EIGHT.  DAYS.  HOLYSHITAPOUIAJLDSKFJASOIJF;ALKSDNFJPAIOSDJFASLKJF;ALSJF!!! Anyway, it’s time to buckle down and do this right.  Time to start being vigilant for wedding crashers. Oh fuck it.  Come on in doge, there’s booze enough for everybody… [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: board-gaming it up with Scoundrels of Skullport.

I’m back and…there’s a lot to write about today.  Get ready. Morning happiness, for me this morning, is all about board games.  With the wedding coming up, some of my best friends will soon be wending their way into town (my friend David is who I was picking up yesterday).  We love board games, and [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: POTATOOOOOOOO!

You know what would really make me happy?  If you went and voted “no” on this poll. Ok, full disclosure: I’m posting this because it makes me and Michaelyn laugh our asses off every time.  Hopefully it will at least make you smile: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: so much cute.

You cheeky bunch went and got the blog to 6,000,000 hits yesterday anyway, even without me posting anything substantial.  I’ll figure out some way to celebrate once I’m back in Kansas.  Speaking of which, I’ll be married in less than two weeks.  O.o  HO LEE SHIT. Anyway, I couldn’t decide which image to post for [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: mini-me.

When anybody tell me that without religion people will be immoral, I always invite them to read my blog.  Every day, I tell them, I post examples of deeply religious people doing horrible things mostly because of their religion.  Then it’s always about how I have to dig for the worst of the worst (never [Read More...]