Your morning happiness: spying on the neighbors is hard work.

Sometimes you just need a rest. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Scottie pinwheel.

I dare you.  I double dare you to not smile watching this: This kind of makes me think of Coraline. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: doggie and friends.

That bird has the best seat in the house. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: kitten kisses.

It’s election day, and odds are it’s going to be a bit of a depressing one.  Maybe we could all use some kitten kisses: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness #2: Michaelyn and I performing at KC Oasis.

Yesterday I was both the musical and speaking guest at KC Oasis.  I performed three songs, the first of which was a cover of the Four Chord Song by Axis of Awesome.  One of the KC Oasis people recorded it, so if you want to hear us muddle through it, here it is. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: carrot theft.

I’m back in the saddle after five days of traveling and speaking.  Today shall be the day of the guest post as I have three in my inbox ready to go. But before any of that, here’s a not-so-sneaky hamster securing a carrot: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: justice for breakfast.

Holy cow, I slept so much last night.  It was 27 degrees this morning and I was the first one bold enough to step away from the warmth of our blanket/pillow pile.  A few seconds later I hear Michaelyn shout from the bedroom, “Do you know what I crave for breakfast?” “Pumpkin pancakes?” “JUSTICE!” And [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: my new best friend.

Hey friends.  The talk last night went really well, and then the group went to Dave & Buster’s afterward for some gaming fun.  I won the group a sheep with my gaming prowess as a reminder to never become sheep themselves.  God damn I’m profound. Anyway, I spent some time yesterday in the home of [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: jamming to Roy Zimmerman.

I’m sitting in the KC airport getting ready to fly into Denver (ugh) and then on to Boise.  Flying into Denver sucks.  The airport is really nice, but it’s something about all the mountains – the landing is always rough.  It could be absolutely perfect weather for flying and landing in Denver will still feel [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: wtf cat.

I have no idea wtf is going on in this image, but it made me smile. [Read more...]