MUSIC & GODLESSNESS: Jaclyn Glenn covers “Take Me To Church.”

This is positively brilliant. If ever there was a godless music charity concert, who would you want to see there?  My dream lineup would include Dan Barker, Shelley Segal, Roy Zimmerman, Jaclyn Glenn, and Tim Minchin.  The times I’ve gotten to sing with them (except Minchin) have been some of my favorite musical experiences ever. Man, [Read More...]

Singing Les Miserables at Skepticon.

I was the closing talk at Skepticon this year.  After I was finished, one of the organizers told me their nerf-shooting gallery was $10 off of raising $500 and asked if I’d do something to make up the difference.  I announced that for at least $10 in donations I’d sing a song.  People complied.  This [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: the dragon’s song from Shrek the Musical.

Michaelyn and I made the road trip to her hometown this weekend to see her high school’s production of Shrek the Musical.  It was spectacular.  Definitely college quality and then some. It was the first time I’d heard the show and this song stuck with me.  Behold, what you can do with a $25 million [Read More...]

Your morning happiness #2: Michaelyn and I performing at KC Oasis.

Yesterday I was both the musical and speaking guest at KC Oasis.  I performed three songs, the first of which was a cover of the Four Chord Song by Axis of Awesome.  One of the KC Oasis people recorded it, so if you want to hear us muddle through it, here it is. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: jamming to Roy Zimmerman.

I’m sitting in the KC airport getting ready to fly into Denver (ugh) and then on to Boise.  Flying into Denver sucks.  The airport is really nice, but it’s something about all the mountains – the landing is always rough.  It could be absolutely perfect weather for flying and landing in Denver will still feel [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: the piano smells like a carnival!

Here’s an old karaoke video.  It’s about all my education is good for.  :D [Read more...]

Your Musical Happiness – Faithless

Just got home from Delrey Beach’s version of Oktoberfest. *burp On the ride home, we were playing an old CD (for you young people, you can find CD, VHS and PORN MAGAZINE in the stone tablet dictionary of ole) of electronic music, which we both love and grew up on. It didnt take long to [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Obama sing to the shawties.

Hey all.  Gonna be quick hits on the blog this morning.  The father-in-law’s birthday is coming up so in a couple hours Michaelyn are driving up to see him.  I’ll be back tomorrow. Here’s a clip that usually manages to make me giggle: [Read more...]

Your morning happiness : Denton, USA.

While almost everybody is familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, very few people are aware that a sequel to Rocky Horror exists.  The sequel, Shock Treatment, was also written by Richard O’Brien and starred many of the same people such as O’Brien (Riff Raff), Patricia Quinn (Magenta, and the owner of the famous lips [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: elephants dance to Bach.

Hey everybody!  Taking yesterday off was a great decision.  I feel so much better today and so much more motivated.  Thank you so, so much! To get us started off right today, here’s a violinist who discovered that these two elephants enjoy dancing to Bach: Music: the universal language. Oh, and here’s a clip from [Read More...]