There’s homophobia even in opera. :(

As somebody who has done theater, musical theater, and opera at all levels from amateur to professional, I can personally assure you that the stereotype of gay people being in theater is…true.  It’s so true.  Theater is a welcoming place for gay people as a general rule.  It’s easier for them to come out there [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Titanium.

You may notice that today’s “morning” happiness is coming on the cusp of noon.  Suffice that much fun was had yesterday and last night.  I regret nothing.  But I wouldn’t expect much elaboration from me today. But I got a lot accomplished, including writing my wedding vow.  Immediately I wanted to run to the blog [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you’re not going to heaven.

If I could write songs like Bo Burnham I’d still be studying music.  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: some Fun songs.

These songs always make me smile when they come on.  They make me even happier when I wake up to Michaelyn playing them on the acoustic guitar in the next room.  :) [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: Community songs.

Here are a couple songs from the show Community that I play some days to keep me in a good mood.  :) [Read more...]

Morning happiness: a blast from the musical past.

Doing all this youtube stuff has caused me to stumble back upon some of my old karaoke vids.  I miss doing this stuff.  Next conference I’m at, we all need to find a karaoke bar. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: the Ballad of Booth.

This seems like an odd subject for a morning happiness, since it’s a song about an assassin, but it makes me happy.  Leave it to Stephen Sondheim to write a whole show about people who killed, or attempted to kill Presidents.  Leave it to Sondheim to give one of the most beautifully written pieces in [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: “Let It Go” from Frozen + Vivaldi’s Winter.

Have some music to start your day!  :) [Read more...]

A great dilemma involving Katy Perry.

I don’t like Katy Perry’s music.  I used to be wishy washing on Perry herself before she emerged as an LGBT rights activist whose own spiritual beliefs are closer to functional atheism than to the beliefs of her two Pentecostal parents.  Good on her. Still, if you’ve heard Perry live she’s…not as good as on [Read More...]

Morning happiness #2: the balloon song.

Looks like it’s closing in on my turn to be sick as Michaelyn recovers.  All good!  I have Community to curl up with.  Speaking of which, here’s the balloon song from an episode we watched last night.  I have it on repeat and thought I’d share.  :) [Read more...]