Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Hey all you nerds out there…I got u dis. [Read more...]

South Carolina Governor wants to hear from you

After a weekend of not much sleep (I calculated it out: 3.5 hours of sleep in a 60.5 hour period…who’s the baddest?  I the baddest) for an amazingly successful 2012 SSA Annual Leadership Conference, it’s back to bloggings.  I have all kinds of new people to yell at.  The first group is a bunch you [Read More...]

Raise your voices to the cosmos

Kenley Kristofferson is a music teacher who recently wrote a choral suite based on the work of Carl Sagan. Why did I not get contacted to sing in this?  Listen to it.  It’s gorgeous. [Read more...]

American Sign Language! Taking a class.

Christina here… My husband and I are taking an ASL class this fall. So I thought I would post some of my favorite ASL videos:     Yup… It’s the same song. Sorry!   This is post 14/24 by Christina for the SSA blogathon in support of the Secular Student Alliance! Go donate to them! Learn [Read More...]

Tim Minchin to be in Jesus Christ Superstar revival!

Tim Minchin in a revival.  Tee hee! Anyway, as Jason Thibeault reports, Minchin will be playing the role of Judas (tee hee)!  I’m not going to lie, I’d kill a man in front of his own mother for a video of Tim singing “Heaven On Their Minds.” Jason is right when he says that it’s [Read More...]

What's your favorite cartoon music?

Let’s get nostalgic again.  Here are some of mine. Once more, leave yours in the comments, but only one vid at a time lest you wind up in the jaws of the spam filter. [Read more...]

What's the best video game music?

Here are some of my favorite songs from video games.  Feel the nostaliga. Leave a comment with a fb link to yours.  Only leave one vid at a time though, otherwise the spam hamsters will steal your comment.  Which songs from games either rock your face or make you (and maybe some of the rest [Read More...]

Me and Shelley Segal singing "Somebody That I Used To Know"

I bumped into Shelley Segal at American Atheists 2012 and the Reason Rally.  We wound up doing some singing in the hotel lobby.  The good people at jesusfajitafishsticks filmed it. In my defense, she’s got a stellar voice and it was early and I only barely knew the lyrics.  Also, singing B-flats as a baritone [Read More...]

Ear worm for all

Sarah played this song in the office yesterday and it has been gloriously bouncing around my noggin ever since. Which means you guys get to hear it too. [Read more...]

US History

…in rap form. [Read more...]