What's your favorite cartoon music?

Let’s get nostalgic again.  Here are some of mine. Once more, leave yours in the comments, but only one vid at a time lest you wind up in the jaws of the spam filter. [Read more...]

What's the best video game music?

Here are some of my favorite songs from video games.  Feel the nostaliga. Leave a comment with a fb link to yours.  Only leave one vid at a time though, otherwise the spam hamsters will steal your comment.  Which songs from games either rock your face or make you (and maybe some of the rest [Read More...]

Me and Shelley Segal singing "Somebody That I Used To Know"

I bumped into Shelley Segal at American Atheists 2012 and the Reason Rally.  We wound up doing some singing in the hotel lobby.  The good people at jesusfajitafishsticks filmed it. In my defense, she’s got a stellar voice and it was early and I only barely knew the lyrics.  Also, singing B-flats as a baritone [Read More...]

Ear worm for all

Sarah played this song in the office yesterday and it has been gloriously bouncing around my noggin ever since. Which means you guys get to hear it too. http://youtu.be/NXMg7DaW2yI [Read more...]

US History

…in rap form. [Read more...]

Somebody that I used to know

Today was a crummy day.  In my job I wind up coming across a lot of people who are…just…fucking evil, and it’s my job to try and make those situations better.  Some days it gets even an experienced reluctant warrior down. Michaelyn sent me this video.  It made me smile.  Hooray for making crummy days [Read More...]

Robo's theme, because I love you

For all you old school nerds who remember one of the best RPGs of all-time, Chrono Trigger, this will make you smile. For all you non-gamers and youngsters who missed the golden age of console RPGs, you’ll still enjoy this happy melody, which they intermix cleverly with Rick Astley. [Read more...]

No Church In The Wild

On Tweetdeck, I follow mentions of “nonbeliever”, because I’m a glutton for punishment. I noticed that people kept tweeting, “What’s a god to a nonbeliever?” and wondered where that phrase came from. At first, I thought it must be some Christian pop rock song. However, the phrase came up way too frequently for that. It [Read More...]

Great Stuff From Two Steps From Hell

From one of my favorite groups, Two Steps From Hell.  Listen to this epic sauce right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxAUcgiCHvQ&feature=youtu.be I’m pretty sure this is what plays whenever Jessica Ahlquist goes anywhere or does anything. [Read more...]

Buy Rock Music, Help Atheism

Todd Stiefel, the man behind the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, is the philanthropist who provided the money for my position with the Secular Student Alliance.  He’s a great guy and apparently a musician (I wonder if he knows about my musical background…perhaps we can jam sometime). His band, Words Such As Burn, which is playing at [Read More...]