On Robin Williams’ death, PZ Myers does not speak for me.

I hate the call-out culture that is developing in the blogosphere.  Admittedly, I used to be a part of it, and now I regret it.  It’s not that people never need to be called out, but it seems like a good portion of the blogosphere is just looking for any little excuse to snipe and [Read More...]

Now this is flattery.

This is almost too much to be believed.  I’m flattered to all hell, but this tweeter must be confused: If you can’t tell, that’s me being lumped in with Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Nye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  What do you even say to something like that?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think [Read More...]

Why Sunday (or whatever day) gatherings for atheists are awesome.

In a few hours I will once again attend KC Oasis.  They meet every Sunday morning.  There’s music, donuts, people telling their stories about leaving religion, a message (last week it was an Egyptologist talking about King Tut), and hanging out with like-minded people.  And shit ain’t free, so they even pass a basket at [Read More...]

A response to Samus.

Gonna take a personal day today.  I’m feeling much better, but just want to make sure I stay that way as long as possible as I’m still waiting to get into therapy.  Also people are moving into the apartment above us and I can’t hear myself think (though, even moving in furniture and drilling things, [Read More...]

How are they making 50 Shades of Grey into a movie?

Ok, I know this isn’t politics or religion, but god dammit this is my space and I’m compelled to rant. Like part of Twilight, I forced myself to read through most of 50 Shades of Not-Quite-Vanilla-Sex to see what the hype was about.  Like Twilight, I failed to achieve my goal.  I still don’t know [Read More...]

Hey Southwest Airlines! This employee deserves a gajillion raises.

On my way home from giving a talk in Ohio on Sunday night I was sitting in the Columbus airport waiting on my flight when the flight at the next terminal over was canceled.  For those of us who fly a lot, we know these things happen.  Machines break, and airplanes are machines.  The responsible [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: made the call.

Just did the intake call with a local clinic.  It was going well until we got to the questions about self-harm, at which point I was reminded of the first time I ever admitted to a doctor that I was having thoughts of self-harm.  I’m not having any such thoughts right now, but when asked [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: back into therapy.

So…the last week has been rough for me.  My ordinarily firm grip on my mental state has slipped considerably.  I haven’t hallucinated, but leaving the house has been hard and it seems like everything triggers a depressive episode regardless of how fanatical I get about controlling my environment. During this time I’ve done all the [Read More...]

An Attitude Problem

WWJTD’s current stationed preacher, Larry, in the inevitable digressions of any discussion with a theist, started talking about meaning and purpose. As usual, it’s difficult to even get across what our position tends to be. [Read more...]

Secular Student Alliance sent me a wedding gift.

What’s this?  A box from the Secular Student Alliance with a card attached waiting on us when we got home? It’s a Shake Weight!  Thanks SSA!  :D  Michaelyn was really excited: I feel like our marriage just gained a level.  We’ll be fit as fiddles in no time!  On a side note, word on the [Read More...]