MORNING UPDATE: I am in the land of the arch!

Hey all, just popping in with an update. Last night I got in and played putt putt with some members of the one of the local SSA chapters.  Today I’m gonna grab lunch with Ben Schuldt (whose excellent work has been gracing the blog for the last week) before seeing an old friend, grabbing dinner [Read More...]

Moving day #1

Hey guys.  Content will be light to non-existent today.  We’re moving the first big load of our stuff.  The next big load will come on Saturday (you’re welcome, all you pervs out there). But next week we’ll be in Kansas City.  Wheeeeeee! [Read more...]

Impenetrable Fort Adorable.

On Saturday Michaelyn and I are moving about an hour away to Kansas City so she can pursue a career as a psychiatrist.  I’m so proud of her, but moving sucks and that combined with taking the MCAT in a few weeks has Michaelyn pretty stressed out. So she made a fort with some of [Read More...]

On our way to a weekend of real American patriotism.

The wife, the mother-in-law, and I are about to embark on an epic journey to Arkansas, where gay marriage is now legal just like every other state.  We intend to bathe in the conservative tears, drink their weight in beer, and celebrate our country like true patriots. Michaelyn is starting things out right with the [Read More...]

A year ago today…

This happened: Of course, now it doesn’t even matter since all those gays can smile on their wedding days too. All the same, we went on a date last night.  Michaelyn got all dolled up and was trying to send me a selfie when this happened: The second try was more successful:   We’re off [Read More...]

Sharing time: how are you celebrating the same-sex marriage ruling?

How are you celebrating?  Share with others!  Pictures and stories in the comments will be posted to this entry (you can also email them to  Tweet me, facebook me, send a carrier pigeon, but let me know how you and your crew are partying in the wake of this ruling! Michaelyn and I  just got [Read More...]

The wife is getting ideas.

Blogging from my cell phone. What’s up, 21st century? We’re safely in Augusta where Michaelyn is playing with one of her sister-in-law’s twins and getting ideas we’ll need to have a long chat about later. People often ask married couples how many kids they’re going to have. I usually tell them that my wife wants [Read More...]

Taking the day off.

Grandma lost her battle with cancer last night around 1am. Just gonna play video games today. [Read more...]

I got to watch the son of Fred Phelps officiate the wedding of two lesbians.

It was a great weekend.  Those who have met Nate Phelps know he’s a pretty swell guy, the kind of guy you’d want performing the wedding ceremony for two of the nicest people you’ve ever met.  That’s exactly what Michaelyn and I got to watch this weekend. This is the bridge over the Missouri river [Read More...]

The courage of wishing a loved one were dead.

Grandma is pretty much comatose.  She likely has days left on earth, nothing more.  Cancer won, like it almost always does.  In this case it was bladder cancer, a testament to why being a lifelong smoker is something people should avoid. Don’t worry, I’m ok.  My grandma and I aren’t particularly close.  However, I’m glad she’s [Read More...]