PERSONAL: Mid day lab pics from the wife.

She sends me pictures from her lab most days: Pretty sure her nerd level in that pic is over 9,000. If I walked into a friend’s house and saw that device I would immediately know what it was for.  In a lab setting I have no clue what’s going on.   [Read more...]

PERSONAL: The corrupting power of fame and my love for my commenters.

My father and I were talking about some of the other bloggers in the atheist movement this weekend, people we used to follow.  We weren’t certain if we changed or if they changed, but change certainly happened somewhere.  Somewhere along the line anybody who disagreed with them on some points, even if they shared the [Read More...]


Behold: $110 of frustration. Michaelyn and I are moving to Kansas City.  We applied to rent an apartment which we got, but the person running it called me and told me I had a collections request for $135 from AT&T.  This surprised me since I’ve not had AT&T in many, many years (thankfully, this won’t [Read More...]

PERSONAL: Cancer sucks.

I have one living grandparent and she’s on her way out.  A few months ago she got a death sentence in the name of cancer and, talking to my parents who are helping to care for her, it’s all the things you expect if you’ve watched someone die of cancer before (as I have, several [Read More...]

PERSONAL: My wife holding a brain.

Got this message from my wife who is in her lab: Boom: Is it weird that I find this incredibly, incredibly, stop-what-you’re-doing-and-let’s-make-out-right-now sexy? It’s weird, isn’t it? I’m weird, aren’t I? [Read more...]

READER QUESTION: What is the best way to get involved in the atheist community?

I got a reader question from Danielle Martin who wanted to know the best ways to get involved in the atheist community: Do you have any advice for someone that wants to be more involved in secular community? I have talked to Danielle Muscato frequently about American Atheists and other secular organizations and I know [Read More...]


I had a great time.  :) [Read more...]

PERSONAL: The beauty of paying it forward.

Last month Kansas City Oasis asked me to give their community moment.  This is when a member of the group talks about something that has changed their lives.  I decided to talk about my first voice teacher, Pearl Yeadon, who was extremely generous with me and, through that, turned me into a fairly competent singer. [Read More...]

MENTAL ILLNESS & PERSONAL: Pictures of my brain.

I recently participated in an fMRI study being done by a neuroscientist at the University of Kansas under whom my wife studied.  They were looking for people with my affliction and, since I will never be a neuroscientist and able to help create cures for people like me in that capacity, I was excited to [Read More...]

PERSONAL: Good god I’m a terrible cook.

I want to show my wife I love her, so I think to myself that I’ll surprise her with a really nice multi-ingredient mac & cheese dinner (she loves mac & cheese like the Vatican loves money).  The problem is that I’m a god awful cook.  Like, I’m literally the worst.  Think of the dumbest, [Read More...]