How “Thinspo” negatively effects self-esteem and self-perception

Christina here… Remember me! Sorry I don’t post here much anymore. I haven’t for reasons, but I’m posting now. Something on social media sites has been bugging me for awhile – Thinspo, or Thinspiration. So I made a video about it using my own body to highlight how easy it is to distort one’s appearance [Read More...]


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Sneaking back in with wedding prep pictures.

Never thought I’d have to sneak back in among the posts on my own blog… Last night the party began.  Two of my groomsmen, David and Jeremiah, are in town.  We spent the night playing games (Lords of Waterdeep and Sentinels of the Multiverse).  We also made fish bowls with mom and dad. Today we’re [Read More...]


Hello. My identification is “Jasper”. I am a socially anxious biped, and apparently I’m going to write a couple posts here while JT goes off and does things. For the most part, I wish to remain anonymous, mostly due to fears of future potential employers searching my name, though some effort could probably reveal who [Read More...]

Pascal’s Wager appeased.

One of my groomsmen, David, went with me today to get haircuts.  I’m getting married as the 10th Doctor and David is going to attend the wedding as the same.  On the way he gave Michaelyn and me our first wedding gift: a rosary he got when visiting Vatican that was personally blessed by the [Read More...]

Some guy decided to evangelize to Michaelyn at her bachelorette party.

While waiting for a taxi after her bachelorette party, someone apparently told Michaelyn that god was pleased she’s getting married (someone should tell god who she’s getting married to). Without missing a beat, drunk Michaelyn says “No, he’s not pleased because I don’t believe in god. *I’m* pleased.” I’m gonna marry her. [Read more...]

Premature 6,000,000 hits party.

Hey everybody.  Back when I was with Freethoughtblogs I was generally their third most-read blog on most days (behind PZ Myers and Ed Brayton).  I remember starting out at about 95,000 hits per month, which is still pretty solid in the blogging world, then watching as my daily traffic eclipsed high-traffic blogs like Greta Christina’s.  [Read More...]

Someone named a koi fish after me. *blush*

Part of being a public figure is getting facebook friend requests.  I just accept them all and, if people are ass hats, I unfriend them later (if you want to be my friend, here I am).  Michaelyn just gripes at me because she gets friend requests from people she doesn’t know.  I tell her I’m [Read More...]

Dealing with jealousy in a polyamorous relationship.

It’s hard to talk about polyamory without getting flooded by emails and comments asking how I deal with all the jealousy that must surely come with even the thought of a person I love sleeping swapping spit with someone else.  So I reached back into the vault and hauled out my post on jealousy.  Enjoy. [Read More...]

I slept with a married woman.

Since I’m on the road today I figured I’d dig into the vault and put one of my older pieces up.  The piece, when it was originally posted, was titled Adventures in Polyamory.  The original title was I Slept with a Married Woman, but at the time I was working for the SSA and my [Read More...]