Answering Your Questions (Blogathon 20/49)

Michaelyn here! If you have any questions for me, go here! Sarah asks: Does JT snore? He totally does, I bet. Yes, but it’s not loud. It’s kind of a cute, quiet snore usually. Although when he’s completely exhausted, he can get loud. Cara asked: What went through your head the very first time you [Read More...]

Topic Request: Polyamory (Blogathon 12/49)

If you don’t know already, you can request topics for me (or JT later) to write about! When you donate on the SSA webpage (link below) there is a place for you to request topics from a specific blogger. Feel free to leave requests. The bigger the donation, the more likely I or JT will [Read More...]

I'm Not a Morning Person (Blogathon 10/49)

If you’re just tuning in: This is Michaelyn writing for blogathon! Remember, you can donate and request topics for either JT or me to write about. The bigger the donation, the more likely we will be to write it. You can also pledge per post, per word or per thing you learn. Keep your eyes [Read More...]

Fifty Shades of Dumb (Blogathon 8/49)

***Spoiler alert*** I talk about characters and some of the plot from the first book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. This post is also a little sexually explicit, so deal with that however you’d like to. This week I broke down and read Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven’t heard of this, [Read More...]

Why Student Groups Matter (Blogathon 7/49)

Coming into college, I wasn’t religious, but I never said the word “atheist” when describing myself. If someone asked me about my belief system, I would talk around the subject saying how it’s really impossible to know anything for sure. If it was someone I trusted, I would call myself an agnostic because that seemed [Read More...]

Tips on Polyamory

Christina here… I’m about halfway through my blogathon! I feel like I’m talking to myself though.. So I’m going to talk to someone for real. Also, donate to the SSA:         A few days ago, a reader asked if she could ask me some questions about open relationships. I said yes, and [Read More...]

My work with the SSA

Here’s my personal start to SSA Week.  This post is long.  There is no TL;DR.  Please read it. Let me tell you a little bit about what I do at the SSA.  What you always hear about the SSA is that we’re doing good work.  While that’s very true, I’d like to take a moment [Read More...]


It’s a sad thing about courage that it generally comes attached to enough modesty that nobody sees it. Most courageous acts don’t occur in front of a crowd.  Most times somebody takes a metaphorical bullet for someone else it’s not by jumping in front of them in slow motion – it’s behind-the-scenes.  Quietly. Courage is [Read More...]

Get out of my head, Charles!

I have a new twitter follower: @Research2BeDone And now I can’t help but think, “Look at me still talking when there’s science to do…” [Read more...]

The zombie apocalypse is starting

They said I was wasting my time spending hours each night reading through obscure news sites.  But no, I was keeping an eye out for the inevitable.  Every hour you can get a jump on the outbreak dramatically increases your chance of survival. Lucky for all of you, there are ever vigilant people like me [Read More...]