Maybe I was pushing it a little hard

Since coming home I’ve slept 10 hours each night and napped every day…and I’m still feeling tired. Maybe I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard the last few months… Thanks for tolerating my absence while I get some R&R.  I’ll be back soon.  [Read more...]

Home, sweet home

My home town is a never-ending supply of amusement in the form of humanity’s lowest common denominator. My folks and I were in Wal-Mart today getting me a birthday cake (relax, it’s not for a while, but I’m home now), when I snapped a picture of this upstanding gent. Who knew the president is “Marxiist” [Read More...]

Home again, home again

I am taking some time to visit my family down in Arkansas.  The timing is good and it’s much-needed.  For the last month and a half I’ve been keeping a fairly exhausting pace.  This will help me recharge for fall. The blogging will be light during this time.  I am fortunate to have a very [Read More...]

Rambly post about gratitude and praise

My life is weird. During college, I made a name for myself with a style of activism that mixed fucking with people with serious rebuttals.  It worked for me and I had fun (I give a talk about it here). Now I’m kinda grown up, no matter how much I fight it (and boy, do [Read More...]

I'm on a bumper

And didn’t even have to get hit. Although, if you spread this around, the word is “contend” not “contest.” Thanks to Karen for sending this in.  [Read more...]

God wanted you in the middle seat

I have a curse: I cannot be scheduled for a flight and then have that flight run on time (the lone exception is Southwest, those guys rule).  Ask anybody who has ever expected a flight of mine to arrive on time. Last night my flight back from Lake Hypatia (which freaking rocked) was supposed to [Read More...]

Campers read my blog

Several of the campers at Camp Quest Ohio told me that they read my blog.  I guess I should tone it down on my use of the f word. Perhaps I could replace it with ass, god damn, motherfucker, shit, or something equally colorful. Seriously, the kids at that camp are bright enough to make [Read More...]

Happy Father's day to the best dad ever

I have the best ever.  He is wise, and he busted his ass to give my mother, my brother, and myself a good life.  He has supported me in everything I’ve ever wanted to do and been patient when I fucked up (which was often). I recall one of the many times I and our [Read More...]

Talk atheisty to me…

A friend of mine has been visiting her deeply conservative family in Florida for the last week.  She texted me the other night to make sure I was still picking her up from the airport. My responses come from the fact that I spent all of yesterday answering texts with my magic 8-ball. Friend:  You’re [Read More...]

Death threat #10

Back when Skepticon was getting on its feet, I received nine death threats over the space of two years.  One of them actually made the threat by showing up on my front porch.  Anyway, I decided then that when I hit my tenth death threat I would throw a huge party.  I was certain that [Read More...]