I feel like a pretentious ass, but I have to share this.  J. Michael Spencer is starting up an Oasis in Boston (fuck yes!) and has written about how the project came to be.  I’m in there, along with my wife: Over time, I began to read less and less of PZ’s blog and more [Read More...]

BREAKING: Shooting near University of Kansas campus. Suspects on foot, still at-large. Michaelyn and I are ok.

I’ve been contacted by some of you who are seeing the breaking story of the shooting just off the KU campus.  As far as I can tell three people have been airlifted to a hospital and the shooters are on foot and have yet to be apprehended. Lawrence police said they’re investigating a shooting that [Read More...]

RANDOM: Dashboard cameras catch yesterday’s plane crash in the Taipei River.

My new approach to blogging allows me to indulge my fascination with plane crashes/investigations.  Yesterday TransAsia fligth #GE235 crashed into the Taipei River shortly after take off.  The last transmission the flight tower heard was “Mayday!  Engine flame out.” The crash was actually caught be dashboard cameras in two different cars.  In this one, the [Read More...]

PERSONAL: My wife is a beautiful nerd.

In terms of what I’m attracted to, I’m a total sapiosexual: I love brains more than any zombie.  If a woman teaches me something new, I’m hers.  But I also like nerdy women in appearance.  Michaelyn hates her glasses, but I love women in glasses (especially her). And honestly long, tall, and sexy isn’t really [Read More...]

Andrew Sullivan is retiring, and he has inspired me to try something new.

One of the most famous and influential bloggers on earth is gay Catholic author of The Dish, Andrew Sullivan.  I first encountered Sullivan in his online debate with Sam Harris and I was immediately unimpressed. However, as I continued to read him, it became apparent he was a very sharp and informed chap who, never [Read More...]

What eating marijuana was like.

So, this last weekend I ate marijuana since I had the opportunity to do it legally.  One can only wonder why when I could easily have woken up the following morning with no memory of having gone on a mass killing spree: Even Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper predicted disaster when Colorado decided to legalize recreational [Read More...]

I just ingested marijuana.

I’ve been in Colorado enjoying a reunion with some of my best friends from high school.  I decided I couldn’t get out of Colorado without purchasing marijuana. Marijuana is totally not my drug and I’ve hardly ever done it.  I’m all for other people who do, but it just makes me lethargic and cranky.  But [Read More...]

Off to Colorado.

I’m about to hop on the road for nine boring, not scenic hours.  Driving the long way across Kansas…exciting…lemme tell ya. To counteract the boredom I’ve uploaded the soundtrack of Shock Treatment so I can rock out: Also a few of these: I’ll see you all tomorrow.  :) [Read more...]


Welcome to 2015!  Have a glorious day off!  If you watch football, I hope you root for the SEC with my family.  :D Here is how we rang in the New Year down here in Arkansas: [Read more...]

I’m glad I saw the new Hobbit movie, but it was the weakest of the three.

Sorry I’ve not blogged today.  I’ve been spending the entire day chilling with the family.  So you get blogs about what I’m doing instead of what I’m reading about online.  If you don’t like spoilers, now is the time to stop reading. We just saw the new Hobbit movie with the family. I’m glad I [Read More...]