Book update

I’ve cracked the 4,000-word barrier.  I also think I’ve settled on the title “Unapologetic.”  Should I have a subtitle?  I’m leaning toward no.  Any ideas for one? “A world friendly to reason is a world where lazy thinking is met with immediate and unmitigated disapproval whether the culprit is a theist or not.” Normal 0 [Read More...]

How I roll

How I roll at SSA HQ when we get a new high school group. Thanks Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, AZ.  [Read more...]

So…I'm writing a book

I asked you guys for a collection of arguments for god’s existence you’d like to see rebutted, and you provided.  Thank you. As many of you have guessed, and due to pressure from people in my life like Greta Christina (and a healthy number who said they’d buy it), I decided to write a book.  [Read More...]

My mother

My mother is the straight up shiz.  Seriously.  In college, I could not announce I was going home for a weekend without at least a few of my friends asking if they could tag along to go see my mom.  She’s generous to a fault, almost, and loved by everybody she encounters. My mother is [Read More...]

Look at all the fucks I give

I normally don’t care when people leave negative comments.  Part of being public with your life means you’re going to get some criticism and, as the axiom goes, haters gonna hate.  Fortunately, I’m generally pretty good at separating bad criticism from criticism with merit.  Greta actually wonders how I never seem to let it get [Read More...]

Happy birthday Christina!

Christina, who contributes to this blog, is a very dear friend.  She has taught me more than most people I’ve ever met.  She introduced me to polyamory.  She took pictures of me that helped me get a little more comfortable with my body.  She’s a fellow nutjob.  :P  She’s also one of the most caring [Read More...]

Happy birthday Brianne and Sarah!

I knew Brianne Bilyeu back before either of us joined FtB, but only in passing.  Recently I’ve gotten to sit down and actually chat with her at some events.  Now, you guys know me.  I value being a good human being over fame or skill in an activist.  In Brianne’s case, not only is she [Read More...]

I love my friends

How could I not love my friends when sometimes stuff like this randomly happens in our Skype conversations? [Read more...]

Freethought Festival is rocking

This is an exceptionally well-run event.  Even Skepticon could pick up some pointers from this event (and that’s saying quite a lot). I started the day by catching up with Richard Carrier.  I also got to meet Valerie Tarico (whom I have to follow today, ugh).  She is super sweet and a very attentive listener.  [Read More...]

Make everything better

Man, there’s been a lot of aggravating stuff to write about lately.  As an antidote to the badness, I offer this video. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always this button.  Have a good day, everybody!  Changing the world is a slow process, but look back just ten years and remember we’ve made a metric [Read More...]