Help my mom! :)

My mother sustained my brother and me on wild game.  As children our chili was made with venison, we dined on fish my parents caught.  Our Thanksgiving turkey came from our woods and was not reared for slaughter.  Guests at our house can count on eating the heart/liver of some animal that had a sporting [Read More...]

How to not be an asshole when traveling #3: don't demand they put you in danger

You know how when there’s a car wreck you can’t help but look, even though you really sympathize?  That’s how it was at the airport on Friday with the gate right next to mine.  They had to swap out a plane to Atlanta because of mechanical problems which meant a huge delay, which means everybody [Read More...]

FtB as D&D

There’s been a lot of talk about Dungeons and Dragons lately on FtB.  PZ points out that role-playing games like D&D are un-Christian.  What more reason do we need to play them?  I’ve also personally seen Richard Carrier’s stash of historic D&D (and other systems) memorabilia.  The man could be king of the nerds, seriously. [Read More...]

How do you miss this kind of irony?

Saw Rebecca Watson tweet this last night and it made me want to hike to my nearest Mazda dealer just to poop in their parking lot and leave. Mazda has found a mascot for their new SUV: the Lorax.  Not joking. [Read more...]

Reason Rally road trip

Alliteration in blog titles ftw. On March 21, Michaelyn and I will be road-tripping to Washington DC for the Reason Rally.  We plan to make a day out of it and to live blog our adventures. Do you guys know of anything we shouldn’t miss between Columbus and DC?  Anybody wanna meet up for lunch/dinner [Read More...]

Best boss

I am not the easiest employee to manage.  I have a psychological disorder that makes me useless some days.  I have a history of being openly defiant of authority.  I’m very idealistic and have the same appreciation for being politically correct as a wolverine. But my boss at the SSA, Lyz Liddell, manages it. I [Read More...]

Waking up flattered

I woke up this morning to a friend request and a message in my facebook inbox. I am so thankful I was able to make it to Fayetteville to see you and Greta. I appreciate your insight. After listening to you speak I am now finally ready to cross over from being Agnostic to Athiest. [Read More...]

VD sucks

I hate Valentine’s Day. “But JT, why is the expression of love such a bad thing?” It’s not, which is why, if you love somebody, you should do it the other 364 days out of the year without needing some arbitrary day that does more for the economy than it does for love. [Read more...]

Reluctant warriors 2

This weekend I debated Dr. Michael Murray, a professor of physics at the University of Kansas, over whether or not science and Christianity can coexist.  Dr. Murray is a soft-spoken British man, the kind that is nearly too timid to make eye contact.  When we first met he produced a deck of cards from his [Read More...]

Jealousy is lame

As I have become more of a public figure I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to please everyone (not that I ever tried), and that some people are just going to try and get a rise out of you because you’ve made them mad in some way.  I got one of those yesterday. She [Read More...]