Reluctant Warriors

Hi.  My name’s JT.  I’m a naturally shy person who needs a fair amount of my own space.  Theater was a natural outlet for me, since it gave me the opportunity to sing, to pretend, and to indulge my hyperactive imagination – precisely what I did in the safe confines of my room without an [Read More...]

Remake The Princess Bride: Bad Idea or Worst Idea?

What the hell? Apparently there is a remake of The Princess Bride in the works.  Who the hell thought this was a good idea? More than 24 years after its release, “The Princess Bride” remains one of the most beloved cult classics in movie history, so filming a remake is no small task. However, director [Read More...]

Wrong Answer

I’m following the story of the florists in Rhode Island refusing to deliver to Jessica Ahlquist.  I just can’t imagine what that conversation sounded like… FFRF:  Hi!  We’re the FFRF!  We do nothing but sue people into oblivion for discriminating against atheists. Florist:  We’re not going to deliver flowers to this person (on account of [Read More...]

Holy Crap, They Did It

Remember that time I asked for a bag of red skittles as a speaking honorarium? What should I ask for next time?  Be creative.  I’m thinking a bacon pillow on my bed.. [Read more...]

Wonderful Moments As An Activist

Jessica Ahlquist is still getting some silliness over twitter, and every now and again I’ll take ten seconds to fire back at someone.  Apparently Damon Fowler thinks I’m ok at it.  His facebook status was recently set to… lol JT is ripping someone a new asshole over Jessica on Twitter. /popcorn In the comments someone [Read More...]

SitRep Day #1

All day yesterday the Camp Quest Ohio counselors planned out CQ Ohio 2012.  There were tons of new ideas!  I will be running a geocaching mission with the camper under the pretense of salvaging the components for an anti-zombie serum…while being hunted by zombies!!!  So freaking excited. During the planning session I kept checking out [Read More...]

I'm Ready to Lock and Load

I’m from a little podunk town called Mountain Home.  However, if you read the history of the town though, you’ll learn that the town first name was “Rapp’s Barren”.  Was there ever a better place for the world’s first zombie outbreak? Anyway, this week I’m at a cabin in the woods on Notestone Rd. in [Read More...]

On the Road Again

I’ll be spending all of today driving back to Ohio.  This was the best holiday ever.  I got to spend it with Christina, my brother, my parents, and Michaelyn.  I will miss them all greatly.  The sweeter the taste, the more bitter the end – and all things must end. On the plus side, I’ll [Read More...]

God will find the right boyfriend.

(Christina here…) I saw this picture the other day. It made me pause and think. This idea [that god will save you for someone special] will lead people to define themselves based on their relationship(s) and could lead them to believe the next guy who comes along is “god given” even if he ends up [Read More...]

Hiking and Such

Stuff like this is why I’ve been absent over the last week.  :) [Read more...]