On the Road Again

I’ll be spending all of today driving back to Ohio.  This was the best holiday ever.  I got to spend it with Christina, my brother, my parents, and Michaelyn.  I will miss them all greatly.  The sweeter the taste, the more bitter the end – and all things must end. On the plus side, I’ll [Read More...]

God will find the right boyfriend.

(Christina here…) I saw this picture the other day. It made me pause and think. This idea [that god will save you for someone special] will lead people to define themselves based on their relationship(s) and could lead them to believe the next guy who comes along is “god given” even if he ends up [Read More...]

Hiking and Such

Stuff like this is why I’ve been absent over the last week.  :) [Read more...]

On Jealousy

When I talk about polyamory there is a particular sentiment that always comes up: “I couldn’t do that, I’d be too jealous.” And I’m happy for those people.  “To thine own self be true” was one of the most potent droplets of wisdom in the ocean of Shakespeare’s work.  Acknowledging that jealousy is present and [Read More...]


Michaelyn (Trophy Primary Girlfriend™) is visiting me down in Arkansas. We’re going to spend the next several days holding hands, staring at the moon, watching the sunrise, walking through the woods, taking note of how vibrant the colors are now, laying in fields and staring at the stars, and drinking in the world now that [Read More...]

Fun With Friends

On the way to Arkansas I stopped for the holidays where I got to see a bunch of fun people. We spent a whole day acting like we were five years-old, because we’re adults. [Read more...]


My family is comprised of die hard Razorback fans (gonna stomp Kansas State in the Sugar Cotton Bowl!).  For basketball, we always head up the road to El Chico and wine and dine and watch the hogs. My brother takes the wine part seriously, because sometimes one frosty mug the size of his torso isn’t [Read More...]

Happy Birthday to a Friend

My father is a huge fan of Greta Christina and it was him who turned me on to her blog.  Afterward I was hooked.  For a good portion of my college career hers was the only blog I would never, ever miss.  She had all the eloquence of Dawkins, the concise reason of Harris, and [Read More...]

New Year's Resolutions

Here are mine. Spend four hours per week reading books Finish the book I’m writing with Steven Olsen Add 10 lbs. of muscle by May 1 Trim down to 9% body fat What are yours? [Read more...]

Sunrise Over Arkansas

My best ideas have never come under duress.  I have seldom figured something out or had a startling realization by sitting down and consciously asserting myself mentally. No, the best way for me to think is to control my environment; to remove anything that might be sucking up brainpower and relax.  For me, the best [Read More...]