Shitty Prose

Sometimes even we responsible adults like to have a few drinks with friends of a Saturday night.  On those occasions, we sometimes write crappy prose that reminds us when we used to write in middle school.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  It was the best damn thing I could come up with at the [Read More...]

What I'm Thankful For: Respect – *Real* Respect

“I’m going to do you the respect of being straight with you.” I cannot count all the times Greta Christina and I have said that to each other (mostly her saying it to me).  It’s become an inside joke, every time we’re about to tell the other we think they’re off base.  The phrase’s existence [Read More...]

Christina's Take on My First Weekend in Polyamory

My post on polyamory got linked by Andrew Sullivan, apparently.  Cool. Christina, the impetus for that post, has penned a guest blog (that has been cross-posted to her own blog) about polyamory and coaxing me into it.  She’s quite the siren. She has also managed to pick about the most unflattering picture of me.  She [Read More...]

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles: Stupider Than Church

I recently had my wallet stolen, which sucks.  I also suspect, since I cannot find my social security card, that it never got taken out of my wallet after I brought it into work during my first week.  Balls. So I have to replace my driver’s license and other documents.  As a hopefully somewhat clever [Read More...]

Adventures in Polyamory

It’s kind of strange, my life.  I am often told I’m a role model (and frequently told by people I should behave like a role model, whatever that means).  However, the truth of the matter is that I’m still pretty much a kid trying to figure things out (while trying to be responsible at the [Read More...]


I have no content written up for today, mostly because I didn’t so much as skim the news yesterday. This was because video games turned me into an unproductive slug. Hillary Clinton was right. Thankfully, my blog has always been about writing what’s on my mind, and what’s on my mind right now is Elder [Read More...]

Best NES/SNES/Genesis Music

Full disclosure: I’m not going to do the Best of #Churchtweet post tonight.  I’m going to do it tomorrow.  Why?  Because I have Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I fully intend to spend the entire evening playing it. In the meantime there is a question I’ve always wanted answered: which NES/SNES/Genesis game had the best [Read More...]

Well, Fuck This Day

My wallet got stolen.  Balls. I went to cancel my debit card at lunch.  There were no charges that were not legit.  I’m not sure it was because the thieves were slow or because of what I write on the back of my debit card. For lulz, I would say I hope they try to [Read More...]

New Experiences and Photo Shoot Round 2

One of the aspects of my personality that I most enjoy is that I crave new experiences. This has caused me, at times, to do some very stupid things. On the other hand, it has lead me to change my mind about several things. Every time it makes me a different, wiser person than before. [Read More...]

Godless NFL Thread

I’m busy as all get out in St. Louis, so you get the quick version of the Godless NFL Thread. The Raiders play Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  Though god assisted Tebow to pull off the mundane miracle of eeking out a victory over the Dolphins, arguably the NFL’s worse team, the almighty seemed to [Read More...]