Day of Email: Change the Little Things

Getting packed and ready to fly to St. Louis, so I’m just going to answer some emails today. Via facebook: Do you ever ask yourself… How can I make a difference in a world that is so resistant to change? A world that is so blissfully aware of their elected ignorance to and intolerance of [Read More...]


I have a friend, Christina, who is an amateur photographer. Earlier this year she asked if I would do a photoshoot for her. Initially I declined. It’s already hard enough for me to see myself as anything other than fat and I didn’t need pictures confirming it. But it got me thinking. Maybe it would [Read More...]

Don't Pray For Me

If I had a nickel for every time a Christian asked me, rather pointedly, “What do your parents think of what you do?” Sometimes it’s even a sarcastic, “I bet your parents are so proud of you!” Perhaps this email exchange will answer the question of how my parents feel about my chosen lot in [Read More...]

What Halloween Means To Me

I give you the best Halloween song of all time, courtesy of Stephen Lynch. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday.  Halloween baby!  Ain’t she cute?  Despite being tough as nails, she’s just as sweet as she looks.  If you were to visit the house, she would be sure to make some special food dish (likely from an animal she has personally killed or from a plant she personally grew), stock [Read More...]

Costume Pics

I went as Muscles Glasses from Epic Mealtime. The magnum of Jack Dagnulls was converted, pre-party, into a magnum of tea. People started getting concerned over the course of the night as I was downing it straight and still continuing to kick ass. I also cooked up a pound of bacon and was carrying bacon [Read More...]

Costume Decision

First – there be karaoke tonight!  You know what to do: leave suggestions in the comments. I’m think I’m gonna go as Muscles Glasses from Epic Mealtime for Halloween.  Just need a grey t-shirt and a sharpie to write… Bacon Strips and… Bacon Strips and… Bacon Strips and… Bacon Strips and… Bacon Strips and… Then [Read More...]

What Separates Us From The Other Animals

Conversation this morning between me and SSA Events Specialist Sarah Moglia. Me (limping behind Sarah): Endurance sets suck. Sarah: That’s why I don’t workout. That and laziness. Me: Yes, but if we ever get mugged at a conference, I will save us. Sarah: Pepper spray. Me: Fuck. This is what separates us from the other [Read More...]

What Do You Want To Hear About At Skepticon?

Last year at Skepticon I wrote a talk, Dear Christian, that went through the common arguments for god’s existence and refuted them. For those of you attending Skepticon 4, what do you want to hear about this year?  I want to do something that pushes people in the audience to think, and beating religious arguments [Read More...]

Going Kinda, Sorta, Off The Grid

Ok, crappy post forthcoming. First some history. I’ve scuffled with anorexia the last few years. In 2010 I got better, but when I moved to Columbus in January of this year I relapsed and I relapsed hard. Stress, like the stress of leaving my comfort zone, moving to a new place, and having a new [Read More...]