Fix Your Life

If you are not reading Dana Hunter’s blog En Tequila Es Verdad, you really are depriving yourself. That is all. [Read more...]

The Beauty of the Real World

Somebody sent me this video and I had to share. (can’t get it to display as a video for some reason…) It reminded me of this one. I’m often asked what I have to live for without god.  If you so much as hinted at a smile watching those two videos, you just got [Read More...]

Fighting the Good Fight

I got sent this picture the other day from Andora along with a message: thank you fighting the good fight<3 [Read more...]

How the SSA Rolls at Christmas

I’ve spent the last four days on airplanes and giving talks.  I trotted back into the office to find this piece of tupperware on my desk. Sarah Moglia, our events specialist, had taken two WWJTD bracelets and baked them into a tub of delicious jell-o, which I model here with my post-gym hair of fluff. [Read More...]

We Don't Grow Up

I try to keep how I act in private and how I act in public as similar as possible.  I like who I am and don’t really care if others don’t.  Living that way makes me very, very happy.  [Read more...]

Flimsyman on Polyamory

Christina’s husband, Chris, has written a guest post on polyamory that makes me green with envy.  He says everything I want to say with greater brevity and clarity than I could.  He and his wife have helped open my eyes to something that changed my life though, so I’ll let it slide this time… So!  [Read More...]

What Teachers Make

A god damned difference. This guy’s website is [Read more...]

Shitty Prose

Sometimes even we responsible adults like to have a few drinks with friends of a Saturday night.  On those occasions, we sometimes write crappy prose that reminds us when we used to write in middle school.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  It was the best damn thing I could come up with at the [Read More...]

What I'm Thankful For: Respect – *Real* Respect

“I’m going to do you the respect of being straight with you.” I cannot count all the times Greta Christina and I have said that to each other (mostly her saying it to me).  It’s become an inside joke, every time we’re about to tell the other we think they’re off base.  The phrase’s existence [Read More...]

Christina's Take on My First Weekend in Polyamory

My post on polyamory got linked by Andrew Sullivan, apparently.  Cool. Christina, the impetus for that post, has penned a guest blog (that has been cross-posted to her own blog) about polyamory and coaxing me into it.  She’s quite the siren. She has also managed to pick about the most unflattering picture of me.  She [Read More...]