Fun at a conference

The day I’m too ‘mature’ for this stuff is the day I’m done with life. I’m going to take the stage later today to give a very angry talk – and I am angry about a lot of things.  There’s a lot to be angry about.  We need little breaks like these to smile. [Read more...]

Because we are five…

Greta Christina and I are up in my room for the Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference catching up.   Jen McCreight, the last remaining member of the Wonder Triplets ™ will be arriving shortly.  This is what awaits her when she does. (Click the image to hugify it) The eyeball you see peering out of the [Read More...]

Well, fuck this morning

I’m in the airport waiting to board a plane to the lovely land of Nebraska for the Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference.  God is trying to stop me. I had to go by an ATM this morning.  It was one of those ATMs that eats your card and then beeps at you to take it [Read More...]

Can we be friends (or at least acquaintances at a conference)?

I was whining to my friend Ashley the other day about something that’s been on my mind and she told me to blog about it (which I somehow forgot is generally what I do when something’s on my mind).  It seemed like a good enough idea, so here we go: If you are at the [Read More...]

This will increase sales

I saw this on the way to work this morning. Sadly, it’s a trap.  I went in and bought two gift cards and they tried to give me chili instead. [Read more...]

It's just so beautiful…

I rant a lot about the world – specifically the people in it.  So often they exhibit the worst of humanity.  They are shallow, careless about reason, and so many other qualities that fall short of the minimum we should expect from ourselves.  It’s sometimes so frustrating pointing these things out and begging for improvement [Read More...]

Fun at #SSA2011

Here’s the mashup of my experience at the SSA Leadership Conference 2011.  It includes singing Les Miserables in the style of blues with Dan Barker owning faces on the piano, waxing one of my legs, shaving my head, and godless karaoke with the masses (including Sarah Moglia, Jen McCreight and Greta Christina). Overall, it was [Read More...]

I live!

Ugh…sorry about the cobwebs around this place.  The 2011 SSA Leadership Conference has owned my soul for the last six days.  But my last airport run has been made and I’m just settling down back at my hizzy. Overall it was a phenomenal experience.  Over 200 attendees present made it the biggest secular conference for [Read More...]

Living the dream, because it sure feels like one…

My parents were on the road this weekend seeing a boxing match.  My father sent me this email upon their return. So, I’m checking out of the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven motel in Springfield this morning and the desk clerk pulls up my bill and says, “Oh!  Are you related to JT Eberhard?” [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist, the tiny giant

Jessica Ahlquist is the high school student fighting her school’s administration to have a Christian prayer banner removed from the gymnasium at her school.  I first met her in April, at the American Humanist Association’s national convention in Boston where Jess received a standing ovation from all those in attendance. Yesterday Jess wrote about the [Read More...]