Lazy holidays are for laughing, video games, and cooking

It’s a holiday weekend.  I’m being a useless slug.  No rants about religion/politics, just some videos from my favorite online shows. First, Epic Mealtime.  Watching these videos is honestly how I intend to spend half of my day. Next, Hey Ash Watcha Playin’?  I have the biggest crush on Ashley Burch. To round it off, [Read More...]

Protected: A reminder and a lesson

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read more...]

Epic work conversations #1

<new meme>  Conversation between myself and SSA Director of Campus Organizing, Lyz Liddell. Me:  “Lyz…the next time I write an email to an administrator, can the subject line be ‘JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND, FOR I AM HER EYES!’?” Lyz:  “No.” Me:  “How about, ‘Rising up to the challenge of our rivals’?” Lyz:  “No.” Me:  “…you’re [Read More...]

Camp Quest OH, 2011

After giving up my head and leg hair to raise money for Camp Quest they were nice enough to let me come down and be event staff at Camp Quest Ohio last weekend.  I was very nervous, to tell the truth.  I could walk into a mega church and tell the pastor to his face [Read More...]

Full disclosure

This is going to be a very difficult post to write.  However, when first I decided to write about my illness, I did so to increase awareness – to let the rest of the world see what goes on inside an otherwise healthy mind afflicted with a mental disorder.  I remain committed to that, even [Read More...]

Trip to Arkansas: with pictures

Ok, update on my trip to Arkansas last weekend.  Overall, it was a glorious weekend.  I turned off my phone, didn’t check my email, and, clearly, didn’t blog.  Sorry about that, but the break was just spectacular. First thing’s first.  On our first post Annie bemoaned the possibility that South Park would be ended by [Read More...]

Education: you don't need it to sit on stage and prattle

You’ve probably seen this indictment on the intelligence of Americans by now.  If you can stomach the whole thing without developing an ulcer or three, you win the prize. A fifteen minute-long paper cut would have been more merciful.  If you have evolved pattern-recognition (as most humans have), you’ll quickly notice an emerging formula from [Read More...]

How atheists deal with death

A new facebook page has launched that tackles an issue I don’t think we atheists focus on enough: the grief of death.  The page, titled ‘Grief Beyond Belief’, is a simple thing, really.  It’s a collection of non-believers willing to provide solace to those who have lost somebody. There is an idea amongst theists that, [Read More...]

Chris Stedman exchange

I have been on panels with Chris Stedman.  I have confronted Stedman during Q&As at conferences (to applause from the crowd).  We disagree on pretty much everything, but in my limited personal interactions with the man I have found him to be rather pleasant.  I have always said of Stedman that he was a really [Read More...]

This is not ok

A few days ago a couple churches in Bend, OR were vandalized. This is unacceptable.  It is religion that tries to win by intimidation, mob rule, and essentially any tactic other than having the best arguments.  Just look at what has happened with Jess Ahlquist when she asked her school not to break the law: [Read More...]