Ire In The Airport

Dear denizens of America’s airports, Seating at airports is abundant.  Seating next to power outlets is not.  Those seats represent a very small percentage of the seats in a terminal. If you are sitting at a seat with a power outlet and napping or otherwise not using the power outlet, you are wrong.  Please be [Read More...]

Kill Squad and Me Being a Creeper

Five years ago another blogger and friend, Ben Schuldt, recommended I read the material of a man I’d never heard of named Richard Carrier.  I googled him and dove into his works over at the secular web and quickly discovered I had a new hero.  Carrier wrote with such a halcyon reason that was so [Read More...]

From the Vault #2: How Do Atheists Deal With Death?

We scattered my grandmother’s ashes today.  She was a magnificent woman who denied herself better things to save nickels and dimes, yet never hesitated to eagerly dump thousands of dollars on us.  It is to her enduring sense of selflessness for those she cared about that I owe my education.  She was always happy, exceedingly [Read More...]

From the Vault #1: The Perfect Mirror

Since I’m going to be on the road this weekend, you’ll be getting some posts from the vault.  Here’s the first.  We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no atheists in foxholes”.  It’s a condescending set of words telling us that even though there’s no good reason to believe in god, that atheists will be [Read More...]

Saviors Of Youtube

Youtube infuriates me.  Sure there are a few really solid channels like ZOMGitsCriss and Thunderf00t, but there’s also a lot of crap.  Maddox explains the problem succinctly. What is the answer to all the non-epic on youtube?  The answer is the best damn cooking show on the internet (sorry My Drunk Kitchen).  The answer is [Read More...]

Adventure Is A Family Tradition

I come from Arkansas, where my parents live quite happily in the secluded house I grew up in.  One morning they looked in the back field and saw a bear.  Now, most people if they see a bear stay inside where it’s nice and safe. Not my parents.  They ran to the edge of the [Read More...]

Today ruled

This day should be enshrined as a holiday for all time. I haven’t done squat today aside from explore my new palace at FtB (bedroom doors work great!), sow around in my PJs and a sweater that’s three sizes too big, watch the Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Texas A&M Aggies in a thriller, rock out [Read More...]

Moving day

It was a pretty short hike over to my new home.  It isn’t so much the distance that discomposes me, but the change of class.  My old blog had cracked tiles, peeling wallpaper, and the bedroom door wouldn’t shut all the way.  Were I not such an ardent skeptic, I may have believed the place [Read More...]

Honor regained!

Once upon a time I was quite the basketball player.  My shooting range extended well beyond the NBA three-point line.  I could make a majority of my free throws with my eyes shut.  I was good. But that was over a decade ago. On my tour to TN last week I played a friend one-on-one [Read More...]

An exercise in excuse-making

While I’m in Tennessee, I’m staying with a lovely couple in Murfreesboro.  Gayle, the beautiful, intelligent half of that pairing is a health nut, personal trainer, and massage therapist.  She will soon begin writing a weekly post for this blog on fitness. Eliott, the other half, was a basketball player back before the discovery of [Read More...]