A productive use of a church

I got invited to a concert to raise money for breast cancer research a couple weeks back by my friend Natasha.  I love a good cause, so even though I’m not generally the concert-going type, I agreed. Here is the outside of the venue.  (As always, click the picture to make it laaaaaaaarger than life) [Read More...]

The journey is neverending…

The summary of my end of the week report to the board this week. The advance of atheism continued this week, but not without the forces of theism striking back.  Galvanized by the heroics of the good Sir Damon Fowler, numerous young cavaliers have determined that the time is nigh to brandish steel and assault [Read More...]

Don't be fooled by the radio, the TV, or the magazines…

“…They’ll show you photographs of how your life should be.  But they’re just someone else’s fantasy.” Greta Christina, who has seen me at a low point in my battle with anorexia nervosa, sent me an article yesterday.  So often we see models selling us makeup or weight-lifting equipment under the pretense that if we just [Read More...]

I can't help myself

At the end of every week, I have to type up my weekly report and send it to my bosses and the board of directors.  At the top of the report is a summary section.  Here is what I just submitted. I returned to town a day late from Rapture Day on account of god [Read More...]

The perfect mirror

We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no atheists in foxholes”.  It’s a condescending set of words telling us that even though there’s no good reason to believe in god, that atheists will be so scared when in a helpless situation that we’ll hope one exists enough to believe for all the wrong reasons.  Frankly, [Read More...]

Traveling kinks and help with disaster relief

Travel is so much fun.  Yesterday my super phone alerted me that my flight out of Wichita had been canceled due to ‘operations.’  Then I found out that the earliest flight I could get out of Wichita was a three-stop red eye journey late Monday.  So instead of taking that, I re-booked a straight shot [Read More...]

Regret in a dress on a swing

I decided to go out late last night and shoot hoops.  It was only me and my basketball out on the courts.  I had forgotten how peaceful that feeling was (I used to be quite a decent player). It was getting dark when two college-age women, both dressed nicely, walked by and started using the [Read More...]

I get email

Sometimes it makes my day. Last April, I had the opportunity to hear you speak in Des Moines. I never really truly thought of myself as an atheist until you defined it simply. I’ve been a scientist and now I work in business medical/science and married to an atheist for many years. But it wasn’t [Read More...]

My mother

My father posted something this morning that really captures part of my mother’s awesomeness. To illustrate what a nature freak Carol is, here is the tale [about the picture on the right]. I see this bird and call her over to “look at this really neat bird”. She takes one glance and says, “Oh, that’s [Read More...]


Amanda Marcotte rules. My life is now complete. [Read more...]