To The Board!

Every week, the Campus Organizing Team kicks out an email to our student leaders with updates on important news or projects.  Sarah and I are writing that email today.  Here’s an exclusive look into that process. [Read more...]

Secularism And Eternal Vigilance

Ok, lunch break.  Thank FSM for Sarah Moglia, our events specialist, who is the only other occupant of the Campus Organizing Office today. I’m up to my eyeballs in work and she is keeping me sane.  I’m going to use a few minutes of my precious break to schedule a few peeks into my day at [Read More...]

Life Lessons In Odd Places

I’m a bleeding heart.  It’s no secret that I’ll do pretty much anything for a charitable cause I support – just ask my right calf and scalp.  However, I always hate asking people for money like when I’m tabling at conferences for the SSA or when I’m trying to squeeze every last gilded drop out [Read More...]

Let's Chat

Huh.  I admit, I have no blogs written up for today.  I was planning on spending my day adjusting to life with a pitchfork up my ass down in Satan’s barbeque.  Seriously, who could’ve predicted that Harold Camping would have been wrong?  I mean, aside from everybody. Since I was anticipating non-existence, I’ve kept my [Read More...]

The Beginning

I think I’m a decent technical writer, but I’ve always been abysmal at writing anything else.  Like, seriously awful.  My brother got an ocean of talent in that department, but god left me high and dry, that asshole.  This is really unfortunate because I enjoy fantasy literature and have ideas for new worlds floating about [Read More...]

Little Things To Make A Better World

Stuff like this makes a better world and makes me a happy panda. [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To Idiotic Culinary Geniuses

I’m the worst anorexic in the world, because my favorite online show is Epic Mealtime. Happy one year anniversary to the cooking show that changed the game.  My favorite episodes are beneath the fold. [Read more...]

What Is The Worst Superhero Movie, And Is Nicolas Cage A Good Actor?

There has been a disagreement in the SSA Campus Organizer office today. Resource Coordinator Nick Stancato believes Thor was a good movie.  I thought it sucked.  This led to a perfectly amiable discussion (as amiable as one can be throwing things across the room at the opposing side) on what the worst superhero movie was. [Read More...]

I Made Los Links!

I try to read every FtB blog, but admittedly I can’t always manage it.  However, one thing I will never miss is Dana Hunter‘s weekly Los Links post in which she lists all her favorite news stories from the previous week. And ‘lo and behold, what did I see when I was perusing this week’s [Read More...]

Don't You Dare Ruin Die Hard For Me!

They’re going to make a fifth Die Hard film? No.  No, no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no! This cannot be allowed to happen!  The first Die Hard was my first exposure to Alan Rickman!  The second movie is a staple of my winter [Read More...]