Protected: Reclaiming a piece of my dignity

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And I thought my jokes were bad…

The summary from my weekly report at work this week, in which I spent most of the week frazzled to the extreme getting things in order for the SSA’s 2011 Annual Conference, which will demolish all previous attendance records. This conference deserves a better class of organizer, and I’m gonna give it to ‘em. You [Read More...]

Protected: The dark side is easily more seductive

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Feed me!

It’s Saturday.  Nothing in the world is pissing me off too much.  On top of that, I’m feeling pretty good – which is the first time since the incident a few weeks ago.  Self-image is good, and I’m just laying around like an unshowered sow listening to music. So let’s get some conversation going, since [Read More...]

My life is complete!

A few years back I was fortunate enough to meet author Dana Fredsti.  If there’s one thing about my life that just blows me away every morning, it’s that I get to meet so many people I admire, and that sometimes they even think I’m cool enough to be friends with.  When I met Dana, [Read More...]

Epic waffles

I spent Saturday morning with a couple of my co-workers.  This was the result. [Read more...]

Lunch with Thunderf00t

Got an unexpected surprise today: I got to have lunch with Thunderf00t as he passed through Columbus. TF is one of my atheist heroes from my college days.  In my debates, I use many of his arguments to this day. In person he is very polite, almost shy.  I’ve gotten to meet a lot of [Read More...]

My gift

Happy birthday, America. Few things simultaneously stimulate both my optimism and cynicism the way you do.  It makes sense, since you are the summation of your citizens, that what I despise of humanity I also despise of you.  Human beings are capable of so much, but so frequently we squander our potential by taking the [Read More...]

We are beautiful, no matter what they say…

Hanging out this weekend with my friend Rose.  Both of us have some pretty solid physical insecurities.  Hell, I think everybody does (and you guys know all about mine).  As an attempted antidote to this, we took a few hours today and did a total amateur photo session.  We promised ourselves at the outset that [Read More...]

I am a thief

On the back of my debit card I used to write “Check ID”.  Nobody ever checked.  So a while back I came up with an idea to get people to check my ID when I used my card. It hasn’t worked, but it amuses me. Ironic story: about three years ago my debit card with [Read More...]