Patheos Christian commits to standing up for the rights of atheists.

One of the newer Christian blogs here at Patheos is run by Rebecca Florence Miller with whom I’ve only had a brief interaction on twitter.  Still, that chat was actually very rewarding and I came away liking Rebecca even if we disagreed on religion. Then Rebecca goes and posts an article yesterday saying she wants [Read More...]

A person can die with dignity.

There’s been much talk lately about whether or not a person should have the right to end their own life.  This comes on the heels of Brittany Maynard, a woman who received a death sentence in the form of a malignant brain tumor and elected, on Nov. 1, to end her own life. It’s so [Read More...]

An SSA student may have saved a guy’s life last night.

So last night was a bit of an adventure.  What do I have to do sitting here in the Oakland airport (apparently I’m taking the scenic route back to Kansas, ugh) than tell you about it? I was walking down the sidewalk with one of the SSA members at Boise State named Zane.  It was [Read More...]

Cutting him loose.

I got to thinking about the whole situation with this guy.  While I don’t feel bad about any consequences that would befall someone because I wrote about how they were cruel (particularly in the way he was), I don’t think it’s moral to use a deal with someone to get them into therapy.  Therapy is [Read More...]

We talked, he apologized, we made a deal, and I have no hard feelings.

After I posted about a random message which exacerbated conditions created by my relapse to anorexia, (and after the sender came into that post and left some disjointed and strangely hostile comments) an acquaintance of his delivered me this message from him: JT,I’m a dick. I’m a horrible person. I’ve wronged many people in the [Read More...]

Random cruelty.

For those who don’t know, I’m a recovering (and now relapsed) anorexic.  I try to write about my mental health issues as openly as possible.  However, when they get tangled with other people, I tend not to write about them – just out of courtesy for those people.  That is why I’ve not written much [Read More...]

Give my wife a birthday present!

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday.  She just made a post on her facebook page about what she wants for her special day: Hey all – It’s my birthday, so I’m going to put a shameless plug for two communities that mean a lot to me on my wall. If you’re willing and able, it [Read More...]

Moody the owl to accompany us on our journey.

We’ve acquired our welcome package which was delivered to Michaelyn’s mother’s house – and delivered by owl no less! We decided to take the owl with us and have him pose at all the exotic locations we are to visit.  However, first we had to name him.  I suggested “Mad Eye” in remembrance of my [Read More...]

A double standard that will go unnoticed by everyone upset about today’s marriage happenings.

If the SCOTUS had ruled to invalidate same-sex marriage, you’d have heard that god answered their prayers. Pat Robertson would’ve taken to the air as quickly as possible along with Glenn Beck, Brian Brown, and more to state, with unwavering certainty, that god (who supposedly doesn’t interfere with free will) dipped his hand into American [Read More...]

Why we argue.

I had a friend in college named Kevin Sweet.  He was kind, quiet, and a tad brilliant.  My arguments from failed biblical prophecy are largely taken from him.  He’s now gone off into the world to seek his fortune climbing anything made of rock that has a really high peak.  We’ve not talked in many [Read More...]