Answering email: how do I polyamory?

I got this email today from Princess Toadstool: Today I stumbled across the blog post ‘Talking about polyamory with your partner’ (25 November 2011) while looking for resources for spouses of polyamorous people. I think you can guess where this is heading, but to elaborate: My husband and I have been together nearly 12 years, [Read More...]

Hanging out around Kansas making sure my in-law stock is rising.

Hey all.  I’ve spent the last couple days driving around Kansas to spend the holidays with Michaelyn’s parents.  I’m such a good future son-in-law.  Seriously, fifty points for Ravenclaw courtesy of me.  Seriously though, I love Michaelyn’s family (a luxury not every person gets with their engagement), so I’m having a great deal of fun. [Read More...]

Shocking photo from Skepticon 6.

Here are the protesters who recognized me and asked for a picture with me.  I suspect they’ll be shocked when they see it later… Every time I walk past them they call me “JT Everlost”.  This is what amounts to adult discourse in the world of Pastor McBadAtBuns.  On the way back, maybe I’ll call [Read More...]

I have been deceived.

There are a gaggle of protesters hanging about Skepticon.  Upon arriving at the conference today they recognized me and wanted a picture.  Swag. Just a little bit ago, one of the youngsters in their thrall employ, without a word, handed me a tract.  It was a one million dollar bill on one side with a [Read More...]

Good to see the family again.

Thanks for enduring another day of silence yesterday.  I promise that I spent it enjoying the wilderness and enjoying the all-too-rare time with my parents. I have found that my best thoughts are seldom revealed by sitting down and forcing myself to think.  No, I’ve had my best ideas by placing myself in an atmosphere [Read More...]

What about forgiveness?

While tabling the other day, a woman with a sizable cross necklace approached the table and opened with “So you guys are what, atheists and agnostics?  Why?” with a tone suggesting that not believing a person rose from the dead was something out of the ordinary. Take a moment and imagine if an atheist went [Read More...]

Update from the road: I found some zombies.

Went to a corn maze/hay ride hangout with some local atheists last night here in Charleston.  I found some zombies. I went for breakfast this morning and someone took the elevator from the 1st floor to the 2nd, and then from the 4th floor to the 5th.  American exceptionalism on full display. My talk is [Read More...]

Why I’m out the rest of the day.

Michaelyn got done with school early, so I had to scramble, but this is what greeted her when she arrived home: She really likes owls and oreoes, so she got an owl mug (she assures me that drinking hot coco is better if it’s in an owl mug, which she now has), an owl balloon, [Read More...]

I thought my respect for Oprah couldn’t decline any more.

This video clip made me want to start firebombing things.  It’s three and a half minutes of Oprah implying very strongly that atheists cannot feel awe and both of them equivocating on words that allow mysticism to get smuggled into atheism. Oprah says: “You’re an atheist, but you’re into awe?” Yes, because if we don’t [Read More...]

Dragon cake!

Michaelyn and I decided to spend another despondent day in our lives made meaningless without god making a cake.  Our inspiration was the dragon from the League of Legends champion Lulu and her dragon trainer skin. The inspiration for this cupcake was also from Lulu.  One of her abilities can transform an enemy into a [Read More...]