Off to Colorado.

I’m about to hop on the road for nine boring, not scenic hours.  Driving the long way across Kansas…exciting…lemme tell ya. To counteract the boredom I’ve uploaded the soundtrack of Shock Treatment so I can rock out: Also a few of these: I’ll see you all tomorrow.  :) [Read more...]


Welcome to 2015!  Have a glorious day off!  If you watch football, I hope you root for the SEC with my family.  :D Here is how we rang in the New Year down here in Arkansas: [Read more...]

I’m glad I saw the new Hobbit movie, but it was the weakest of the three.

Sorry I’ve not blogged today.  I’ve been spending the entire day chilling with the family.  So you get blogs about what I’m doing instead of what I’m reading about online.  If you don’t like spoilers, now is the time to stop reading. We just saw the new Hobbit movie with the family. I’m glad I [Read More...]

Your evening happiness: holiday fun with the family.

As many of you know I’m in Arkansas for the next few weeks enjoying time with my family (and, what I fear will be my last living grandparent’s final Christmas). But before I got down here Michaelyn and I spent Christmas day with her family.  My mother-in-law made ninja turtle hats for myself, my two [Read More...]

How I’ve hijacked Christmas.

If you listen to Kirk Cameron, or the millions of Americans who think like him, Christmas has been hijacked by people who want to take Jesus out of it. While I don’t care why other people celebrate, in my own life he’s certainly right.  Jesus is no part of my holiday celebration or my family’s. [Read More...]

Open letter to anybody who acts like it’s the end of the world when their drive through order is wrong.

This post isn’t about religion or politics, but it’s my blog and I write what’s on my mind.  So there.  :P On a facebook group of which I’m a part, a guy was complaining the other day how the “high schooler” at McDonald’s had gotten his order wrong and how he had to go all the [Read More...]

My Husband is a Recovering Depressive Anorexic and here’s What I’ve Learned (Part 1)

Hello WWJTD readers! Michaelyn – JT’s wife – here! JT writes a lot about his experience with depression and his eating disorder. I want to do something similar and write from the perspective of being close to someone struggling with mental illness. If you don’t have a mental illness, it’s likely that you know others [Read More...]

My heroes of 2014.

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Heroes of 2014. Read other perspectives here. At Skepticon 6 I gave a talk over who I thought some of the unsung heroes in the atheist movement were.  So when Kathleen Mulhern asked me to write about who my heroes were in 2014 I was more than happy to [Read More...]

Atheist Thanksgiving.

Welp, it’s Thanksgiving – time to sit around and ruminate over what we’re thankful for, right?  How about this year we all take a moment and acknowledge what we’re thankful for in the atheist movement? I’m thankful to Sam Harris.  It was his book The End of Faith that made me into an activist.  On [Read More...]

Danielle Muscato’s gender identity means nothing to me. Her courage is why I love her.

As you may have heard by now Dave Muscato, the PR Director for American Atheists, is now Danielle Muscato.  For those of us close to Danielle, she’s been Danielle for years now.  But now she’s out of the closet as a transgender woman. Support is understandably pouring in for Danielle.  Given our society’s uneasiness with [Read More...]