Someone named a koi fish after me. *blush*

Part of being a public figure is getting facebook friend requests.  I just accept them all and, if people are ass hats, I unfriend them later (if you want to be my friend, here I am).  Michaelyn just gripes at me because she gets friend requests from people she doesn’t know.  I tell her I’m [Read More...]

Dealing with jealousy in a polyamorous relationship.

It’s hard to talk about polyamory without getting flooded by emails and comments asking how I deal with all the jealousy that must surely come with even the thought of a person I love sleeping swapping spit with someone else.  So I reached back into the vault and hauled out my post on jealousy.  Enjoy. [Read More...]

I slept with a married woman.

Since I’m on the road today I figured I’d dig into the vault and put one of my older pieces up.  The piece, when it was originally posted, was titled Adventures in Polyamory.  The original title was I Slept with a Married Woman, but at the time I was working for the SSA and my [Read More...]

Today: Kansas City to Mountain Home.

Today the pre-wedding tour continues as Michaelyn and I venture from Kansas City to Mountain Home where we will stay until we are wed.  O.o I feel like a kid…I’m a pretty laid back person.  I’m very much in the “being married won’t change a thing” camp.  I don’t need any pomp or ceremony, just [Read More...]

Sumo power and atheist community building at its finest!

This weekend consisted of visiting Michaelyn’s family and going to Dr. Darrel Ray’s annual Memorial Day picnic.  First I want to talk about the picnic.  I’m often asked what people can do for atheism if they’re not debaters by nature.  I always respond is that you can work to make a welcoming, fun place for [Read More...]

Happy mother’s day!

It is unfair that humility is part of being the perfect mother, because it often deprives my mother of the pride she deserves for the devotion and care with which she raised my brother and me.  I don’t know many people who can claim that their parents are their best friends, but my mother is [Read More...]

Doctor Who wedding marching merrily on apace.

Our shoes came in today! And here’s Michaelyn modeling her shoe and one of several strings of TARDIS lights that will be used to decorate the hall. I’m gonna marry her.  *blush* [Read more...]

You can never go home.

I’m sitting in the Union on the University of Kansas campus.  I’ll be here for most of the day tabling for Reasonfest.  When I’m not telling students about the event this weekend or indulging them when they wonder why anybody would allocate their time to challenging religion, I’ll be thinking about my talk for Friday [Read More...]

Wedding shoes.

Your wedding is an important day.  It demands only the finest vestments, the most magnificent haberdashery that money can buy.  No expense should be spared and no imperfection tolerated. That’s why on our wedding day Michaelyn and I will be donning these converse that we just ordered: It’s a big day.  It makes right in [Read More...]

Free-flowing thoughts about crying at movies.

You may have noticed I didn’t write anything today.  That’s because Michaelyn and I took the day to go on a date which included seeing the Lego Movie. So…I cry at movies.  Always have.  And not the movies you’re supposed to cry at (because we all cried at the end of Despicable Me 2, don’t [Read More...]