On Recognizing Design

The Cult of Dusty guy (Dusty), recently put out a video (below) about yet another of Joshua Feuerstien’s not-researched disproofs of evolution. It’s an extremely caustic video, probably NSFW, yet, strangely satisfying. I take issue (not necessarily with this video) with his word choices often, such as being ableist, so it’d be nice if he [Read More...]

FAITH & DEBATE: Matt Dillahunty gives us an exhaustive video on morality.

This is complete and as perfect as I think it could be. Matt has been producing a long series of excellent videos.  If you’d like to support his Patreon you can do so here. [Read more...]

As an atheist, this is why apologetics don’t convince me

When I hook horns with apologetics, I often wonder what the other side is doing, because from A to Z, their entire approach is wrong to convince me of anything. Today, I thought I’d spend some time being introspective and explaining where apologetics falls short for me, personally. [Read more...]

Skepticon talks: Scott Clifton.

Scott Clifton gave a spectacular talk at Skepticon about “God, Science, and the Problem of Nature.”  I was traveling to San Jose for a debate and was putting together a rebuttal to the version of Kalaam I thought I’d encounter and so I messaged Matt Dillahunty to get his take.  He directed me to a [Read More...]

Accuracy of the Prophecy of the Writings of the Bible

Fulfilled prophecy is frequently thrown at us as “evidence” that a god exists. Here’s why I find it numbingly uncompelling. [Read more...]

The Holiness of God: Chapter 2 – Holy, Holy, Holy

Awhile back, I was explaining why I don’t get Christianity. A commenter suggested I read a book – “The Holiness of God” by RC Sproul [1985]. [Read more...]

The Holiness of God: Chapter 1 – The Holy Grail

Awhile back, I was explaining why I don’t get Christianity. A commenter suggested I read a book – “The Holiness of God” by RC Sproul [1985]. I was contemplating doing an audio book reading/commentary, but I think I’ll stick to writing. [Read more...]

Kevin Sorbo (from God’s Not Dead) rants at atheists. Father responds.

Kevin Sorbo played the ridiculous caricature of an atheist foil in the movie God’s Not Dead (which has been torn apart by plenty, but none so thoroughly as Dan Fincke).  Sorbo just took to the Conservative Tribune to rant on atheists. It turns out that Kevin Sorbo is definitely not a philosopher, despite playing a [Read More...]

Matt Dillahunty’s talk from the Unholy Trinity Tour.

Looks like a bit of a slow news day.  It’s probably just as well since I’m operating on very little sleep.  No worries!  There are some stories to write about and new videos to be watched.  Here’s Matt Dillahunty killing it on the Unholy Trinity Tour. [Read more...]

Communicating the odds of this universe.

While it’s certainly a goal of mine to understand the pro-god arguments, my primary goal is to be able to communicate why I don’t buy them clearly and to people who may not have four PhDs.  So I had a thought this morning about how to respond to a believer who says the odds of [Read More...]