On free will.

Last week, when asked about the problem of suffering, Frank Turek did as so many apologists do and responded with free will.  God doesn’t want us to suffer, you see, but he values our free will so much that he’ll let us make bad choices that result in suffering like the starvation of children. This [Read More...]

Abortion debate: response to Timothy Dalrymple.

Timothy Dalryple, fellow blogger here at Patheos, wrote a post titled “I Am a Hate-Filled Christian.”  I hated it.  I thought it was awful and without empathy for a lot of people.  I took one paragraph out of it that dealt with abortion and and rebutted it (Christina took care of his anti-homosexual bits). Now [Read More...]

Morals: the periodic chart of behavior

I wrote this to someone yesterday. The periodic chart is a way of describing the way the world is.  As we’ve come to understand the nature of reality better, the periodic chart has changed to incorporate that knowledge – but it’s all based on how the world really works. Morals are the periodic chart of [Read More...]

Requested topics: polyamory and insecurity (Blogathon 34/49)

Got this on a donation request: What would you guess makes the difference between a person with insecurity issues that can be addressed and a person just not wired for polyamory at all? Hrm.  I’d start by saying that poly isn’t something that is necessarily better than monogamy.  It’s like asking someone what the best [Read More...]

Reason as a moral obligation

My friend Jesse has told me I need to reevaluate de Botton.  I re-read his CNN article and I don’t think I need to change anything, but I do want to explain why I think the truth is so important. In his piece de Botton opens by calling the question of god’s existence boring.  Perhaps [Read More...]

If Your Argument Can't Beat Homer Simpson, It Probably Sucks

This will make Greta happy. [Read more...]

#Occupy Middle Ground

When people talk about atheists being one extreme as compared to religion it awakens that little part of my brain that wants to punch all the dumb out of the world.  You know what extreme reason looks like?  It looks like technology that let’s us take pictures of other galaxies.  It looks like cell phones [Read More...]

Talking About Polyamory With Your Partner

As I learn more about polyamory I’m noticing a pattern.  Most of the people I talk to who live polyamorously began their relationships as polyamorous. But is there anybody out there who started out in a monogamous relationship and later came to the realization that polyamory was what suited you best?  Did your partner come [Read More...]

Leadership in the Form of a Shirtless Dancer

Ashley sent me this video.  It sums up the entirety of all the activism work I did in college.  It really captures the essence of leadership and what it takes to make it work. Be the first follower. [Read more...]

I Enjoy Philosophy, I Hate 'Philosophers'

When I have had a question about biology, physics, or some other subject for which I couldn’t find an answer on my own, I would make an appointment with a teacher at my university to talk about it.  Though issues of science are certainly beholden to their fair share of jargon, the teachers I spoke [Read More...]