The Bachelor Party: ‘Till Undeath Do We Part

David, one of the groomsmen, here. JT and Michaelyn are safely wed, though at great peril. JT had long told us that he wanted his bachelor party to be a low key affair, just him and his closest friends playing board games in a cabin rented for that purpose. And so it was, until an [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast: Heina Dadabhoy and Islam.

We did a podcast with Heina Dadabhoy and talked about Islam and the ways to criticize it. [Read more...]

WWJTD podcast #5: David Fitzgerald.

Ok, I fibbed.  One post today, and it’s the 5th episode of the WWJTD podcast featuring David Fitzgerald. [Read more...]

WWJTD Podcast Episode 4: Tubcast.

Here is episode 4 of the podcast, where Christina served as our special guest from her bathtub.  We talked about mental illness, gay rights, the turmoil in the GOP, and much, much more. To submit a story, question, or guest request to the podcast, you can call  (314) 717-1399 anytime during the week or send [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast Episode 3: Teresa MacBain

Christina here… We made a third podcast! We’ve almost got the RSS feed up for realz so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited video version in Youtube: Hosts: Christina Stephens, Steven Olsen, JT Eberhard Special guest: Teresa MacBain [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast: Episode 2

Christina here… Hey! We recorded the second episode of the WWJTD podcast. Isn’t that fucking swell? We’ve almost got the RSS feed up so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited version in Youtube: This weeks’ podcast hosts: Steven [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast streaming tonight.

If you want to watch the podcast live, the WWJTD podcast will broadcast from here in about 30 minutes. I’ll be on this episode and will be checking the comments for questions and what not. UPDATE: Soon, soon…also fixed the link.  Thanks for the heads up there. UPDATE #2 We’re live now!!!  Sorry, google plus [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast: Episode 1 – Ed Brayton

Christina here… Today we recorded the first episode of the WWJTD Podcast! We have not yet captured the audio from the podcast, but because we created it using Google hangouts, the entire podcast is available in vlogcast form right now. We will upload the audio to the podcast RSS feed as soon as we get [Read More...]