62% of Republicans believe invading Iraq was the right thing to do.

A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University has found that despite the revelation that we went into Iraq based on a lie and despite the body count (of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians) that 62% of Republicans still believe invading Iraq was the right thing to do? Going to war with Iraq was the wrong [Read More...]

New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau might not be happy with Gov. Jindal’s anti-gay executive order.

Louisiana was considering one of those “religious freedom” bills, y’know the kind that pissed everybody off at Indiana so much that even Arkansas wanted no piece of that.  The bill died in committee by a 10-2 vote, but Bobby Jindal wasn’t prepared to let it die.  Jindal then issued an executive order that reiterated most of [Read More...]

Republican governor of North Carolina will veto anti-gay bill, cites adherence to the Constitution.

I rag on the Republicans because, well, they do a lot of stupid things.  But I must give credit where it’s due.  First, though, I have to rag on North Carolina Republicans for this bullshit: Back in February when the North Carolina state Senate passed an anti-gay marriage bill to “protect” magistrates from having to [Read More...]

Rubio: Marriage equality poses a real and present danger to Christianity.

Sen. Marco Rubio says that equality laws and the march of marriage equality poses a “real and present danger” to Christianity: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took a decidedly conservative turn on same-sex marriage in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, warning that “there’s a real and present danger” that gay marriage proponents [Read More...]

Rick Santorum is running for President.

Ol’ Rick has hopped aboard the clown car: Rick Santorum, who was the runner-up in the Republican primary race four years ago but has never been considered his party’s heir apparent, is announcing his second presidential bid on Wednesday. A former senator from Pennsylvania, who with his wife home-schooled several of their seven children, Mr. Santorum appeals [Read More...]

Texas Republican would kill his own bill before letting it go through with anti-gay attachments.

The title of the Houston Chronicle’s article reads, “Anti-same-sex marriage bill resurrected as amendment to county measure.”  The crux of the story is that a Democratic state senator in Texas, Eddie Lucio, attached a rider to an uncontroversial bill essentially saying Texas could ignore a SCOTUS ruling in favor of marriage equality.  The rider also [Read More...]

Tea Partier who ran for office on a platform of protecting children arrested for possession of child porn.

The jokes write themselves: A former leader of the Brooklyn branch of the Tea Party who once ran for office on a pledge to protect children admitted to possessing and trading child pornography, the New York Daily News reported. Prosecutors charged 38-year-old Joseph Hayon on Friday with “possession of a sexual performance of a child” after police seized [Read More...]

Huckabee: we must follow Supreme Being, not Supreme Court, on gay marriage.

These people just cannot seem to get it: your religion is not above the law.  Being religious doesn’t make you above the law whether you’re a racist or Josh Duggar.  Sometimes that’s what winds up happening (see Josh Duggar), but that’s a glitch, not the program. This notion that Christians are above our nation is [Read More...]

Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children after daughter witnessed domestic violence.

Bill O’Reilly’s a family man.  When some black kid gets killed he’s always quick to say (with no information whatsoever) how greater “family values” could’ve made a difference. So I imagine it came as shock to him to learn that beating the shit out of your wife isn’t actually a family value and that it [Read More...]

George Bush…makes sense?

Not only is the news hella slow today, I just came across ol’ Dubya making some sense.  In his commencement speech at SMU George W. Bush said the right to not worship is enshrined in the American ideal: “You can be hopeful because there is a loving God. Whether you agree with that statement or [Read More...]