Jon Stewart on Lindsey Graham’s 13 years of fear-mongering.

Lindsey Graham is a House Rep. Senator out of South Carolina is afraid…of pretty much everything.  That wouldn’t be an issue except he helps to make laws. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive [Read more...]

Candidate for Congress: government is outlawing Christianity.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is running for Congress in Colorado.  He recently heard of a wedding business in New York that was fined $13,000 for refusing gay customers.  At first glance this might seem like a standard protection against discrimination – saying businesses can’t refuse gay people seems hardly different from saying a business can’t segregate their [Read More...]

Kansas voters migrating away from incumbent governor who did everything they wanted.

Sam Brownback, the governor of my current state of residency (Kansas), has unwittingly been the focal point of a political experiment.  He is a Tea Party favorite in a legislature under complete conservative Republican control (i.e., he has had the freedom to turn the GOP’s economic dreams into reality).  How has this worked out?  Job [Read More...]

Take 20 seconds to tell the government to keep the internet at one speed.

If net neutrality is dissolved it will greatly benefit the rich and their companies (that can already afford speeds necessary to grow their business) and hurt most people (like me) and start-up companies (who will be unable to afford their present internet speeds).  So please take 20 seconds and follow these steps: Click here to [Read More...]

Atheist groups upset about AZ Governor’s Office of Faith and Community Partnerships.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has created a new office which has rightly earned the ire of some prominent atheists: Brewer had initially established something called the ArizonaSERVES Task Force by executive order in 2010. The order established a 21-member panel — eight of whom are representatives of faith-based organizations — to promote service and volunteerism [Read More...]

Missouri Republican wants to opt out of the Affordable Care Act as an individual.

Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) and his wife are suing the government because their insurance would provide contraceptive care were they to use it. Rep. Paul Wieland, R-Imperial, and his wife, Teresa, say the contraceptive benefit required by the Affordable Care Act violates their religious beliefs as Catholics and parents of three daughters. In what may be [Read More...]

Georgia Republican might be a tad racist. And by “a tad” I mean “a lot.”

State Sen. Frank Millar doesn’t like a law in DeKalb County, GA that allows early voting on Sunday – specifically because there are so many black people in the area.  How did this fact come to light?  Easy.  The man freaking said it, like he was proud of it: A Republican state senator in Georgia [Read More...]

The GOP taking ISIS very seriously.

If you peek at FOX News lately you’ll likely see something about ISIS (with implications for how a fanatical organization across the globe in a nation destabilized by a Republican Congress back with George Bush is somehow the fault of President Obama).  Republicans have been talking about this grave threat constantly. However, in a moment [Read More...]

Mayor of Huntington, WV thinks prayer can solve public problems.

The mayor of Huntington, WV doesn’t like the amount of drug abuse in his city.  His solution?  Getting those arrested for drug use into treatment and job training programs. Ha!  Just kidding.  He wants everybody to pray. Huntington, West Virginia Mayor Steve Williams thinks he has a solution to the scourge of drugs and crime [Read More...]

Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) defends the right to fire LGBT employees.

One of North Carolina’s reps in the House thinks businesses should be able to fire gay people simply for being gay.  You can probably guess his political party. Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) compared the right to fire gay workers with the right to smoke cigarettes on private property, ThinkProgress reports. Said Pittenger: “You need to [Read More...]