POLITICS: Boehner calls Obama an “anti-war President.”

House Speaker John Boehner recently attempted to throw a dig at President Obama by calling him an “anti-war President”: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday blasted President Obama as an “anti-war president,” saying the commander-in-chief is not doing enough to battle terrorist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “The world [Read More...]

POLITICS & GAY RIGHTS: Arkansas about to pass an anti-gay law just like Indiana’s.

Last month the state of Arkansas passed a bill that forbid its municipalities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that included LGBT people.  I know, party of small government, right?  Gov. Asa Hutchinson allowed the bill to become law without his signature, because that’s totally different than signing it.  He must not be anti-gay, right? Fortunately, that [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen would like a bill requiring mandatory church attendance.

Meet Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, who is known primarily for saying the earth is 6,000 years old: This person is responsible for making laws. The Arizona State Senate was discussing a concealed carry law the other day when Allen found a way to introduce the idea of mandatory church attendance as a remedy to immorality: [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Theocrats are in control in Arkansas.

My home state…I love it’s lakes and its beautiful wilderness, but the people in it make me want to vomit blood. I was just looking at the ACLU of Arkansas’ facebook page.  It turns out the 10 commandments bill wasn’t the only piece of theocratic legislation to make it through yesterday: Bad day at the [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arkansas 10 commandments bill is alive again.

Yesterday I reported that the Senate committee considering the Arkansas 10 commandments bill rejected it by a vote of 3-3 (it needed 5 votes to pass).  Sadly, Sen. Jason Rapert resubmitted it and yesterday it passed: An Arkansas Senate committee on Tuesday advanced a bill that would provide for the creation of a monument honoring [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Indiana hasn’t come very far in 90 years.

Progress appears to be on ice in Indiana. I honestly doubt you’ll see any of these signs around. The Christians who discriminate against gays through their business stop being so proud once word leaks out. They want to be able to quietly refuse service. You’ll seldom find one proud enough to hang a sign announcing [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Indiana bill allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people about to become law.

It looks like legalized discrimination is coming to Indiana in the form of a “conscience bill.”  These bills allow religious business owners to discriminate so long as they do it for religious reasons.  It’s odd calling bills that allow for behavior that nobody with a conscience would engage in “conscience bills.” A controversial Indiana bill that [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Saudi ambassador tells the UN they’re leading the way in promoting human rights.

Saudi Arabia wants the UN to crack down on religious intolerance.  No, not in a way that would free someone like Raif Badawi who is being beaten and who will possibly be murdered by Saudi Arabia for his apostasy.  Saudi Arabia wants there to be laws against insulting religion: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arkansas 10 commandments bill is dead for the time being.

A couple weeks ago Arkansas State Senator Jason Rappert filed a bill that would allow a privately-funded  ten commandments monument to be erected next to the capitol building.  I had thought, given the current configuration of the Arkansas legislature, that it would pass and Arkansas would have to lose a lawsuit.  It seems some people [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Idaho House Republicans want the federal government to impeach judges who rule in favor of marriage equality.

Forty-four Republicans in the Idaho House want the federal government to impeach any judge that rules in favor of marriage equality: Forty-four of Idaho’s Republican lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage so much that they are out for blood — or at least jobs. The Idaho House voted 44-25 Friday on a non-binding memorial (resolution) urging Congress to impeach [Read More...]