Michele Bachmann’s final speech in Congress (yay!) credits Moses for all our fortune (boo!).

In Michele Bachmann’s final speech in the House, she elected to thank Moses for America’s success.  The parts in red are my thoughts while reading her speech: “And as I look about this chamber, we are ringed with the silhouettes of lawgivers throughout history,” Bachmann continued, referencing the 23 marble relief portraits in the House [Read More...]

A Christmas tale of Dan the writer, tax incentives, and a dishonest Holiday Ham.

Sit back children and let me tell you a Christmas story for the ages. Once upon a time there was a man named Ken Ham who ran a ministry called Answers in Genesis – a name that shared a quirky nature with other phrases like “the man in the moon” (neither the answers or the [Read More...]

Fox News reaction to torture report is predictable and depressing.

The response by Fox News to the revelation (which most people already knew about) that the United States engaged in torture despite every principle we purport to stand for has been predictable.  But nowhere was it more apparent than with Andrea Tantaros. She thinks publicizing these findings is a political stunt.  Ironically, this is probably a [Read More...]

Several other countries helped the United States with its torture program.

Today is just one of those days where I’m having a hard time finding motivation to write.  So you’re getting quick posts that are just the plain facts. Perhaps one of the reasons we worried about international backlash from the senate’s report revealing the torture practices of the United States is because it implicated about [Read More...]

New GOP Congressman actually believes in science

US Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was the last holdout for the Democratic Party to have at least one Senator from the Deep South. She is highly regarded in the Democratic Party as a moderate and bridge-builder, and it will be sad to see her go (except if you oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline, in which case, [Read More...]

The moral hypocrisy of the religious right.

I thought I was done with the torture report story, but I’ve been sitting here stewing about it all morning and I don’t think I am.  I didn’t say enough about Bush and Cheney as well as the people who elected them. Bush won election and re-election by pandering to fundamentalist Christians.  He did this [Read More...]

The torture report.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is set to release its report on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” employed by the United States after the 9/11 attacks – and we’re not taking this lightly: U.S. Marines are on heightened alert. So are the CIA and the White House, for that matter. This is due to the fact there [Read More...]

Obama takes over the Colbert Report, awesomeness ensues.

This is god damn brilliant.  Millions of conservatives gasp in horror at the President for daring to have a sense of humor. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive [Read more...]

Fox News host: Satanism not ‘legitimate’ religion because Christianity is ‘reality’

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ Fox and Friends show, said Saturday that the Satanic Temple does not have the right to erect their own holiday display on the steps of the Florida State Capitol and implies that Satanism is not a “legitimate religion.” His reasoning? The Satanic Temple is just a joke religion meant to [Read More...]

I just don’t get Ben Carson.

I just don’t get Ben Carson.  Clearly the guy is a genius caliber intellect when it comes to neurosurgery.  I just don’t get how someone so clearly intelligent can say such stupid things.  Nowhere was this more apparent than with two recent interviews. Carson made the comments during a March interview with conservative news outlet [Read More...]