POLITICS & HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma Republican wants 10 commandments in History courses.

Yesterday I wrote about the bill in Oklahoma seeking to defund AP history courses for not always supporting American exceptionalism.  In the bill Rep. Dan Fisher provides the standards he wants, as he tries to override the standards academics in American History want: …the bill also requires students to read the Ten Commandments, three speeches [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Tennessee Republican wants to add “Almighty God, our Creator and Savior” to TN constitution.

Want to see the most recent example of the GOP ignoring the task of governing to jerk off their voter base?  Look no further than James VanHuss’ most recent bill: Republican State Representative James VanHuss wants to make one small change to the constitution of the state of Tennessee. “We recognize that our liberties do [Read More...]

POLITICS & HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma GOP trying to eliminate AP History courses.

Those darn experts on the subject of American History have produced a curriculum for AP History classes in Oklahoma that dares to paint America as having imperfections: Since the College Board released a new course framework for U.S. history in October 2012,conservative backlash against the course has grown significantly. The Republican National Committee condemned the course [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Mississippi passes bill that would allow people to drive church vans without the proper license.

Mississippi doesn’t seem content to let Arkansas and Alabama be the unquestioned kings of religious stupidity.  The Mississippi House just passed a bill that would allow people to drive church vans without the relevant driver’s license: House members on Thursday [Feb. 5] passed a bill exempting mid-sized church buses from the state’s commercial driver’s license requirements, [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS, LAW, & POLITICS: Arkansas House passes anti-gay bill, governor will let it become law.

I wrote last week about how the Arkansas Senate passed a bill that would prohibit all Arkansas towns from passing non-discrimination ordinances that include LGBT people.  Thankfully, the lone gay holdout in Arkansas scrambled to pass such an ordinance before the House could pass the measure, setting up a potential lawsuit. Well, now the Arkansas [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Oregon to get nation’s first bisexual governor.

Here’s a milestone! Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown (D) will become the first openly bisexual governor when Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) resigns from office next week, the Washington Post reports. … “Brown is married to husband Dan Little; she has publicly discussed her bisexuality in past campaigns. She is already arguably the highest-ranking bisexual [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Tennessee Republican trying to make the bible the state book.

A Republican lawmaker in Tennessee is trying to make the bible the state book: Freshman Rep. Jerry Sexton wants to add the Bible to the state symbols of Tennessee. According to the Bean Station Republican’s legislation, the Holy Bible would be “designated as the official state book.” It’s unclear how the proposal would meet a [Read More...]

POLITICS: Texas trying to pass law that would assign lawyers to fetuses.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alabama’s law that uses taxpayer money to assign a lawyer to fetuses that may get aborted, watch this Daily Show clip: And then be sad that Texas is trying to do the same thing: In the aftermath of a high-profile legal battle over a brain-dead woman who was kept on life support against [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Gov. Sam Brownback just removed LGBT as a class protected from discrimination.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has just issued an executive order (which is tyranny when Obama does it) that removes LGBT people as a protected class: Gov. Sam Brownback issued an executive order Tuesday removing gender identity and sexual orientation from the protected classes of state employees. His order rescinds a prior order from former Gov. [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Arkansas senate passes measure that would prohibit anti-discrimination protections for LGBT.

Jesus fucking Christ, my home state of Arkansas is on a derpy roll lately.  I guess they weren’t content watching Alabama claim the title as most bigoted state and wanted to step up their game.  The Arkansas state senate just passed a measure that would prevent cities and towns from adopting measures that prohibit discrimination [Read More...]