BREAKING: Federal court withdraws its decision to defund the Affordable Care Act.

In July the US Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia ruled in a 2-1 decision that much of the ACA, which has secured healthcare for millions of Americans, must be defunded.  The court has, happily, just withdrawn that decision. In July, two Republican judges on the United States Court of Appeals for the [Read More...]

Florida mayor ejects constituent from town meeting for not standing for prayer/pledge.

Below is a video of a town meeting in Winter Garden, Florida where resident Joseph Richardson is kicked out for refusing to stand for a prayer and for the pledge of allegiance. Fucking Christ. First, why is there a prayer at a city council meeting in the first place? Second, the police actually escorted the [Read More...]

Phoenix police arresting sex workers and giving them the choice between church and jail.

In Phoenix the police have taken to a new tactic for ending prostitution.  Keep arresting prostitutes, but give them the choice between church or jail: Project ROSE, a program he started in 2011 along with Arizona State University Prof. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, whose expertise is in social work. The goal is simple and, many would say, [Read More...]

Who is paying the attorneys Boehner hired to sue Obama? GOP? Boehner? No, it’s the taxpayers.

I imagine it’s easy to file a lawsuit that even conservative legal experts say has no chance at winning, all for the sake of a political stunt, when you don’t have to foot the bill: Last January, a Washington attorney named David Rivkin co-authored an article in Politico Magazine that laid out a legal theory that Speaker [Read More...]

Sarah Palin angry at Tina Fey for making her look stupid.

Sarah Palin is not happy with Tina Fey.  Palin thinks Fey’s famous impersonation of her made Palin look “stupid”: In an excerpt from the new edition of SNL tell-all “Live From New York,”printed in the Hollywood Reporter, Palin had this to say about her decision to be a guest on the show: “I know that [Read More...]

Wikipedia had to ban congressional staffer making transphobic edits.

The other day I wrote about how we, the tax-payers, have paid House staffers to edit the wikipedia entry for the choco taco.  It turns out that some staffers spend a lot of time on wikipedia not just trolling, but being actively deceitful and hateful to the LGBT community – so much so that wikipedia [Read More...]

California decides government buildings can’t fly the Confederate flag.

Given its history of being tied to slavery and the fact that it’s presently tied to racism, California has decided to ban government buildings from having pretty much anything to do with the Confederate flag. California lawmakers hauled down the Confederate flag this week — figuratively speaking — as both houses of the state legislature [Read More...]

Fayetteville, AR passes a non-discrimination resolution that includes LGBT!

Despite Arkansas being governed by those who channel their god into their lawmaking when they oppose LGBT rights at every opportunity, Fayetteville just passed a non-discrimination resolution that will ensure protections based on sexual orientation/identity: Following nearly 10 hours of debate, the City Council in Fayetteville, Arkansas voted to pass a controversial non-discrimination ordinance by [Read More...]

Candidate for Congress, James Woods, sends condoms to anti-abortion activists.

Most press releases that hit my inbox are dull and boring, even if they sometimes convey important information.  But this one made me smile and I just had to share it.  Seems a few anti-abortion groups encouraged people to write letters to James Woods who is running for the House in Arizona.  In their letters [Read More...]

Louisiana Tea Party opposes common core math standards because they will turn students gay.

There’s a political battle raging in Louisiana right now over how to teach basic arithmetic.  Educators and Sen. David Vitter support the new common core standards (if you don’t know what they are, see Hemant’s write up).  Gov. Bobby Jindal opposes them for some strange reason that seems to have something to do with schools [Read More...]