Jon Stewart: who did we lose to? Sanity?

I’d like to think I’m consistent: I was pissed when Bush seemed determined to go to war whether it was warranted or not, and I’m pissed at Obama for the same.  Thanks, Jon Stewart. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Putin was right, Americans are not exceptional.

I don’t like Vladimir Putin.  At all.  He’s anti-gay and has shown several times that he values self-interest over liberty for his citizens.  However, some people see people they don’t like and immediately assume they make no good points.  I’m not one of those people. Yesterday Putin published an op ed in the New York [Read More...]

Janet Porter: the IRS will kill conservatives.

There’s nothing I can say here.  There’s no rebuttal to this other than to say “the words coming out of your mouth do not even come close to describing reality.” Cheered on by a bunch of people who thinks someone rose from the dead and speaks to them.  Truly a party for the obscenely gullible. [Read more...]

The richest Americans have been looked after, and then some.

In case you were wondering who is in control of our government… The top ten percent of earners in the United States took home more than 50 percent of all income in 2012, the highest amount ever recorded since data was first collected in 1917, according to an updated report from economists Emmanuel Saez and [Read More...]

Rally to defund Obamacare…wasn’t exactly a hit.

The enrollment date for the Affordable Care Act (Oct. 1) is drawing near, which means GOP lawmakers are driving themselves into even more of a frenzy trying to pass the same defunding bills that have failed FSM-knows how many times.  That includes putting pressure on Congress, which is what Ran Paul and Ted Cruz hoped [Read More...]

No thanks, Dana Perino, atheists will stay right here in America and protect it from you.

This story about Dana Perino at Fox News saying that if people don’t like the presence of exclusionary language in the pledge of allegiance for a nation that presumably values equality, that they can go live in another country. “I’m tired of them,” Perino complained on Wedneday. “I remember working at the Justice Department years [Read More...]

Bachmann: this time, for sure, will be the one where god comes through.

In an interview with Jan Markell about the 2016 elections and the increasingly likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be elected president, Bachmann brought out the GOP’s secret weapon: god. Bachmann pushed back on Markell’s fera that Hillary Clinton will be elected president: “I don’t at all because I look at the story of David and [Read More...]

Ohio Republican wants Syria war funded with healthcare dollars.

This week in “when bad people hold seats of authority” Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio meets with Tony Perkins to chat about the issues.  One of those issues was the war with Syria, which naturally brought Obamacare to mind: After Jordan insisted that the GOP-led House should strip funding from Obamacare by using the budget [Read More...]

Elections in Maldives postponed in response to the most insidious of vote-rigging plots.

Ever participated in an election while wondering if you were being controlled by black magic to vote a certain way?  Well, authorities and election officials in Maldives are onto that shit. A vote-rigging row has erupted in the Maldives ahead of Saturday’s presidential election amid suspicions that one party is using cursed coconuts imbued with [Read More...]

Congressman made wealthy by agriculture subsidies opposes food stamps because…Jesus.

Stephen Fincher, a Republican Congressman out of Tennessee, thinks Jesus would not stand for food stamps.  If people don’t do the work, so sayeth Fincher, they shouldn’t eat.  As for those who do work and still can’t make ends meet or those who are incapable of work, well, sucks to be them.  CHRIST#1FOREVER AMIRITE??? …the [Read More...]