In defense of the Muslims in Angola.

It is often said, by members of the majority religion in the United States desperately wishing to feel persecuted, that if atheists were in charge that freedom of religion would quickly become a relic of the past under the iron fist of atheism.  Atheists generally respond that we’d stand up for Christians if their religious [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: voucher edition.

There’s a huge argument between “intelligent design” advocates and pro-evolution folk.  The evolution people say ID is creationism while the ID people say it isn’t.  Then, when the evidence comes in, it turns out the Christians, despite the 9th commandment, were lying their asses off. This is how the voucher program has worked.  Christian law-makers [Read More...]

Guy who posed at soup kitchen, but didn’t actually volunteer, urges voters to be more skeptical.

Paul Ryan, who famously barged into a soup kitchen to wash already-clean pots and pans for a photo op before skipping out before any actual work could be done, is urging voters to be more skeptical in the next presidential election: Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan doubts Iowans would have rehired Democrat Barack Obama [Read More...]

GOP can’t believe someone might lie about the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican party, which told every lie imaginable in their quest to defeat the Affordable Care Act, have seized upon their strategy for the upcoming election cycle: Obama, they say, told a single lie about the Act. In his West Virginia district, the TV ads attacking Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall over the calamitous startup of [Read More...]

Taoiseach Enda Kenny Defies the Church Again

First he delivered a blistering reprimand to the Catholic Church over the Cloyne Report. Then he offered a heartfelt apology to the women incarcerated and forced to labor as slaves in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. (Full text is of the 19 minute apology is here.) (The church, of course, has yet to apologize.) Now he’s publicly [Read More...]

Texas legislators attempting to make “so help me god” mandatory again.

Two Congressmen in Texas are buckling down and focusing on real legislation.  In this case, it’s attempting to make the “so help me god” part of the Air Force honor code mandatory once more: Two Texas Congressmen are teaming up to reinstate a religious phrase in an Air Force Academy honor code that was recently [Read More...]

Illinois Rep. Dwight Kay wonders why we’re so occupied with human rights instead of scripture.

So gay marriage is coming to Illinois.  One of the legislators who fought against it was Dwight Kay, who is miffed about all this “human rights” stuff he’s been hearing. Illinois state Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) on Tuesday complained that supporters of same-sex marriage frequently spoke about human rights but neglected the Biblical scriptures. [Read More...]

I suspect there’s no way this is legal. There’s certainly no way it’s ethical.

Someone sent me this photo the other day. At first glance it’s nothing out of the ordinary.  But cast your eyes to the two signs by the road.  One designates the church as a place to vote.  The one next to it instructs people how to vote. I looked around but couldn’t find any relevant [Read More...]

Tea Party wants David Barton to run for Senate.

The Tea Party in Texas has found their new political hero: sham historian David Barton.  I’ll bet they even get him a training montage and everything. Texas tea party activists eager to send another firebrand in the mold of Ted Cruz to the Senate have launched a movement to draft evangelical historian David Barton to [Read More...]

Candidate for governor of Maine comes out of the closet in response to whisper campaigns – and owns it.

Mike Michaud is running for governor of Maine as a Democrat.  Whisper campaigns have been organized to imply that Michaud is gay which, to some Americans, still matters more than his competence.  So Michaud has published an op-ed announcing that yes, he is gay – and that it doesn’t matter a lick! Once I jumped [Read More...]