Provision in the Affordable Care Act has resulted in better mental health treatment for the young.

While this doesn’t count in Kansas thanks to Sam Brownback, on the whole this is a very, very good thing. A provision in the health care reform law allowing parents to keep their adult children on their health-insurance plans has led to millions more young people with mental-health and substance-abuse problems getting treatment, according to [Read More...]

Good news and bad news out of Oklahoma

Steven here… You may recall us talking about Scott Esk, Republican candidate for state representative? If you don’t here’s a refresher. Yeah, that guy. The one who thinks that we should straight up murder people for being gay. Anyway, the primary results are in. Esk lost his primary, and he lost so hard. This gives [Read More...]

After two years, GOP-led committee investigating Benghazi finds…nothing.

So much mud the Republicans threw at Obama and none of it stuck.  Then there was Benghazi, a tragedy so, well, tragic, that the GOP couldn’t resist turning it into a political tool for their own gain.  Oh sure it was under the guise of wanting to do honor to the fallen, but pretty much [Read More...]

House Rep. from Mississippi sends a bible to every member of Congress.

A House Republican from Mississippi, Steven Palazzo, recently sent a bible to every member of Congress to “help guide them in their decision-making.” A Republican congressman recently sent a copy of the Holy Bible to every member of Congress “to help guide you in your decision-making,” according to a letter obtained by TPM. Rep. Steven [Read More...]

Dan Popp: god wants us to impeach Obama.

What are impeachment advocates to do?  The polls show that Americans don’t want Obama impeached, so what’s the best way to convince them?  Could you lay out your gripes in an organized fashion attempting to convince them with reason?  Well, you could; but what if reason doesn’t favor you?  In that case you could change [Read More...]

BREAKING: federal judge blocks Alabama law restricting access to abortion.

This is a huge victory for Planned Parenthood, which filed a lawsuit last year after a law was passed that would require abortion clinics to have admitting privileges to a hospital.  Everybody knew the actual reason: the restriction would cause three of the state’s five clinics to shut down.  The reason given for the law [Read More...]

Greg Abbott Can’t Overturn True Marriage

On Monday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed an appeal to reverse the ruling that found the state’s ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional made by a US District Court back in February. In his brief, which feebly tried to defend the ban, Attorney General Abbott made the claim that (emphasis my own) “[because] [Read More...]

One day after suing Obama for too much executive action, GOP asks him to solve border crisis with executive action.

Oh, the GOP.  You are a crazy, crazy circus right now.  So Congress is about to go into recess, but we’ve still got this nagging issue at the border (nagging because the GOP won’t stop talking about their new pet talking point).  The Republicans have drummed the importance of this, but it apparently isn’t so [Read More...]

Washington Post demolishes Sarah Palin.

Hrm…a post about Sarah Palin.  Do I tag it as “politics” or “humor”? Sarah Palin has a habit of poking the “mainstream media” to appeal to her fan base, which tends to blame a news outlet when Sarah Palin crashes and burns in an interview with them – as she is wont to do. This [Read More...]

FL gubernatorial Charlie Crist states the obvious, handily rebuts GOP talking point on climate change.

There is a popular talking point with the GOP right now that gets used in the presence of discussing climate change.  The line is “I’m not a scientist.”  It has the handy effect of absolving them from answering any questions about climate change presumably because we should defer to the climate change scientists.  The irony [Read More...]