Jon Stewart rakes GOP over government shutdown.

This is beautiful. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook For so many of the GOP’s talking points on the shutdown (that the ACA is a bill rather than a law, that it’s unconstitutional even after the SCOTUS upheld it) I can only quote Sam Harris: [Read More...]

Christoph Dollis gives us our daily dose of shutdown blues.

Yesterday I posted about how the GOP would be fired from Taco Bell and got this comment from Christoph Dollis: This post is nonsense. The members of congress were elected to exercise their best judgment, including when not to fund programs. Elections have consequences. They won – in the house. He’s right: the post sucked. [Read More...]

Affordable Care Act vs. Obamacare.

Jimmy Kimmel is a genius.  Your regular, everyday voters are not. Their vote counts just as much as yours. The lesson we learn: branding is important, content is not. [Read more...]

Republicans would be fired from Taco Bell.

I just made this as my facebook status and thought I’d share: The Republicans right now are essentially saying “Subvert the established political process for which we signed up, or we won’t do our jobs.” In what other job can you get away with that? When I worked at Taco Bell, if I had said [Read More...]

WWII veterans ain’t got time for no barricade.

Yesterday was the day a group of World War II veterans generally visit the WWII memorial in Washington DC.  But because the memorial is classified as a national park it was shut down.  This is what greeted the veterans: For some perspective, this is a group of people who stormed the beach at Normandy, and [Read More...]

Father on Republicans’ idea of negotiation and compromise.

I’ve already put down my thoughts on the government shutdown and the GOP’s charade, but father tied up the word play in use by the Republicans nicely in this one paragraph: The thing about “compromise” and “negotiations” as used here is the effort to create a false equivalency between GOP hostage-taking and Democratic officials who [Read More...]

The government shutdown is a travesty that has been orchestrated by the GOP.

So the government has shut down.  Why has this happened?  It’s actually more simple and transparent than you might think. After the passing of the Affordable Care Act (which has done wonders for my parents) the GOP decided to campaign on opposing it.  This was for a number of reasons: 1.  They’d built their platform [Read More...]

House Republican compares fighting to de-fund ACA to fighting terrorists.

You guys know me.  When someone says something dumb I generally say “Hey, that was dumb” and proceed to explain why I think it was dumb.  But sometimes a person says something so dumb that no additional explanation is necessary. Sometimes those people are our leaders. Rep. John Culberson of Texas essentially compared the fight [Read More...]

The GOP looking an awful lot like terrorists.

Ok, so the GOP is willing to shut down our whole government if the Affordable Care Act goes into effect.  But their talking point on it is so absurd as to be offensive: Even Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), despite his previous criticism of attempts to defund Obamacare through a continuing resolution to fund the government, [Read More...]

Turns out most Americans don’t like it when you hold the nation hostage for political gain.

Ted Cruz and some other Republicans are threatening to shut down the government if the Senate and the President do not defund the Affordable Care Act.  Many Republicans oppose Cruz (including Mitch McConnell) and every Democrat think he’s out of his mind.  It turns out that most Americans think the same: With a potential government [Read More...]