Jon Stewart on “we don’t want gridlock” GOP.

*sigh*  Jon Stewart, thank you for being such a reliable voice in news. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook In this context “we want to work with the President” is undoubtedly a set up to say the President is responsible for governmental inertia when he vetoes [Read More...]

A fact that might make the next two years less problematic.

Father sent me an article this morning that got me thinking, and it was about something I already knew: On Tuesday, Democrats had a lot more states to defend than did Republicans. Many of those races were in states carried by the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.In 2016, Republicans will have to defend 24 [Read More...]

Alabama votes to not use Sharia Law.

Man, Alabama sure dodged a bullet last night: While Maine voters were asked to weigh in on bear hunting regulations in Tuesday’s U.S. elections, voters in Alabama were given the chance to insure that state courts never rule according to sharia law. … Such was the case in Alabama where voters passed Foreign Laws in [Read More...]

Post election thoughts and reasons to be optimistic about the future.

So, how disappointed am I in humanity right now?  Pretty disappointed.  The zenith of my disappointment is in Colorado where Gordon Klingenschmitt won a race for state House.  Klingenschmitt is a very…colorful character.  He’s the guy who recently said: “The open persecution of Christians is underway. Democrats like Polis want to bankrupt Christians who refuse [Read More...]

Join me at 11pm for a live broadcast to the Moran for Texas campaign!

Tonight at 11pm Eastern Time I will be live-streaming a message to the election party of Daniel Moran, the open atheist running for state House down in Texas – and I’m bringing some friends.  Which friends?  Welp, you’ll just have to wait and see. I invite you to join me.  Doing what Daniel did takes [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on GOP tactics and voter suppression laws.

Jon Stewart once again points out how the GOP is attempting to win through any means other than rational arguments. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive It’s like Jim Wright says:  If your vote didn’t matter, then these rotten sons of bitches wouldn’t be working [Read More...]

Election day thoughts, gratitude, and something I changed my mind about.

I love writing about changing my mind.  As Matt Dillahunty says, I like being less wrong than I was the previous day.  :P But first I want you to go lend some support to some particular candidates today.  The first is Daniel Moran who was running for the state House in Texas (and who occasionally [Read More...]

Election day open thread.

Hey guys.  Gonna keep this short so I can potentially add to it later.  In this open thread feel free to talk about whatever, but also mention where lines are particularly long or if you feel there are any violations of which people need to be aware.  I’ll update this post accordingly throughout the day. [Read more...]

John Oliver on the elections that really matter, and a quick guide for KS and MO voting.

If you think federal elections are important, you really need to pay attention to state elections.  States pass thousands more laws than our inert federal legislature (and the senate changing hands won’t change a thing).  Just listen to John Oliver break it down: So, if you’re voting tomorrow in Missouri or Kansas (the places closest [Read More...]

I’m voting for Greg Orman just because I hate this ad.

This ad has been playing everywhere I go on the internet. The offensive part is at the 13 second mark: “The Kansas senator could be the deciding vote for more of Obama’s unchecked agenda.” If he’s voting on “the agenda” then it’s not fucking unchecked.  You’ve just described the system specifically named “checks and balances.” [Read More...]