Upcoming game depicts greatest terrorist threat to America as terrorists. Tea Partiers don’t like it.

A recent study by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism (START) performed by the University of Maryland at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security concluded that the greatest terrorist threat to America isn’t radical Muslims – it’s right wing radical groups right here in the United States.  So [Read More...]

Since 2007, we have paid congressional staffers to edit the wikipedia page for the choco taco.

I used to think that with huge constituencies to which our representatives must answer that congressional staffers were surely overworked.  Now I’m not so sure… The Twitter bot @CongressEdits has, since July 9, gleefully collected the Wikipedia edits of anonymous congressional staffers. Some of the edits are funny; some serious; some mundane. But surely none has enchanted [Read More...]

BREAKING: Rick Perry indicted for using political power to try and force Texas DA to resign.

Looks like Rick has been a bad boy: Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, was indicted Friday on charges relating to his efforts to try and force a local district attorney to resign. A Travis County grand jury handed up the charges. The two counts against Perry, a Republican, stem from his [Read More...]

Senator who opposed minimum wage increase opposes cutting Congress’ salary because they don’t get cost of living raises.

Nebraska senator Lee Terry has a wee bit of a history of hypocrisy when it comes to wages: During last fall’s government shutdown, however, Terry said that he would continue to collect his paycheck because he had to pay for a “nice house” and “a kid in college.” He later called those comments “shameful” and agreed to [Read More...]

GOP creating faux news sites to trash political opponents.

Earlier this year I wrote a bit on how the GOP was creating fake campaign sites for their opponents, but that money donated via these sites would go to the GOP candidates.  It was nothing short of lying, but the GOP didn’t seem to care. That trend now continues.  The Republicans are making fake news [Read More...]

Tennessee Governor declares day of prayer over students.

Tennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslem, has declared a day of prayer over students in Tennessee.  This day was yesterday, when volunteers were urged to go to campuses and pray in order to help education in the state.  Unsurprisingly, today education in the state is exactly the same.  So education wasn’t helped, which I would tell the people [Read More...]

Our first glimpse at the Palin channel is the definition of incoherent.

Oh man!  The Palin channel is Sarah Palin unchained…as in unchained from people scripting her every move, and it’s GLORIOUS!  Well, it’s as glorious as the prospect that she could’ve been vice president is depressing.  Behold, word salad unlike any you’ve ever experienced: Netflix?  $8 per month.  The Palin channel?  $10 per month.  This speaks [Read More...]

Jaclyn Glenn on S.E. Cupp’s claim that conservative atheists are better.

Gajillions of people sent me the video clip of S.E. Cupp claiming conservative atheists are better.  I would rebut it, but Jaclyn owns it: [Read more...]

Provision in the Affordable Care Act has resulted in better mental health treatment for the young.

While this doesn’t count in Kansas thanks to Sam Brownback, on the whole this is a very, very good thing. A provision in the health care reform law allowing parents to keep their adult children on their health-insurance plans has led to millions more young people with mental-health and substance-abuse problems getting treatment, according to [Read More...]

Good news and bad news out of Oklahoma

Steven here… You may recall us talking about Scott Esk, Republican candidate for state representative? If you don’t here’s a refresher. Yeah, that guy. The one who thinks that we should straight up murder people for being gay. Anyway, the primary results are in. Esk lost his primary, and he lost so hard. This gives [Read More...]