Highlights from CPAC.

I’ll flat out say it: the Tea Party types of the right wing are fucking nuts.  Seriously.  Here are some of the highlights from CPAC that solidify that fact. South Dakota state representative Jenna Haggar pines for the times of covered wagons before we had any of this government helping the people nonsense, and laments [Read More...]

Mayoral candidate in Long Beach uses picture of the wrong city in her mailer.

This has to be one of the more amusing political gaffs in history: The photograph attending a mailer sent out by Bonnie Lowenthal’s campaign earlier this week shows much of what’s good about Long Beach. Above the message/motto “Getting things done in Long Beach” is a city-selling shot of lazy sailboats and other watercraft plying [Read More...]

Colbert gets on O’Reilly for his “There must be downsides to a woman president” episode.

Bill O’Reilly is sure there must be something wrong with having a woman president.  And once he has that conclusion he’s going to go exploring for evidence to support it… Colbert eviscerates him. [Read more...]

Debate over Arizona’s anti-gay bill prompts state congressman to come out of the closet.

Moved by the debate over Arizona’s gay discrimination bill, state senator Steve Gallardo has announced that he is gay. Gallardo said debate over the bill caused him to reflect and speak out about his sexuality. “After I stood up on the floor and argued against 1062, as I’ve done on many bills before, I sat [Read More...]

51st time is the charm.

After the previous 50 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act were not just defeated but casually dismissed without emotion for the right-wing fear-mongering attempts that they were, House Republicans are still not giving up.  They are trying again to repeal the ACA, this time with a bill ironically titled the SIMPLE Fairness Act and, [Read More...]

When it comes to Barack Obama, to merely Godwin is not enough.

Tim Donnelly loves guns.  I mean this guy fucking loves gun.  He once was arrested and given three years probation for carrying a gun (that was not registered to him) into an airport.  This guy is a Charlie Sheen caliber winner. Which is why he wants to be governor of California, because you know what [Read More...]

Rep. Steve Stockman says he’ll sue anybody publishing his mugshot.

Steve Stockman is running for the Sentate out of Texas (he’s also the guy who made a spectacle of walking out of the State of the Union Address).  We know how Republican politics work: his Republican opponent in the primaries dug up a sort-of skeleton in Stockman’s closet: Stockman’s mugshot has been bouncing around the [Read More...]

America: embarrassingly unique on climate change.

There’s some good news on the global warming front.  Of the 66 countries responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse emissions, 61 of them are doing something about it with their legislation. Out of 66 countries representing 88 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, 61 of them have legislation aimed at cutting carbon pollution and [Read More...]

Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead, but the wailing of the “oppressed” lives on.

I fucking hate political language.  I wish people would just speak clearly, but that might alienate some voters who realize your exact position. Anyway, the good news is that Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead.  Governor Jan Brewer slapped it with a veto: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed businesses [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on Al Melvin and “religious persecution” in Arizona.

Boom goes the dynamite. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]