FAITH & POLITICS: Rick Wiles: “Obama is possessed, the leader of ISIS, and Hitler reincarnated.”

Points for Rick Wiles.  All those other nutcases on the right only say Obama is like Hitler, but only Rick Wiles is saying that Obama literally is Hitler: Religious Right activist and End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, who has previouslyscoredinterviewswithGOPcongressmen, dedicated the Monday edition of his “Trunews” program to arguing that President Obama created ISIS in order to [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Mayor of Warren, MI handing out “In God We Trust” posters after losing to the FFRF.

Want to see what it looks like when you have a lame-duck mayor who’s a sore loser?  Remember Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, who allowed a prayer station in city hall but forbid a reason station?  He wound up settling a lawsuit that the town’s legal counsel likely told him he had literally no [Read More...]

POLITICS: Obama just made it easier for students to repay college loans.

I’m not the President’s biggest fan (or staunchest opponent), but this is pretty great: President Obama signed a presidential memorandum Tuesday directing federal agencies to overhaul the way Americans repay their student loans. The move is the latest in a series of steps the administration has taken to promote college access and affordability, including expanding a [Read More...]

POLITICS: Sweden cancels defense agreement with Saudi Arabia over human rights abuses, including Badawi.

Finally, a nation taking real action in response to the torture of Raif Badawi: Sweden has announced it will cancel a defence agreement with Saudi Arabia worth billions of crowns to its industry after criticism of Riyadh’s human rights record sparked a diplomatic row. Sweden’s Social Democrat-Greens coalition government, which came to power last October, [Read More...]

POLITICS & GAY RIGHTS: Colorado legislative committee kills right-to-discriminate bills.

A couple bills in Colorado that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay customers as long as they do it for religious reasons have been rejected: One proposal would have prohibited penalties in discrimination cases if the punishment — such as an order to serve gay couples — violated the beliefs of the accused. [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arkansas rep. gave adopted daughters away because they were demon-possessed.

Last week I wrote about Justin Harris, the Arkansas state rep. who adopted two girls, immediately gave them to a man he knew to be irresponsible (who proceeded to rape them), all while collecting money from the state meant to help him raise the girls.  Oh, he also owns a pre-school called “Growing God’s Kingdom.” [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert wants to put 10 commandments monument on capitol grounds.

Oh the blog posts I’ve written on this guy.  There was the time that Rapert tweeted at someone that god and “people who honor him” are what made this country great (which probably comes as a shock to any atheists in the military): Good times.  Then there was the time he led the effort to [Read More...]

FAITH, GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Oklahoma pursuing openly anti-gay bill.

An Oklahoma state senator, Joseph Silk (R-Stone Age) has introduced a bill with a very frank goal: he wants businesses to be able to refuse service to gay people: State Senator Joseph Silk (R) is sponsoring the “Oklahoma Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2015,” which would protect businesses — religious or secular — from lawsuits [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Huckabee asked to provide negative impact of same-sex marriage and can’t do it.

Mike Huckabee was asked at a recent event in Iowa to highlight some of the ways legalized same sex marriage has impacted Iowa.  Huckabee, unsurprisingly, was unable to do so: At the Iowa Agriculture Summit on Saturday, ThinkProgress asked former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R), a vocal opponent of marriage equality, how Iowa’s same-sex weddings [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: New Ontario law would punish doctors who refuse care on “moral” grounds.

There is many a doctor who won’t perform an abortion or a pharmacist who won’t dispense birth control for moral reasons.  In Ontario such doctors could soon be disciplined: Doctors who refuse to prescribe birth control or other medical services because of their personal values could face possible disciplinary actions, Canada’s largest medical regulator says. [Read More...]