NYT editorial board calls BS on Hobby Lobby (and asks the SCOTUS to follow suit).

A few paragraphs from the New York Times editorial board’s recent article popped out at me.  This Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments from Hobby Lobby about how Hobby Lobby should be granted exemptions from laws that bind every other business because they’re special of their religion. The first is about the argument that [Read More...]

Turkish politician promises to eradicate twitter.

We all know that politicians make promises on the campaign trail that they either will not or cannot keep, but this one from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan takes the cake. “We will eradicate Twitter,” Erdoğan told a rally in Bursa in the west of the country. “I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness [Read More...]

Contact your senator and tell them to not put religion on a pedestal.

No surprise, last week the House passed the Equitable Access to Care and Health Act.  Ironically, what this bill does is deny equal access to care and health by allowing employers to cite their religion to skip out on obeying the healthcare law.  So the employees of religious people could be denied equal healthcare as [Read More...]

Woman who thinks gay people cause tornadoes wins Republican primary in Illinois.

The main problem with religion is faith overruling any burden to adhere to the facts or reality, people who are wrong on a level that would suggest the most severe forms of stupidity are elevated to the same plane as people who, y’know, make sense. Take these quotes for example: “God is angry. We are [Read More...]

Ted Cruz thinks it’s the job of military chaplains to be insensitive to atheists.

Ted Cruz occupies a position of responsibility, a position where he is burdened by his office to represent all citizens equally.  This is how he goes about it: “You know, last year, there was a chaplain in the Air Force up in Alaska who wrote in a blog post the phrase ‘There are no atheists [Read More...]

GOP: .035% tax on wealthiest financial institutions could lead to disaster.

54 Republican lawmakers have sent a letter to one of their own, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp.  Camp has proposed a new tax that his GOP compatriots have found unacceptable.  In their letter, these lawmakers fret that Camp’s proposed tax would “threaten our economic vitality by reducing access to credit, curbs economic growth, [Read More...]

GOP in Alaska pulls voucher bill rather than letting it die to a vote.

Somewhere in atheist heaven a Zack Kopplin is smiling. For those who don’t know what voucher systems are and why most atheists oppose them, they’re promoted by the GOP as an alternative to public education.  Rather than trying to fix public education (after the GOP consistently slashes from education funding wherever they’re in control), they [Read More...]

New Republican ad reaches out to women, minorities, and young people.

It’s obvious even the most oblivious person that the GOP hasn’t been doing particularly well with women, young people (the ones who will make up an increasing percentage of the electorate as time goes on), and racial minorities.  This is likely due to the fact that the GOP have singled out women for exceptions to [Read More...]

Tennessee judge issues injunction against same-sex marriage ban on behalf of three couples.

Good morning all. Sorry about only posting one thing yesterday.  In the most recent saga of Michaelyn and my inability to be well at the same time, I am pretty sure I spent yesterday enjoying the first migraine headache of my life…at 32 years-old.  God hates me.  It’s ok, I’ve earned it.  Anyway, today I [Read More...]

Police Chief in Birmingham, Alabama using police to evangelize and not even trying to hide it.

The FFRF’s Andrew Seidel has put out a video detailing a case on which they are currently working: The real part that hit home for me was when Roper said “I know as Police Chief that we can’t do this alone.”  There’s a real vote of confidence for the officers serving the Birmingham area.  It [Read More...]