Catholic Church in Ireland won’t contribute to the victims of Magdalene laundries.

From 1765 all the way up to 1996 the Catholic Church in Ireland kept women suspected of being sexually active outside of wedlock prisoner, using them as slave labor (I blogged a documentary about it here).  These institutions were known as the Magdalene laundries or Magdalene asylums.  The Irish government has accepted its complicity with [Read More...]

West Virginia prosecutor is lying like crazy to support ten commandments monument.

Officials in Wyoming County, West Virginia (whoever named that county was trollin’) have a monument to the ten commandments on their courthouse lawn.  The ACLU apprised them to the fact that this was illegal, and so being a courthouse (which would imply they took obedience to the law seriously) they immediately did the right thing [Read More...]

Conservatives on DOMA/Prop 8: the product of procedures laid out in the Constitution is unconstitutional!

The conservatives have their talking point on the gay marriage cases.  It’s being reiterated by pretty much all of the Tea Bag/megachurch archetypes and spoken nowhere more plainly than by Michele Bachmann: “This decision is one that is profound because the Supreme Court not only attacked our Constitution today, they not only attacked the equal [Read More...]

Daryl Metcalfe (R): keep your non-Christian opinions to yourself.

A House Democrat in the state of Pennsylvania was blocked from speaking on the two legal gay rights victories yesterday. Openly gay Pa. Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia, was blocked from talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act Wednesday on the floor of the Pennsylvania House. His comments to his colleagues [Read More...]

Nancy Pelosi wins.

Lots of very religious people were very unhappy about the gay rights decisions handed down yesterday.  Among them was Michele Bachmann: “Marriage was created by the hand of God. No man, not even a Supreme Court, can undo what a holy God has instituted,” Bachmann said. Now, I’m a guy who likes to keep things [Read More...]

Republicans thumb their nose at America to prove their patriotism.

Republicans have taken a break from producing jobs and fixing the economy through their ardent opposition to marriage equality and swaths of anti-abortion legislation to take a stab at fixing the economy by introducing a bill that would prohibit the burning of particular pieces of cloth – namely the ones with 50 stars and 13 [Read More...]

Turns out public funds will NOT be going to religious schools in New Hampshire.

Earlier this year the state of New Hampshire implemented a program that claimed bolster “educational opportunities” but was actually created in the same vein as Louisiana’s voucher system: with the goal of allowing state funds to find their way into the hands of religious, not public, schools. The program provided a large tax credit to [Read More...]

Using legislation to defeat reality in Russia.

In Russia it’s about to become illegal to tell your children about homosexuality. A bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality won overwhelming approval Tuesday in Russia’s lower house of parliament. Hours before the State Duma passed the Kremlin-backed law in a 436-0 vote with one abstention, more than [Read More...]

Obama vs. Obama on government surveillance.

Behold: the guy I voted for in the last election. I feel so fucking dirty.  I don’t think Romney would’ve done anything different…but…fuck. [Read more...]

Obama administration forced to do the right thing with Plan B.

Back in May, the Obama DoJ decided to fight the FDA (who would technically be their client) and a judge who ruled that plan B emergency contraceptive should be available with no age limits.  The Obama DoJ appealed, but has now elected to drop the appeal. The decision comes after a federal judge in April [Read More...]