Oklahoma to pay $300,000 in attorney fees for banning Sharia Law.

Back in 2010 Oklahoma passed a resolution preemptively banning Sharia Law…because apparently this was a worry in Oklahoma.  The politicians loved it: it was a chance for them to make hay with the state’s oodles of right wing Christian voters who, despite being the overwhelming majority, are convinced they are under constant attack.  Essentially Christianity [Read More...]

Eight year-old paleontology enthusiast defeats creationist lawmakers, get South Carolina a state fossil.

A while back a plucky, clever eight year-old in South Carolina noted that the state was one of ten that did not have a state fossil.  With the help of some of her representatives, a bill was submitted on her behalf that would make the Columbian mammoth the state fossil.  The bill, however, ran into [Read More...]

Why do people vote for representatives who promise to hose them?

Good morning everybody.  I’m safe and sound in the thriving metropolis of Augusta, KS (I saw their stop light yesterday, they’re very proud of that).  Today will be a day of hanging out with the future in-laws and convincing them that their future son-in-law is one hip cat.  Content will be light again, but I’ll [Read More...]

D’Souza pleads guilty to campaign finance violations.

Michaelyn and I are gonna hit the road today to stay with her father for a few days, so posts today will come fast and furious.  First up is a desperate call for Dinesh D’Souza to find Jesus, because he needs a firm moral influence.  You see, D’Souza is very upset with President Obama’s immorality, [Read More...]

GOP Congressman who supported stricter voter ID laws turned away at polls for improper ID.

I can’t make this shit up: Asa Hutchinson was turned away from the polls because he didn’t have proper ID as required under Arkansas’s Voter ID Law. Given Asa’s support for making it harder for Arkansans to cast a ballot, you’d think he would have been prepared to produce his ID at the polls. Asa [Read More...]

Paul Ryan: poor people just aren’t loved enough, that’s why they’re poor.

Paul Ryan, who famously barged into a soup kitchen to wash already-clean pots and pans for a photo op before skipping out before any actual work could be done (just wanted to be seen helping the poor without actually helping the poor), was just speaking at a Manhattan Institute gathering with Jeb Bush.  In his talk, he hit [Read More...]

Pastor Becky Riggle: businesses have the right to refuse Jews for religious reasons.

Here’s a Houston preacher trying to convince the city council to enact a turn away the gays bill: Good on the councilwoman for calling her on her bullshit.  The look on her face at the end conveyed what she was thinking, which makes me wish she had vocalized what she was thinking. We don’t need [Read More...]

Idaho has some real winners running for Governor.

These guys make Butch Otter look like Ozzie Osbourne. [Read more...]

GOP revealed as the source of ABC’s leaked and deliberately edited Benghazi emails.

Back when Obama was running for re-election, ABC got leaked some damning quotes from inside the Obama administration about the attacks in Benghazi.  The quotes suggested that the White House was trying to protect its own interests rather than getting to the heart of the matter.  These quotes were later revealed to be altered to [Read More...]

Learn to debate: the power of tie-downs and how they could be used to make a corrupt mayor squirm.

One of my favorite tools in debates is the tie-down.  Here’s the deal: most of the objections you get in debates (especially about god’s existence, etc.) aren’t legit objections, they’re just rationalizations.  For instance, in my debate with Aaron Brummitt (which was over the question “Does God Exist?”) he railed against evolution non-stop.  Now, do [Read More...]