Darrel Ray enters the world of podcasting with Secular Sexuality!

ich, let’s face it, is a pretty big draw as far as topics go.  Life just got a little better because Dr. Ray (not to be confused with Dr. Dre, though equally dope on the mic) has launched a new podcast: Secular Sexuality. He’s already almost 10 episodes in so there’s plenty to listen to. [Read More...]

Greg Abbott Can’t Overturn True Marriage

On Monday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed an appeal to reverse the ruling that found the state’s ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional made by a US District Court back in February. In his brief, which feebly tried to defend the ban, Attorney General Abbott made the claim that (emphasis my own) “[because] [Read More...]

Device to help vagina-havers do Kegels

Let’s throw in some sexiness to spice up the blog this Friday evening! There’s a Kickstarter going for the next 38 days to fund a device intended to help people with vaginas strengthen their pelvic floor muscles via Kegel exercises. It’s pretty nifty! They’re calling it the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer, and they’ve currently received [Read More...]

Mark Gungor and The Creeping Futility of Welding God to Sex

One of the great things about evolution is that it explains the baffling nuances of human sexual life without the need for any knots of metaphysical moral mongering.  It’s that clarity you gain when you ask What Is rather than What Ought, and seek answers from the bottom up (so to speak) rather than the [Read More...]

Guest post by Dr. Darrel Ray: sex addiction is a non-existent diagnosis.

Not that long ago, there was a whole cottage industry developed around the psychological treatment and rehabilitation of homosexuals or “reparative therapy.” Professionally trained men and women, using scientific terminology, dedicated themselves to helping homosexuals get over their crippling psychological problems and reintegrate back into society. Most people today scoff at such a concept, and [Read More...]

I got a shout out in Jaclyn Glenn’s new video about seeeeeex.

It wasn’t many years ago where I never would’ve dreamed of people like Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews, Jaclyn Glenn, and the like knowing who I was.  To have now become friends with some of them, and to even have them occasionally cite my work as if to say that the luminaries in my chosen field [Read More...]

I slept with a married woman.

Since I’m on the road today I figured I’d dig into the vault and put one of my older pieces up.  The piece, when it was originally posted, was titled Adventures in Polyamory.  The original title was I Slept with a Married Woman, but at the time I was working for the SSA and my [Read More...]

Study: BDSM practitioners “characterized by a set of balanced, autonomous, and beneficial personality characteristics.”

For people who talk openly about sex (sort of me, but REALLY Christina), we must often deal with the accusation that practicing BDSM or more aggressive forms of sex is the result of poor psychological health or past trauma of some sort. Turns out, that’s not the case.  In a study published in the Journal [Read More...]

John Corvino on National Masturbation Month.

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month?  Knowing even the limited amount I do about biology, it would seem to me that every month is National Masturbation Month… The great John Corvino has an article up at HuffPo about it. May is National Masturbation Month. I am not making this up. National Masturbation [Read More...]

A matter of pride

Steven here… A childhood friend of mine posted this on Facebook after her visit to the doctor: “Syphilis-NEGATIVE, HIV-1&2-NEGATIVE, Chlamydia-NEGATIVE, HPV- Negative, Herpes-NEGATIVE, GC (Gonorrhea)-NEGATIVE, Trichomonias- NEGATIVE, ALL DRUG TEST NEGATIVE… At 32 I have Never had a STD and IM proud of it. These type of papers are like a TREASURE, DO YOU HAVE [Read More...]