Dad on “Not perfect, just forgiven.”

Father had someone drop the “We’re not perfect, just forgiven” trope on him the other day.  Father was apparently not in the mood. “We’re not perfect, just forgiven.” How often we hear this. We usually hear it from Christians who have been caught doing something despicable. Usually said with smug superiority, it is a cheap [Read More...]

Father on “attacking Christians”.

Dad is spreading holiday cheer by jousting with right wingers in the comment section of our local paper.  This one, I thought, was particularly good: FREDDY BOEN says, “Just because one chooses to be an atheist does not give him the right to attack Christians, for this nation was founded on the principle that man [Read More...]

Father on Duck Dynasty’s ex-star Phil Robertson’s “freedom of speech.”

So you may have heard that the star of a reality show based around what a down home yokul he is said some very hateful things about gay people.  As a result, he was fired from the show.  Well this has the South up in a tizzy about how persecuted this poor Christian man is.  [Read More...]

Father on the war on Christmas.

This cartoon ran the other day in my hometown newspaper: This is what I grew up with in Bumblefuck, Arkansas.  Anyway, father waded into the comments of the cartoon on line: what is there about a generic “Happy Holidays” that could possibly offend anyone? Or would, in any way, infringe upon people’s ability to enjoy [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dad signed up for Obamacare.

My father’s facebook status from this morning: For the record, just signed up for ACA. My monthly premium is officially $52.50 as opposed to the $1952.00 quarterly premium I had. I went from a bronze plan to a silver plan. Both plans are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas. Took me about 2.5 total hours [Read More...]

Dad on the sticky tentacles of government.

This interaction took place between me and my dad this morning: He linked me to a piece in my hometown newspaper down in Bumblefuck, Arkansas and boy, was he ever not kidding.  Here’s the article. And here’s the comment my dad left: This is the dumbest pile of drivel I have read in a long [Read More...]

Christoph Dollis gives us our daily dose of shutdown blues.

Yesterday I posted about how the GOP would be fired from Taco Bell and got this comment from Christoph Dollis: This post is nonsense. The members of congress were elected to exercise their best judgment, including when not to fund programs. Elections have consequences. They won – in the house. He’s right: the post sucked. [Read More...]

Father on Republicans’ idea of negotiation and compromise.

I’ve already put down my thoughts on the government shutdown and the GOP’s charade, but father tied up the word play in use by the Republicans nicely in this one paragraph: The thing about “compromise” and “negotiations” as used here is the effort to create a false equivalency between GOP hostage-taking and Democratic officials who [Read More...]

Obamacare confession.

This is my father’s facebook status from last night: The hammer has dropped. The sky has fallen. I have been a staunch defender of the ACA. I have defended Nancy Pelosi’s much maligned (and taken out of context by the right) statement to pass it so we would know what was in it. Well. Today, [Read More...]

Dad responds to letter to the editor on Sodom and Gommorah.

Father saw this letter to the editor in the local paper: After seeing some of a documentary on TV about why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, well, I had to speak up. They said it was destroyed because the people lacked hospitality. Really? Read Genesis 19:1-13. Two angels came to Lot to take him and [Read More...]