Father responds to Cindy.

My father was in yet another debate on his facebook wall, this time with a person named Cindy who left the following. I debate because you are so freakin arrogant and into yourselves that it’s just too funny and I like throwing you a curve! In short, it amuses me. Father responded: Why, you incredibly [Read More...]

Dad on wealth inequality.

A friend of my father’s posted my link to the wealth inequality video.  In came Agatha (name changed) with the following objection: ok. I watched it. and I have a couple problems with it. First off… how do you know his statistics (or ANYONE’s for that matter, are correct and accurate? (Oh that’s right, if [Read More...]

What is the party of small government and fiscal responsibility up to in Arkansas?

In Arkansas a bill has been introduced that would siphon taxpayer dollars to religiously sectarian schools.  Father says it very well… I am thoroughly disgusted with our new Republican controlled Arkansas legislature. I have never seen so much contempt for the constitution and established jurisprudence in such a short time as these clowns display. Two [Read More...]

For being Truth with a capital T, it can be awfully hard.

My dad’s facebook status today was… I wish you folks would come out and say it: “My religious beliefs are that human life is sacred and god-given, and that protecting fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses is a must because they have souls, and therefore women must be forced to carry these entities to term, and [Read More...]

Dad responds to Congressman Rick Crawford.

The other day, my father got an email from Arkansas Congressman Rick Crawford that read… “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Second Amendment, The Constitution of United States In the days and weeks following [Read More...]

On Christians who cite scripture in an attempt to win arguments.

We’ve all had those conversations with believers, where we cite scientific and historical fact as supported by mounds of evidence and they respond with trotting out scripture, as if scripture carried more (or any) weight to us.  My father just watched this happen in a thread and made the following comment. I just do not [Read More...]

Dad on gun control.

Normally, whenever some of my dad’s work gets onto the blog it’s because I saw him dropping the hammer on somebody on facebook or in the forums of our local newspaper.  But today he sent me this piece that he specifically wrote up about gun control. Gun Control…Where do you even start? Disclaimer: I am [Read More...]

Dad throws down on the Charlie Brown case.

The story about the production of A Charlie Brown Christmas has reached our state newspaper.  This letter made it into the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It’s freedom of choice It seems the freethinkers are raising a stink about some primary-school kids going to see A Charlie Brown Christmas as a school field trip. The person being [Read More...]

Dad vs. Bill

Here’s another from the annals of my father’s facebook adventures. Bill says… He does exist – if He didn’t none of this matters, including this discussion. Until science can create life from complete lifelessness, including creating whatever materials they need out of thin air evolution is a farce. Also, if God did not create us [Read More...]

Dan wonders about the DNC removing god from its platform.

Remember Dan, the guy who taunted my dad and promptly got what he asked for?  It turns out that the Democratic party’s heavy-handed appeal to faith isn’t good enough for the wingers.  The DNC has removed any mention of god from its 2012 platform, and the wingers are going apoplectic over it. Dan returned to [Read More...]