Dan takes the bottle of crazy and downs the whole thing.

And along we go.  Another commenter, Kevin, agreeing with my dad, entered the thread suggesting that in order to avoid more abortions, as Dan claims to want, that we should pass out birth control like Skittles. Dan didn’t like that idea. I disagree with passing out birth control pills like skittles to children (under 18) [Read More...]

Dan rides again.

First dad fired a warning shot.  Dan decided to ignore it.  Then Dan reaped what he had sown. And now he wants some more. It represents what a baby looks like at 12 weeks and that is what I said all along. You are the one always trying to twist things for some type of [Read More...]

Dan couldn't let it go.

After reading through dad’s soft, emotionless backhand earlier, I was reminded of a line from First Blood: “Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.  Let it go.” But Dan couldn’t let it go. @John -If you would have took the time to look at the link you provided it is [Read More...]

Be careful what you ask for, you might get a shitload of it.

An acquaintance of my father’s on facebook posted this picture… …with the following comment. Abortion is nothing but MURDER. There is always another way no matter what the problem is ,no matter how bad the situation may seem. If you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy- find or call a church in your area and [Read More...]

Dad on abortion.

Dad nails it again. What amazes me is that the anti-choice screamers aren’t doing the best possible and simplest things to prevent abortions. That would be funding and promoting broad based sex education and making contraception free and readily available. If you don’t want abortions, that is how you stop them. If, instead, you want [Read More...]

Dad on Paul Ryan's healthcare policy

Booyah. On Medicare, if Ryan is so sure his voucher program is better for seniors and the budget, why does he not have the courage to propose a clean-sweep change? It’s because he knows the voucher program will screw seniors, and the seniors know it, too, that’s why the 55 cut-off. It will do nothing [Read More...]

Dad on Paul Ryan

A couple of minor things about Paul Ryan. Ryan hasn’t spent any time working in the private sector. It has all been politics. Wasn’t that one of the right wing reasons why Obama shouldn’t be elected: never ran a business and limited experience in the private sector? How come that doesn’t apply to Ryan? Neither [Read More...]

Well, this ought to stir the Arkies up.

My hometown newspaper just ran this editorial.  If, in 2008, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had possessed the sort of influence evident by the overwhelming national response to his “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” initiative Aug. 1, he might have become president. Reacting to the gay marriage controversy stemming from remarks by Dan Cathy, president of the [Read More...]

Dad on the slippery slope argument

Another facebook friend tagged me in a comment asking for my assessment of the slippery slope argument.  On this occasion it was, “If you let gays marry, why not polygamists?” Dad got to it before I could and hammered it harder. [Read more...]

Dad owning Steven Hodges.

The same person who said, “It matters” re-posted something my dad had on his facebook. Then, because it’s Mountain Home, Arkansas, the believers came. [Read more...]