Don't ask, don't tell and integrity

My dad’s facebook status last night. How come we don’t hear anything any more about doing away with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Wasn’t that supposed to signal the end of democracy? Weren’t our soldiers supposed to quit in droves to the point where we could no longer defend our country? Wasn’t the end of DADT [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part V

Here’s the end.  Here are parts one, two, three, and four if you need/want to catch up. Robert wrote back to dad… “And I am tired of being preached at. If I wanted that, I would go to a church. You wanted an opportunity to give me evidence. You failed to do so, but gave [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part IV

Robert continues with my dad (after parts one, two, and three). I have a book that spells out the fundimentals of life for all of mankind, and gives hope to all. It boldly proclaims the truth about creation, how we have lived, and how we are to live as saved believers, and also gives details [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part III

Despite saying he would agree to disagree, Robert returned to emailing my dad. I am looking at the world spiritually and you are looking at it physically, which is obviously not cohesive, John. They are nowhere near the same, and cannot be compared, therefore, I reinterate my previous request of agreeing to disagree. I must [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part II

After my dad’s last email, Robert wrote back. Well John, I have no argument against you because you discredit my sources. As for physical proof and laws you speak of, I question the accuracy of those laws. Come on man, the very basic fundamental understanding of our make up is a THEORY!! ie the atomic [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails

My dad got an email from a guy back home we both know (but whom I haven’t spoken to since high school). JT. I went to school with you, whether you remember me or not. I have also known your Dad for quite a long time. I just thought I would put my two cents [Read More...]

Rick Crawford wants my dad's support

My father recently received an email from Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford. As the Supreme Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate, I wanted to make clear that I favor a full scale repeal of the President’s healthcare law. Obamacare took $575 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for the costly [Read More...]

Motive guessing at my dad

My father is back to jumping on people in the forums of his local newspaper.  If this happened more often, if there were accountability for saying silly things with conviction, I’d wager we’d see it slow down. STUART RIDLING says, “…what all religions have in common is a choice in belief as well as the [Read More...]

Let the fireworks begin

And we’re off! The Cranston Patch has an article up on the meeting tonight.  The comments are…you’ll facepalm. My father is in there swinging away.  He went in and posted my letter which prompted the following comment. “It is nice that all of the atheists who are not residents of Cranston are willing to impart [Read More...]

Why do I post about atheism so much?

My father has written another good one. Some time ago, my good friend Kevin asked “Why do you post about atheism all the time?” Valid question. I have pondered it at length.  So, for my theist facebook friends, here is why. [Read more...]