Sean Hannity inadvertently gives great argument against striking children.

Adrian Peterson, the star NFL running back, has been indicted on child injury charges (turns out he beat his kids).  Sean Hannity doesn’t think Peterson was in the wrong and deploys his best argument: his parents hit him and look how “well” he turned out: On Fox News last night, Sean Hannity said he thinks [Read More...]

Michael Sam receives Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Michael Sam, the Rams defensive end who made waves by coming out as gay while playing D1 college football at Mizzou, received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award a couple nights ago.  His speech definitely, most certainly, did not make me cry, for I am tough.  So tough. It makes me so happy when I get [Read More...]

Michael Sam’s jersey is the second highest-selling rookie jersey.

I cannot type the word “Michael” because I’m engaged to a woman named Michaelyn.  Even when typing that last sentence I initially typed “Michaely” before back-spacing. Anyway, Michael (not Michaely) Sam’s jersey is the second highest-selling jersey among draftees at the moment: Outsports reported jerseys for Sam, who was the draft’s 249th pick, are currently second in [Read More...]

I’m glad Michael Sam got drafted, but now he needs to succeed as a football player.

Michael Sam is the fist openly gay football player in division 1 history, and the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.  Before we get into any of my thoughts on this, I want to show you something absolutely beautiful.  Here is Sam’s reaction after he got the call from the Rams [Read More...]

First gay athlete in D1 college athletics comes out of the closet.

Derrick Gordon, standout shooting guard for the UMass Minutemen, has announced to both his team and the world that he is gay.  He is the first D1 athlete in the major sports to do so while in school. “Mom says I had gay tendencies growing up. In elementary school, I did ballet. I don’t know [Read More...]

NCAA Tournament open thread.

For those of you watching the NCAA tournament who want to chat about it, this thread is for you. You can watch the tournament for free on your computer box at this link. I don’t care if it hoses my bracket (mine won’t suffer too bad, actually), I’d be ok with American scoring the upset [Read More...]

WWJTD March Madness bracket group.

For those who wanted a WWJTD bracket pool this year, it has been made.  Here’s the link.  :)  Let’s see which of our illustrious group can sports hardest.  Go Gators! And we all know Arkansas is going to win the NIT, so no need to even speculate there. [Read more...]

A good day for gay acceptance in sports.

Before I crawl back to bed, I’ll leave you all with some feel good stories from the world of sports.  First, Jason Collins has become the first openly gay person to compete in America’s four major sports.  He has been signed to the Brooklyn Nets: The Brooklyn Nets on Feb. 23 signed Jason Collins to a 10-day [Read More...]

Megachurch pastor thinks he’s found the anti-Christ: it’s an uppity gay football player.

Dwight McKissic is a megachurch pastor who is pretty nostalgic about minority heroes who speak up loud and proud: Fifty years ago, James Brown released a song that became a great source of inspiration, pride, and self-esteem for Black Americans—“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” I remember it so well. All the kids [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: best highlight vid ever.

All of Michaelyn’s classes were cancelled today, so it looks like I get to spend the day watching Community with her.  :D But here’s some quick happiness.  Tyler Self is a walk-on basketball player at KU who has made, I think, two shots in his career.  Still, someone made a highlight video of him. Have [Read More...]