Matt Dillahunty making videos on Patreon.

It’s not a secret that I think Matt Dillahunty is one of the best debaters and ambassadors for atheism.  If there’s anybody in the entire world who should be making money to be a vocal atheist, I very well might pick him.  That’s why I passionately encourage you to swing by his new Patreon page.  [Read More...]

Happy birthday to one of the greatest activists you might not have heard of.

Today is the birthday of Lauren Lane, co-creator and current organizer of the Skepticon conference.  I’ve often said that some of the best, most efficient activists for our side are ones you seldom hear of: like Lyz Liddell, the force of nature that is the heart of the SSA or Amanda Knief with American Atheists.  [Read More...]

John Oliver breaks down why America’s prison system sucks.

I love John Oliver’s new show for its innovation and brilliance…but damn if it ain’t depressing. [Read more...]

Anti-Obamacare ads may have increased enrollment.

This makes me so, so happy. The millions of dollars being spent in televisions ads that criticize Obamacare might have actually backfired and led to increased enrollment under the health care reform law, according to a study published Wednesday by the Brookings Institution. Brookings fellow Niam Yaraghi observed “a positive association between the anti-ACA spending [Read More...]

Matt Barber on abortion pills.

Once again enduring my special twitter list produces blog fodder.  Joy.  This little bit of double-standard comes from Matt Barber. First: if abortions were available in pill form, the actual procedure wouldn’t even exist.  According to all known medical science (as well as an amicus brief filed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [Read More...]

GOP candidate who supports abstinence-only learns it doesn’t work the hard way.

Meet Bill Cassidy: Cassidy is a state Congressmen from Louisiana and is the leading contender challenging Democratic incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu.  In 2013 he co-sponsored the Abstinence-Only Reallocation Act which would award school’s state money for abstinence-only education programs.  He has also consistently railed against the ACA’s contraceptive mandate.  So it will come as no [Read More...]

Homeward bound.

What a crazy month it’s been.  I got married and got to spend so much time with my family (which included a night of no sleep on the fourth…worth it!). Michaelyn and I are about to set off for Kansas to sleep in our own bed tonight.  I’ll miss my childhood home and my family, [Read More...]

Patheos WHY?????

I got an email from Patheos last week about updating their blogging software.  I don’t know if that’s happening right now, but the back end is being either slow or down for me.  So…I’m gonna trot off for a bit and check back later. Ask ‘em Dale…ask ‘em WHY???? Because it became the thing to [Read More...]

John Oliver on Hobby Lobby ruling.

As usual, he nails it. [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: Wedding Edition!

  Thats all folks! [Read more...]