Juror B37 in the Zimmerman trial does interview with Anderson Cooper.

I would provide my own thoughts, but Genk Uygur of the Young Turks pretty much sums up my position to the letter. I need to create a “sadness” tag for posts.  I’d probably do it if I didn’t think I’d use it too often. [Read more...]

New papers from Goodman and Mueller.

Kathleen Goodman and John Mueller are two academics that kind of fly under the radar in the atheist community.  In 2009 they published a study in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled Atheist Students on Campus: From Misconceptions to Inclusion.  That paper influenced my life greatly and I used it repeatedly when I was high [Read More...]

John Mueller reads my blog!

I’m sitting here at the Secular Student Alliance’s Eastern conference having a blast.  I gave a talk this morning on blogging that was well-attended and a lot of fun. Anyway, also in attendance are John Mueller and Kathy Goodman.  In 2009 they published a study in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled Atheist Students on [Read More...]

Two videos you need.

Here’s Mr. Deity explaining why skepticism doesn’t at all, in any way, lead to atheism: And here’s the best love song in all of forever: [Read more...]

Sandy Rios: Promiscuous men like Obama are the force behind pro-choice laws.

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association has an opinion: that it’s promiscuous men driving the pro-choice legislation, and that women are more anti-abortion. “It is generally, from my opinion, the promiscuous white men who are pushing abortion,” Rios said. “I would even say the promiscuous black ones like our president, oh forgive me I [Read More...]

Zombie survival: dealing with nuclear fallout and avoiding tunnel vision.

I have a new article up over at Shit Zombies Say.  I once again take the time out of my busy life to make save some god damned lives.  You’re welcome. If you’re smart, you’ve thought ahead of time about where to relocate.  Maybe you’re on the east coast and you’re going to hop a [Read More...]

You need this.

Ok, I’m on the road today and tomorrow.  Might sneak a post in tomorrow morning, but I’ll for sure be back in the swing on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a teacup pig eating an ice cream cone: [Read more...]

Harassers of Stephanie Zvan, Rebecca Watson, and others are jerks.

Comments closed. I got linked a post by Stephanie Zvan where she talked about responding to a comment on my post about Greg Laden the other day.  The comment was: If you’re really about supporting Stephanie, why didn’t she tell her “husband,” Greg, that in the first place, since she wears the pants in that [Read More...]

Greg Laden won’t have sex with me.

Comments closed. Sorry for the absence yesterday, gang.  I decided to spend the day hanging out with my brother.  A lot of the people I know say the love their families even though they try to keep their interactions with them to a minimum.  I’m very lucky.  My brother and my parents are my best [Read More...]

The sunrise in Arkansas is pretty.

Stayed up all night and watched the sun rise over the forest.  :)  My bro stayed up with me.  Hooray moments like these in life. Of course, it means I’m only just now going to sleep (6:30 am).  I’ll get around to ranting and raving after some snoring. [Read more...]