Your Morning Happiness: Wedding Edition!

  Thats all folks! [Read more...]

The Bachelor Party: ‘Till Undeath Do We Part

David, one of the groomsmen, here. JT and Michaelyn are safely wed, though at great peril. JT had long told us that he wanted his bachelor party to be a low key affair, just him and his closest friends playing board games in a cabin rented for that purpose. And so it was, until an [Read More...]

Online faith-free peer-to-peer grief support? Yeah, we’ve got that — with your help.

Hi, it’s me again, the Grief Lady. It’s my last day as a guest blogger at WWJTD.  On Thursday I wrote about the Grief Library at, the new website of secular support network Grief Beyond Belief.  On Friday I kvetched about evangelicals hijacking funerals and mortuary services and plugged the new site’s Grief Resources page.  [Read More...]

Philosophy is not Dead

Dishearteningly, I hear frequently from my fellow godless hominids that “philosophy has nothing more to add to learning about the world. Science has taken over“. I don’t agree. Hopefully, it doesn’t take being hit by a car to convince you of this. [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: Social Media Friends!

I’m sure all of have found that social media is powerful tool when it comes to being able to connect with people of similar belief systems. I’ve met a ton of people I could mention, but this one in particular fits the theme here…. I’m pretty sure I came across Molly when Hemant had tweeted [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Animals With Attitude

  Every pet owner KNOWS their friend til the end has emotion…. they get happy, sad, anxious, and scared just like us humans. One of the theist arguments for god… morality, consists of the premise that ONLY humans have emotion, ONLY humans know what is right or wrong…. or in this case what is fair. [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: What We Need Is A Montage! …and reluctantly, a cat.

Some funny clips in this vid, my fav being the Husky who is damn excited about a pile of leaves. The leaves must mimic the feeling of snow to the crazy dog, or the silly Husky is on cocaine! “It’s a helluva drug!” – Rick James The swiffer attacking puppy, and the two Huskies arguing [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Hammock Huskies and a Proud Scalebaby Mom

I subscribe to the utoobz channel the following video is from. Their vids are a mix of all around cuteness, every day silliness of the 3 huskies they have, pet product reviews, and fan mail Q&A. Huskies are a misunderstood breed, as the questions they have to often answer repetitively illustrate. When we first moved [Read More...]

Your Morning Happi… HUSKY DOSE OF AWESOME!

Hey all you JT readers!!! I guess I’ll kick off the guest blogging since it IS technically morning for me here now(Miami), and the actual “wake up go to work” mornings are always a bit hectic for me! I’m a reader/lurker of various blogs dealing with religion and science, and read JT’s blog before he [Read More...]

John Oliver goes HAM on dietary supplements and Dr. Oz.

This man is a god damn genius.  (H/T to Dan Fincke) [Read more...]