Impromptu homicide reignites the discussion on gun control.

A veteran of Desert Storm was texting the babysitter of his sick daughter to make sure everything was ok, briefly ignoring the notice that said no texting during the previews of a movie.  Rude?  Sure.  But understandable.  Certainly not a crime that should carry with it a death sentence.  But thanks to the presence of [Read More...]


It came last night.  I didn’t eat a lot yesterday and can’t manage breakfast today.  Content might be light today while I go for a walk. I’m feeling alright, just my body is being weird.  :\ [Read more...]

Nancy Grace debating Nancy Grace on the effects of marijuana.

mmmMMMmmm…worthy opponent. [Read more...]

Update #1.

Hey all.  I said I’d keep you apprised to how I’m doing today.  I couldn’t get myself to eat at my noon alarm.  I’m hoping I’ll at least be hungry by my 3pm alarm and I’ll try to get something down then.  *hug* [Read more...]

How do cell phones work?

Ok, all you people who know about cell phones.  Michaelyn’s cell phone is…old.  Like, it voted for George Washington.  So we’re considering getting her a new one.  Here’s the deal: she doesn’t need a data plan, but she’d like a new phone.  What is the best way to get a decent phone with no data [Read More...]

Western Center for “Journalism” puts out some epic level crazy.

I present this with no commentary.  It speaks for itself. Ironically, lots of the people who see this and nod their agreement voted for George W. Bush and supported him for the entirety of his time in office…even as the economy tanked.  But now that Obama is in charge and the economy is recovering their [Read More...]

Jon Stewart nails people freaking out over legalized pot in Colorado.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, but doing it behind-your-back to show how easy it is. [Read more...]

Dan Fincke launches new blog on ethics.

So…Michaelyn and I got pinned down by bad weather yesterday.  We’re going to try to make it back home today.  So if you’re dying to read kick ass entries, consider swinging by Dan Fincke’s new blog: Empowerment Ethics.  Look at the goatee on that man.  He even looks like a philosopher. For realsies though, Dan [Read More...]

Message sent. Congratulations everybody!

To all of you who went and made your voices heard in the Baxter Bulletin the other day about the courthouse nativity scene, thank you.  They got the message.  Feel free to pile on in the comments of that article as well.  Sadly, today is the day that Michaelyn and I must make the 7 [Read More...]

God seems uninterested in the Parade of Roses.

The weather for the Rose Bowl Parade is perfect. No lightning, nobody being turned into a pillar of salt. Gay dudes still getting married. But don’t worry, during hurricane season a hurricane will hit a part of the country nowhere near Pasadena destroying the homes and lives of lifelong Christians who were not even at [Read More...]