Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly’s excuses.

Remember when Megyn Kelly assured everybody that both Santa and Jesus were white?  Well she has now explained herself: the problem is that everybody else is humorless, not that she is racist.  It’s not that she is racist, but that everybody else is just out to get Fox News. Jon Stewart looks back on her [Read More...]

Megyn Kelly: Jesus was white.

Did you know it’s a confirmed historical fact that a dude from the Middle East was white?  Megyn Kelly doesn’t know it either, but that doesn’t stop her from saying it with the utmost confidence. In all actuality, a white man in the first century Middle East is nonsensical, but it still makes way more [Read More...]

Be careful driving over the holidays!

I know this isn’t atheism-related, but it’s a slow day for news and I thought it was interesting (so there!).  Here is a seventy car pile up in Wisconsin.  It’s a reminder to be very careful when driving home for the holidays. [Read more...]

Gotta take care of a sick fruit roll-up.

Michaelyn (whom I affectionately refer to as “fruit roll-up”) woke up crazy sick this morning.  She’s called in to work and emailed all her professors.  I’m going to do the good fiance thing and curl up beside her, share her germs, and wait on her hand and foot. Because sharing is caring in love, right? [Read More...]

Afghanistan considering reinstating stoning as a punishment for adulterers.

And by “alduterer” they’re including people who just have sex before engaging in some arbitrary religious ceremony. Afghan government officials have proposed reintroducing public stoning as a punishment for adultery, Human Rights Watch said, even though the practice has been denounced both inside and outside the country as one of the most repugnant symbols of the Taliban [Read More...]

First event in Be Secular’s discussion series announced: will feature Jerry DeWitt.

The folks at Be Secular are starting a discussion series.  The first event will take place at John Hopkins University between Mark Sandlin and Jerry DeWitt.  Here’s the info Mark Nebo sent me via email: Be Secular is happy to sponsor the first ever Be Secular Conversation Series Event. “Common Ground Activism” – An atheist [Read More...]

Anybody driving through Cincinnati to get to Skepticon?

The talk last night went really well.  I felt I gave a good talk, the turnout was great, there were religious people in the audience (one of them told me I was as bad as Osama Bin Laden in the Q&A)…it was just good times. Also, one of my groomsmen moved to Colorado Springs last [Read More...]

Tabling and the Subway dream.

This morning I’m tabling with the KU atheist group SOMA.  It’s Carl Sagan’s birthday tomorrow and we’re handing out candy (with information about the group).  Michaelyn’s tongue is blue, so I’m wagering she dug into the nerds when nobody was looking… They also put a hat on me… After we’re done, Michaelyn and I are [Read More...]

Old video: Hilary Clinton defends abortion against pointed question – and goes ham.

This video is from over three years ago, but I just saw it today. For those who don’t know, “going ham” is a term gamers often use, with “ham” being an acronym for “hard as a motherfucker”.  That is what Hilary Clinton did when Christopher Smith (R-NJ) asked her if the Obama administration’s definition of [Read More...]

Captain Picard talks morality.

I saw this on reddit this morning and couldn’t help but pass it along.  If given the choice which fictional character to listen to on morality, you could listen to the one who decided to genocide an entire planet through the painful means of drowning when, even if genocide were moral, there were more merciful [Read More...]