Your morning grumble.

Why does the morning have to be so early? Why does sleeping in an empty bed away from my pineapple upside down cake (read: fiancee) have to suck so hard? Why does the TSA have to be so grumpy (probably because they were up earlier than I)? Why does airport food have to cost so [Read More...]

The sites where you should change your password on account of the Heartbleed bug.

I know this isn’t atheism or politics related, but it’s still important enough to blast.  A recently discovered bug that existed in some of the internet’s most popular sites (think facebook, youtube, etc.) allowed some people access to your email and passwords in the database of those sites.  No bueno. So you may need to [Read More...]

One more day to get into the Foundation Beyond Belief conference for a discount!

Foundation Beyond Belief, the nation’s largest humanist charitable organization, is holding its first national conference!  We’re talking about an organization lucky enough to have people like Dale McGowan, Hemant Mehta, Ed Brayton, Todd Steifel, and more.  If ever there was a group assembled of humanism’s best and brightest, this is it.  The conference is titled [Read More...]

Hey #CancelColbert people: turns out Colbert Report will be canceled…so he can take a better gig. #ImpotentOutrage

It has been announced that Stephen Colbert will become the next host of the Late Show when David Letterman retires. CBS has named Stephen Colbert as new host of the “Late Show,” effective when David Letterman retires. Here is the press release: The CBS Television Network today announced that Stephen Colbert, the host, writer and executive [Read More...]

Man accidentally shoots himself in the leg at an NRA event.

Oh, the irony. A New Jersey man accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Pennsylvania event put on by the National Rifle Association, police told the Lehigh Valley Live. The man was at the Lower Saucon Township gun range for a program organized by the Steel City Gun Club and the Bethlehem City Police Department, [Read More...]

Live-blogging tabling.

I can’t really read the news or write while I’m here because I’m spending time interacting with people.  But I’ll post some highlights to keep me from being bored. There’s a Christian group tabling right beside us.  The most challenging part of today is not interjecting myself into all their conversations. Tabling is like fishing: [Read More...]

Reasonfest is this weekend!

I guess while I’m sitting here gearing up to table, I should mention that Reasonfest is this weekend.  :) It’s Friday night and then all of Saturday and will feature Dr. Darrel Ray, Dan Barker, Ed Brayton, Sarah Morehead, Lyz Liddell, and Scott Clifton.  There will be a debate between a local pastor (Eugene Curry) [Read More...]

Hobby Lobby’s 401(k) fund invests in, wait for it, contraceptives.

Just going to leave this here.  No need to even utter the word “hypocrisy”…it would be condescending to any reader for me to feel I needed to use that word. Documents filed with the Department of Labor and dated December 2012—three months after the company’s owners filed their lawsuit—show that the Hobby Lobby 401(k) employee retirement [Read More...]

Working on Reasonfest stuff today.

Hey all.  It’s going to be a day of working on Reasonfest for me.  I will catch you guys tomorrow. [Read more...]

Morning happiness 2: Stephen Fry on how to be happy.

I’m so elated to be rested that you’re getting a second morning happiness.  Here’s a short animated clip narrated by Stephen Fry on meaning and purpose without god: [Read more...]