Jon Stewart goes HAM in defense of US veterans.

For those who don’t know, going HAM is an acronym for going hard as a mother-fucker.  That’s what Jon Stewart did about reports that waiting lists to veterans hospitals were being manipulated to make it look like wait times weren’t a problem: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily [Read More...]

Surprise, surprise, 30 million people didn’t show up for Operation American Spring.

Hyper conservative rallies in DC haven’t lived up to the hype as of late.  Remember the time that thousands of ex-gay activists were going to send a message to Washington? “Thousands.” Or the time “thousands” were going to bombard the Capitol in an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act? Yes, thousands…and one lady on the right [Read More...]

Dan Fincke creates class on “God Is Not Dead”, challenges Christians to take it.

Dr. Fincke wrote tremendously popular posts on why the arguments in the film God Is Not Dead (and I call it a “film” in the sense that I call what internet trolls have a “life”), well, aren’t very good.  Building upon that success, he has created online courses in addition to his others (I’m taking [Read More...]

No blogs today.

Hey gang!  League of Legends All-Star break starts today, so I’ll be watching it with Michaelyn and my bro.  See you tomorrow!  I’ll be around this weekend too. [Read more...]

Fox News challenges heliocentrism in favor of Benghazi-centric universe model.

So even though a report by a GOP-run committee has confirmed that nothing could have changed the outcome of the Benghazi attack, Fox “News” is keeping the dream alive.  To what extent?  Glad you asked, helpful hypothetical reader. The President is about to address climatologists today about their new findings on global warming (tl;dr: we’re [Read More...]

Heading down to Arkansas.

Hey everybody.  In about an hour Michaelyn and I will be driving down to Arkansas for the weekend.  We will be hanging with my family and putting potential caterers through the gauntlet before determining which one is truly worthy to serve our wedding.  It will be rigorous, I tell you. I’ll try to get a [Read More...]

Mass shooting in a Georgia town where every household must own at least one gun.

The town of Kennesaw, Georgia is the NRA’s wet dream: Kennesaw, near Atlanta, a quiet suburb unique in the U.S. for mandating every household own at least one gun. The law is not enforced, so the Kennesaw gun ownership rate hovers around 50 percent, according to its police chief. That’s still higher than the average rate [Read More...]

Ex-KKK leader was caught with a black male prostitute.

I was reading up this morning on the KKK leader who opened fire on a Kansas City Jewish retirement home and shouted “Heil Hitler” as he was being arrested.  Not exactly a winner.  And I came across something that made me double take: In the course of their investigation, authorities also learned the stunning details [Read More...]

Holy Blasphemy: The Religious Comedy of John Troutman’s The Gospel of Carol

Religious comedy plays for high stakes.  The potential for ruinous failure is astoundingly high, but to those lucky few who are able to fuse an appreciation for the humanity of religious impulses with jagged honesty about the myriad faults and horrors of religious thinking, a small measure of immortality is given.  Aristophanes, Voltaire, Tom Lehrer, [Read More...]

Hannity responds to Jon Stewart…Stewart takes his foot off the brakes.

The other day on the Daily Show Jon Stewart pointed out that Sean Hannity was being a bit of a hypocrite with the whole Cliven Bundy stand off.  Hannity took umbrage to that and fired back. That, as they say, was the wrong answer. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show [Read More...]