Legit sick day.

Sleep, hot apple cider, ibuprofen, and more sleep. You guys defeat religion by the time I wake up, ok? [Read more...]

Morning happiness: Ibuprofen.

So sick.  Head such hurt.  Might have to amputate. Jesus doesn’t get to be called a savior until he’s done more for humanity than Ibuprofen (or other drugs). Will post some quick things and then go back to sleeping all day. Ways to not deal with sickness: praying to a being who supposedly invented sickness [Read More...]

Slow day because love has its costs. <3

Michaelyn was sick last week so I was the good fiance and took super good care of her…which meant being in close proximity to her…which meant being in close proximity to the hellish contagion swimming inside her. And that contagion was like “Oh shit, the caretaking is too strong!  Here’s another body, let’s jump over [Read More...]

Glenn Beck is done with America and going to *gasp* burn the American flag.

Glenn Beck is so upset at how the liberals have taken over and has suggested he may perform the radical act of burning the American flag. Here’s where I found this story: Whoa!  He’s so frustrated he’s going to burn a piece of fabric?  That’ll really show the people in charge. I’ve never personally been [Read More...]

Want to help design the Reasonfest logo?

Hey gang!  Reasonfest is right around the corner and will feature the likes of Matt Dillahunty, Katherine Stewart, Dan Barker, and more.  But we need a logo to put on shirts/advertising.  Designers at KU and elsewhere will charge and arm and a leg for this, which is totally cool – gotta make a living with [Read More...]

Playing caretaker today.

Hey gang.  Michaelyn’s home sick today, which means I’ll be curled up beside her probably watching Community.  It also means that I’ll likely need to take a sick day next week since kisses are the antidote and I must administer them. Probably catch you all tomorrow.  Send get well messages for Michaelyn! [Read more...]

Tennessee pharmacist refuses to do the job he was hired to do, gets fired, and is now suing.

What do you even say to the judge in this case?  “Your honor, I agreed to fulfill the requirements of this job, and they demanded it of me!” Thomas More Society announced yesterday that it has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf a a pharmacist who was fired by from his position at a Jamestown, Tennessee Walgreen’s [Read More...]

Matt Dillahunty annihilates grandstanding wanna be Christian debater.

Sye Ten Bruggencate is one of Eric Hovind’s flunkies who has been trolling Matt Dillahunty wanting a debate.  Sye essentially has leeched onto the presuppositionist argument and keeps repeating it over and over again and thinks this makes him a star (apparently Eric Hovind thinks the same, but that’s a reeeeeeeally low bar). Matt Dillahunty [Read More...]

What anti-racists really are.

I got sent this photo by a friend of mine who still lives in Arkansas.  This lovely billboard resides in Harrison which is about an hour from my hometown. Damn, they’re on to us.  I knew the crazy idea that you can oppose racial inequality without opposing white people would only sell for so long… [Read more...]

Christian school principal Nancy Libby apologizes for racist lunch menu.

I don’t think we have a case maliciousness here, but just a case of somebody who grew up in a racist environment (it’s no secret that the most racist circles in America, like the Tea Party, are overtly fundamentalist Christian) and mistook racial stereotypes for actual black history.  This resulted in an attempt at diversity [Read More...]