Uri Geller sees lots of attention being paid to a tragedy and wants a piece of the pie.

With all the finest technology humankind has ever produced deployed to find the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, do you know what might break the case wide open?  If you said “A washed up and debunked psychic yearning for the attention the world once paid him before he was washed up and debunked” then I have [Read More...]

I wish I was that broke…

A friend of mine back in Mountain Home, AR snapped this picture the other day.  The bumper sticker reads “Tell Barack I’m Baroke.” This bumper sticker is affixed to a brand new truck which looks to cost more than I made all of last year.  If you’re going to complain about how broke you are, [Read More...]

Healthcare interview creates the most wonderfully awkward 15 seconds ever filmed.

My insomnia is your web content. The Daily Show sometimes makes me think it’s the last reliable voice in journalism.  Listen to Fox business commentator Todd Wileman dig himself a hole down to China in an interview with Asif Madvi.  The magic moment comes at 4:00. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The [Read More...]

Help bring a little Theoretical BS to Reasonfest. :)

Readers of the blog know I’m a big fan of the youtube channel Theoretical Bullshit, which is run by two-time Emmy award-winner Scott Clifton.  Well, I have good news!  Just two days ago Reasonfest received a commitment from Clifton to appear!  This is a huge pick up from a great talent. But for an event [Read More...]

Taking care of a sick Michaelyn today.

Hey gang.  Michaelyn woke up with a really upset stomach.  She’s staying home and I’m snuggling/taking care of her.  If she’s feeling better by evening she’ll go to work and I’ll write a bit.  Otherwise I’ll see you all tomorrow.  While I don’t think she’ll turn into a zombie, I’m still taking all the necessary [Read More...]

Obama appears on Between Two Ferns.

This is the most epic interview I’ve seen in some time.  I have my displeasures with Obama, but I do love his sense of humor. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama from President Barack Obama [Read more...]

About to hit the road.

Ok, I need to go grab a haircut and other shiz to get ready to hit the road tomorrow.  The first leg is down to Arkansas to watch the play my mother is directing Friday night followed by a trek up to Springfield on Saturday for my debate.  Will try to sneak a post in [Read More...]

Kevin McCullough: Russia invading the Ukraine because of US drag shows.

It turns out that Russia didn’t invade the Ukraine because of an opportunistic power grab.  No, it’s because drag shows make the US look like sissies. Good to know.  Although, if the US looks like such sissies militarily, why is Russia invading the Ukraine and not, you know, us.  Fucking dumbass.  Do you really think [Read More...]

Science crew flew an airplane into Hurricane Hugo to study it.

I don’t fly well.  Flying scares the hell out of me, in fact.  But I fly a lot to give talks so I’ve had to live with it.  At one point I decided to try and desensitize myself to my fear of flying by watching documentaries of plane crashes.  My favorite series quickly became Mayday: [Read More...]

Harass Keith Lowell Jensen for my benefit.

Keith Lowell Jensen, in a fruitless effort to impress me and thus gain entrance into the cool atheists club, sent me a sneak peek at his upcoming DVD An Atheist Christmas.  I cannot tell a lie: it was hilarious while sneaking in a bunch of pretty solid points.  But this leaves me with a dilemma: [Read More...]