Short day guys. Sorry.

Hey all.  I had to spend an hour on the phone with Uhaul this morning getting my money back for a charge they assessed me for storing an empty box I unloaded three weeks ago.  Then I was on the phone for an hour again and I’m behind on an editing project I need to [Read More...]

No blogging today.

No blogging today.  I’m at the dentist while Michaelyn is getting her wisdom teeth out and I’ll spend the rest of the day taking care of her.  :) Will respond to Jen McCreight tomorrow and catch up on news stories from today. [Read more...]

I’m off to Toledo!

Here I am in the KCI airport getting ready to go speak in Toledo.  It’s so strange to be in this airport and not be puddling up because I’m leaving Michaelyn.  Speaking of Michaelyn, you know it’s love when she’ll wake up at 4am to drive you to the airport (either that or she’s so [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: Progressives are like killers.

Once again, this requires very little comment, as if I could dredge out any more stupidity from this clip beyond what is right there on the surface even if I had years to analyze it.  Even summoning up the totality of all my eloquence, after conjuring up every ounce of vivacity and probing every recess [Read More...]

I’m back! Have some zombie stuff while I read the news.

Ok, I’m all moved in.  I’m sitting here snug (or smug) in my new office and about to get caught up.  In the meantime, here are my new zombie article from First, a mathematician at the University of Ottawa has produced an equation that predicts the spread of a zombie virus: Math is a [Read More...]

Out one more day.

Hey gang!  While we made the drive from Augusta to Lawrence yesterday and got our cars unloaded, all my worldly possessions that were being shipped got delayed until today.  They will be arriving via U-box in a little over an hour.  That means a day of lifting heavy stuff up stairs. You’ll have to live [Read More...]

Zombie survival: finding meat in the wilderness.

My newest article at is all about how to secure meat in the wild, along with how to not get sick eating it. The hard part is acquiring meat.  Contrary to what Disney may have taught you, wild animals do not stand out in the middle of a field with big Bambi eyes waiting [Read More...]

When the zombies come, stay the hell away from New Mexico.

In my most recent column for I respond to an article where it was argued that New Mexico would be an ideal place to be in a zombie-infested world.  Ugh… The first reason he gives is the terrain: Wow! What could be more conducive to survival than this? As it turns out, pretty much [Read More...]

I’m home.

For a while in college I had post-it notes on my mirror each containing a question to which the answer was always in flux. “Who are you?” “Where are you going?” “Where is home?” The last one never changed.  Home to me was always my parents’ house.  This was true whether I lived in Springfield, [Read More...]

Help make Shit Zombies Say: the book a reality.

I’m moving and dealing with everything going wrong with that, but because it’s time-sensitive I did want to step in briefly to point everybody at the Shit Zombies Say kickstarter. The people who run the site that employs me to write zombie columns are producing a book that I’ll have some authorship credit for (how [Read More...]