Leonard Nimoy has died.

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock on Star Trek, has died: Leonard Nimoy, whose portrayal of “Star Trek’s” logic-driven, half-human science officer Spock made him an iconic figure to generations, died Friday. He was 83. Admittedly, I’m not much of a Star Trek fan.  But when any character gives us wisdom or was as [Read More...]

On Recognizing Design

The Cult of Dusty guy (Dusty), recently put out a video (below) about yet another of Joshua Feuerstien’s not-researched disproofs of evolution. It’s an extremely caustic video, probably NSFW, yet, strangely satisfying. I take issue (not necessarily with this video) with his word choices often, such as being ableist, so it’d be nice if he [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Religious belief among incoming college freshman at an all-time low.

We’ve got some really good news about the upcoming generation.  Yes, we all knew the next batch of American adults was less religious, but it turns out they’re even less religious than we thought: America’s Class of 2018 cares less about religious identity than any other group of college freshman in the last 40 years, newly [Read More...]

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day sucks.  Restaurants are crowded, single people feel like shit, and if I set aside one day out of the year to treat my wife/partner extra special that means my game has fallen off the other 364 days of the year.  If you’re celebrating it, fill your boots, but it’s not my thing. So [Read More...]

FAITH & LAW: Birth control mandate challenges overturned in the 3rd Circuit.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed three lower court victories for religious groups challenging parts of the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate: A federal appeals court has reversed lower court victories by two western Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses and a private Christian college that challenged birth control coverage mandates as part of federal [Read More...]

Matt Dillahunty on the Chapel Hill murders.

As usual I can find no better wording than what Matt Dillahunty put on facebook: It’s certainly possible for an atheist to kill people because of their religion. It’s certainly possible that even in an ongoing parking dispute with neighbors, an individual’s hatred of the neighbors religion could contribute and amplify the response to the [Read More...]

READER QUESTION: How do deal with co-worker who insists on talking religion?

I recently got this question from a reader, we’ll call her Joanna Dark.  Joanna asks: Is there anything that I can do about a new co-worker who feels the need to mention/credit god in any personal conversation at work? (Short of not making even small talk with her, which feels rude to me). I’d prefer [Read More...]

FAITH: Saudi Arabian historian tells female host why women shouldn’t be permitted to drive.

Behold Saleh Al-Saadoon, a Middle Eastern historian, who supports a ban on women driving in Arab countries. I love the thesis of his argument.  It’s not that he thinks women are beneath men, it’s that he wants to protect them!  If women are allowed to drive they might, *gasp* be out in public by themselves.  Anything could [Read More...]

EVENTS: The Texas Secular Convention is coming up.

The Texas Secular Convention is coming up Feb. 27-March 1 and it looks freaking excellent. There will be some kick ass speakers like Ron Lindsay (CFI), Annie Laurie Gaylor (FFRF), David Smalley (Dogma Debate & Atheist Audiobooks), Amanda Knief (American Atheists), Matt Dillahunty (Host, The Atheist Experience), Barry Lynn (Americans United), and Daniel Moran who occasionally [Read More...]

James Randi retires from the James Randi Educational Foundation.

At 86 years old, the Amazing Randi has decided it’s time to fight charlatans on his own time rather than as a career.  It’s surely reassuring to know that you can walk away from your life’s work because the movement is in a place to continue it without you: This doesn’t mean that I’m retiring [Read More...]