Answer questions for the ideological Turing test.

Leah Libresco is looking for more atheists entry for her ideological Turing test.  If you’d like to answer some questions for her, here’s the link.  [Read more...]

The burqa: a symbol of one’s freedom to express their identity.

I love Jesus and Mo. [Read more...]

Great time at the PA Atheist/Humanist Conference.

What a spectacular weekend it has been.  I doubt I could recount all the good parts, but I’ll give it the old college try… Margaret Downey, such a warm and kind human being (and an insuppressible perfectionist), organized an amazing event.  It has certainly been one of the most professionally organized gigs of which I’ve [Read More...]

PA Atheist/Humanist Conference off to a great start.

Wow!  aspoiuaeoa;sdlfusadl;jsfd;lh!!!! This conference is extremely professionally run.  Margaret Downey, Brian Fields, and the rest of the organizers/volunteers who put this together are kicking ass full-time.  There was a superstition party last night with broken mirrors, walking under ladders, dancing…the whole environment is very party/fun oriented, which has carried into today. I got to meet [Read More...]

Voter fraud at the Secular Party of America and the price of redemption.

A story has broken on Atheist News that some board members of the Secular Party for America rigged the vote on their name change from the National Atheist Party.  Go read it.  It’s concise, so it won’t take you long. So where do I stand on all of this?  First, I want to praise Atheist [Read More...]

No mas…

I have been awake since before 3am courtesy of the contagion that has taken over my body.  I’m going to go back to sleep.  If it turns out I’m patient zero, you all have my permission to headshot me if you see me shambling about the streets of Lawrence. I leave you with this video [Read More...]

Talk about Syria.

Ok, time for me to bug out for the day and try to get well.  In the meantime, here’s a space to talk about Syria. Questions to answer: 1.  Is war ever justified?  (I think on rare occasion it is) 2.  Is the forthcoming offensive against Syria justified?  (I think it could be, but I [Read More...]

Iran bans female champions from League of Legends tournament.

I have a new article up over at The Secular View (you know that feminist atheist site I write for) about Iran’s recent decision to ban all the female champions in League of Legends at the Iran World Cyber Games to comply with religious notions of propriety.  Here’s the take home from the article: When [Read More...]

Taking the day off.

It’s been a long week.  I’ve decided to spend the day with Michaelyn watching the LCS, cuddling, and relaxing. I will probably stream a bit later if you want to come say hi.  Catch you crazy kids on the flip side.  :P [Read more...]

Short day guys. Sorry.

Hey all.  I had to spend an hour on the phone with Uhaul this morning getting my money back for a charge they assessed me for storing an empty box I unloaded three weeks ago.  Then I was on the phone for an hour again and I’m behind on an editing project I need to [Read More...]