Old video: Hilary Clinton defends abortion against pointed question – and goes ham.

This video is from over three years ago, but I just saw it today. For those who don’t know, “going ham” is a term gamers often use, with “ham” being an acronym for “hard as a motherfucker”.  That is what Hilary Clinton did when Christopher Smith (R-NJ) asked her if the Obama administration’s definition of [Read More...]

Captain Picard talks morality.

I saw this on reddit this morning and couldn’t help but pass it along.  If given the choice which fictional character to listen to on morality, you could listen to the one who decided to genocide an entire planet through the painful means of drowning when, even if genocide were moral, there were more merciful [Read More...]

Taking today off.

Hey gang.  I got in late last night from my talk in Hastings, NE.  I drove 10 hours and, though exhausted, didn’t sleep at all last night (25 hours and counting…). I think it’s just all the traveling I’ve been doing lately.  Ever been so exhausted you couldn’t sleep?  It’s weird. Anyway, I’m going to [Read More...]

The joys of travel.

Today I’m’ off to Charleston, SC to give a talk tomorrow on reason as a moral obligation.  I just went through security and the lady in front of me got pinged for a random screening.  She threw an enormous fit arguing that she shouldn’t have to submit to a random screening because she’s traveling first [Read More...]

See you all tomorrow!

I’m headed to the airport soon.  The blog will be back in full swing tomorrow, then Saturday I fly out for Charleston, South Carolina to give a talk.  More info tomorrow after I sleep.  Love to all of you! [Read more...]

Gun groups to hold “Guns Save Lives Day” on the anniversary of the Newton shooting.

Several gun rights groups (or maybe I should call them anti-restriction groups, since I believe in the right to bear arms but believe in a healthy array of checks and restrictions…I also want nothing to do with the NRA and their kind) have decided we need a “Guns Save Lives Day”.  Ok, fine.  The day [Read More...]

Catch a livestream of Freethought Florida for $12!

The Humanists of Florida are allowing people to livestream the Freethought Florida Conference on November 2-3.  There are a lot of solid speakers in the lineup like Dave Silverman, Seth Andrews, Dale McGowan, Darrel Ray, Nate Phelps, Sarah Morehead, James Randi, and Dan Fincke.  I’m especially happy to see Dan Fincke getting some more speaking [Read More...]

Joseph Atwill has not proven that Jesus was made up by the Romans.

A lot of people are sending me this article talking about Joseph Atwill’s upcoming presentation of his claim that Rome invented Jesus: American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time in London on the 19th of October to present a controversial new discovery: ancient confessions recently uncovered [Read More...]

Tim Minchin given honorary doctorate by the University of Western Australia, gives phenomenal speech.

The man is amazing. [Read more...]

Answer questions for the ideological Turing test.

Leah Libresco is looking for more atheists entry for her ideological Turing test.  If you’d like to answer some questions for her, here’s the link.  [Read more...]