The Holiness of God: Chapter 6 – Holy Justice

I should have gone straight to this chapter. Here’s an index of reviewed chapters. I was planning on doing a speed-run through the rest of the book, plucking out interesting bits, but then I started reading the chapter on “Holy Justice”. It’s going to get it’s own post. [Read more...]

Early therapist appointment. Will get a late start today.

Hey guys.  My appointment is in half an hour so I won’t get started here til mid-day. By the time I’m back, perhaps someone can explain to me why people who want legal pot, access to abortion, and minimum wage hikes would vote, on the same fucking ballot, for the people who openly and proudly [Read More...]

Russell Glasser appearing on Atheists on Air tonight at 9pm EDT!

I got contacted by AoA about appearing on their show tonight after their guest bailed at the last minute.  I really wanted to, but I’m really tired after a week of travel and speaking and I need to take a night to rest, I think.  But it worked out because they actually upgraded to Russell [Read More...]

Temperature versus Snowfall

Saturday, during JT’s beat-people-up-athon, and also looking for an excuse not to rake leaves, I thought it’d be interesting to see if I could investigate this particular question. [Read more...]

Suspect in custody re: Oklahoma ten commandments monument. He doesn’t seem to be an atheist.

Oklahoma police have arrested a suspect (who has confessed) in the destruction of the 10 commandments monument.  The guy who drove the car into the monument, regardless of whether he’s an atheist, should definitely have some mandatory psychological counseling assigned to him: Officials say someone drove their car into monument Thursday night, smashing it to [Read More...]

Catch the FFRF’s Andrew Seidel on Dogma Debate TONIGHT at 7pm EST!

One of my favorite people in the movement is Andrew Seidel at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  He’s brilliant, hard-working, kind, and extremely personable.  Seriously, if this guy isn’t on your radar, fix that (especially if you run an organization that likes to bring in public speakers).  Need proof?  Here’s a talk he gave at [Read More...]

Dictionary Atheism

I’ve been reading about some frustration regarding what some would call “dictionary atheism”. I am one of those that they might call a dictionary atheist, and I’d like to share my thoughts. [Read more...]

My take on CJ Werleman’s plagiarism situation.

Ok, so a lot of people are seeing the new shit storm in the atheist movement: CJ Werleman seems to have plagiarized parts of some of his works.  His friend and fellow Patheos blogger Dan Arel put out a statement earlier that I’m pretty much on board with: I didn’t comment on Godless Spellcheckers first [Read More...]

Discussion: how do you make it as a writer?

I’m often asked how one can begin to pursue paying gigs as a writer.  I always respond that I’m a horrible person to ask.  I blogged for fun (and for free) for about a decade and just kind of fell into it.  I really don’t advertise myself and just write to have fun and get [Read More...]

I didn’t know the extent to which the police can legally rob you.

Thanks to Jon Oliver and Lowering the Bar for educating me.  Jesus. [Read more...]