Saw the President speak.

Sorry I’ve been out all morning.  It turns out that if you want to hear the President speak you need to wait three hours and then a few more to get out of the building.  I never knew that standing could be so exhausting. I still have to write two articles for American Atheists today, [Read More...]

Your Epic Happiness: Dawkins Reads Hatemail Part 2

I have long awaited for this day…..and it has come (unlike Jesus). Dawkins reads his hate mail. Comedy. Gold. Enjoy!   Part 1 of Dawkins Hate Mail here…under the Husky, [Read more...]

State of the Union Address open thread.

I’m actually taking Michaelyn out for dinner and a movie tonight since we’ve not been together for almost a week.  However, Patheos has asked me to do a breakdown of the SOTU Address for tomorrow, which I plan to do, even though I will miss the address live.  But for those of you watching, feel [Read More...]

Just kidding.

I wound up in Colorado an extra day, so I’m driving back today.  I’ll be back in full swing tomorrow. [Read more...]

JT & Marijuana, While Wearing Fashionable Pants – The Follow Up

And of course, a hungry Husky who doesnt like to be toyed with! [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: he wants these ducks so bad!

Just give him the damn ducks!   Today is my last day in Colorado.  :(  Tomorrow will be a driving day and then I shall return in full form on Monday (there are some articles I’m still going to post about today). [Read more...]

State of the Community

(Guest post from Kathleen Johnson, Vice President of American Atheists) Since the mid 1990s, I have been a happy part of the movement toward free and unfettered civil rights for the atheist/freethought/secular/skeptic/(insert your preferred adjective here) community, first as a member of American Atheists, then as the founder and first president of the Military Association [Read More...]

Your Evening Happiness – Stunning art, and a husky

Nature, gravity (I know thats redundant), and some simple video editing….. This vid was fucking mesmerizing! I now want to try this the next time I’m in a place with lots of rocks!   And some fuzziness is always needed for some smiles! Rock stacking is risky business! Purple [Read more...]

Heading home.

It’s been a lovely vacation, but today we make the long trek back to Kansas.  :(  Will see you all tomorrow! [Read more...]

Religion of Peace

Ten French humor writers and cartoonists and other magazine staffers were murdered in their offices, along with two police officers, by a trio of adherents to Islam, the “religion of peace,” Their crime? They had dared to make and publish a cartoon of Mohammed. According to the BBC, at least seven others were wounded. Killing the [Read More...]