Discussion: how do you make it as a writer?

I’m often asked how one can begin to pursue paying gigs as a writer.  I always respond that I’m a horrible person to ask.  I blogged for fun (and for free) for about a decade and just kind of fell into it.  I really don’t advertise myself and just write to have fun and get [Read More...]

I didn’t know the extent to which the police can legally rob you.

Thanks to Jon Oliver and Lowering the Bar for educating me.  Jesus. [Read more...]

Accuracy of the Prophecy of the Writings of the Bible

Fulfilled prophecy is frequently thrown at us as “evidence” that a god exists. Here’s why I find it numbingly uncompelling. [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nil, Nix, Naught, 0

Using 1 digit, and making conservative use of only 2 letters of the alphabet, I feel the amount of fucks that were given by the stars of these videos is accurately described. Lest I make the same mistake twice… This last vid requires giving a an immense amount of fucks for someone you l0ve, requires [Read More...]

Your Musical Happiness – Faithless

Just got home from Delrey Beach’s version of Oktoberfest. *burp On the ride home, we were playing an old CD (for you young people, you can find CD, VHS and PORN MAGAZINE in the stone tablet dictionary of ole) of electronic music, which we both love and grew up on. It didnt take long to [Read More...]

Happiness – JT Finally Left, Pawrty Time!

While we all wish JT and Michaelyn a “magical” time on their honeymoon, its pawrty time up in this bitch! UNLEASH THE HUSKIES! Who brought the cocaine? 3pm, the “morning” after……   Have a great weekend all! Purple is fashionably this time of year, so there’s that! [Read more...]

Secular Invocation Montage!

Hey everyone, this is Karen Avizur posting from Orlando, Florida! I’ve been working with David Williamson of the CFFC to create a montage of the awesome secular invocations being given, the amount of which has skyrocketed since Greece v. Galloway. The video is going to be shown at the Freethought Florida conference tomorrow, but we [Read More...]

Moral Frameworks 2: Verbose Stoic’s Comments (Warning: 5364.33 words)

Why go out and drink on a Friday night when you can stay home and read more about philosophical abstractions of morality? [Read more...]

Philadelphia restaurant will pay servers a living wage.

How sad it is that the phrase “Philadelphia restaurant will pay servers a living wage” can be a headline?  But it’s true: A new restaurant in Philadelphia won’t allow customers to tip its waitstaff. Instead, it plans to pay employees a living wage with generous benefits. Chef Brian Oliveira and co-owner Cristian Mora of Girard Brasserie [Read More...]

Moral Frameworks: God is up a creek without a ladder

JT posted an article about a baby drowning during a baptism. A fellow named SteveK took issue, and JT decided to post him as an example, as I’m generally in favor of doing. Christianity, by existing, does a great job producing atheists, these days. The topics interests me, so I’d like to dig in and see [Read More...]