Reminder: Russell Glasser speaking in St. Charles tomorrow!

Just in case you forgot, the SSA at St. Charles Community College is bringing in Russell Glasser, co-host of the Atheist Experience, to give a talk about embracing your inner Skeptic.  So if you’re up around the St. Louis area you’re lucky enough to get in on this early Friendsman present. The talk is free to get into.  Wish [Read More...]

End of the day link dump: ex-youth minister receives sentence for sexual assaults.

So every day I select a group of stories out of my news feed to write about.  However, there are always a bunch left over at the end of the day.  I’m going to start just link-dumping the stories which caught my eye but didn’t get their own post into an end of the day post. Michaelyn [Read More...]

No Gods, Just Quads

One of the things I wonder about a lot is how spirituality and atheism can work together. When I first realized I was an atheist, I remember feeling conflicted about the sense of awe that some things gave me. I used to associate that with religion, and I felt like I had to try to [Read More...]

Sunday Night Happiness – Daryl Didnt Die

The Walking Dead has gotten into the habit of teasing its viewers with killing off Daryl. It’s come to the point that when Daryl is clipping his fingernails in a concrete bunker with the Spartan army from 300 defending him, the Jaws theme starts playing just to toy with my emotions! There was a bit [Read More...]

Did you know Carl Sagan wasn’t an atheist?

This was news to me, but according to a piece at another Patheos blog called Seasons of Grace over on the Catholic channel. I’m volunteering with the Recovering from Religion’s Hotline Project and have had to vet a couple applicants today (and another in an hour) while trying to keep up with current events.  I [Read More...]

Parents convicted after another child dies of a treatable condition because prayer doesn’t work.

Another pair of parents thought that prayer worked better than doctors and paid the price for their faith – or rather, their daughter paid the price for their faith: An Albany couple has been convicted of manslaughter in the faith-healing death of their 12-year-old daughter who had diabetes. KEZI reports a Linn County jury returned the [Read More...]

The Holiness of God: Chapter 6 – Holy Justice

I should have gone straight to this chapter. Here’s an index of reviewed chapters. I was planning on doing a speed-run through the rest of the book, plucking out interesting bits, but then I started reading the chapter on “Holy Justice”. It’s going to get it’s own post. [Read more...]

Early therapist appointment. Will get a late start today.

Hey guys.  My appointment is in half an hour so I won’t get started here til mid-day. By the time I’m back, perhaps someone can explain to me why people who want legal pot, access to abortion, and minimum wage hikes would vote, on the same fucking ballot, for the people who openly and proudly [Read More...]

Russell Glasser appearing on Atheists on Air tonight at 9pm EDT!

I got contacted by AoA about appearing on their show tonight after their guest bailed at the last minute.  I really wanted to, but I’m really tired after a week of travel and speaking and I need to take a night to rest, I think.  But it worked out because they actually upgraded to Russell [Read More...]

Temperature versus Snowfall

Saturday, during JT’s beat-people-up-athon, and also looking for an excuse not to rake leaves, I thought it’d be interesting to see if I could investigate this particular question. [Read more...]