Picking up a groomsman today.

Hey gang.  One of the down sides of living in the untouched wilderness of Northern Arkansas (as my parents do) is that the nearest airport is 2.5 hours away.  One of my groomsmen is flying in today and I’m making the run up to get him as well as visiting some old college friends.  So [Read More...]

Going to take a family day.

Hey everybody.  I’ve decided to spend the day hanging out with mom and dad.  I’ll see everybody tomorrow. [Read more...]

The Thinking Atheist shall bow before his WWJTD overlord.

The SCA put out a list of atheist news/opinion sources a few days ago: Want to stay on top of secular happenings? Our list ranks the the best sources of secular news and opinion in the world. There’s RichardDawkins.net at #1, American Atheists at #2…right, right…there’s Hemant Mehta at #16 and, wait, what’s this?  Who [Read More...]

Operation American Spring continues to try and unseat the President.

Thanks to Ed Brayton for flagging this video, which was posted by one of the remaining American Spring protesters to brag. Such cohesion.  Much military precision.  Wow. Some of these militia members, who think they have the potential to overthrow the government against our actual military if only they’re allowed to carry whatever guns they [Read More...]

Look for content this evening…

So because mom and dad live in the boonies of Arkansas, technology isn’t exactly what it is in the ultra modern states like…Kansas.  *sigh* We’re getting hit by a crazy-ass thunderstorm that has slowed the internet down to hyper slow or completely unconnected (I’m using my phone to post this update).  This means I can’t [Read More...]

Comment of the day.

This is not a regular feature, but I saw a comment today that deserved some sort of award.  My dad shared my post about the “In God We Trust” on schools bill in PA.  Someone commented on that share saying: Sure, PA’s education system has a grossly unfair funding formula, and the Philadelphia School District, [Read More...]

John Oliver on net neutrality.

Ok, gonna post this before we get on the road.  I get asked a lot to explain net neutrality, and this is one of the best explanations I’ve heard: Watch the vid, then click here and make noise. If you want a glimpse at who is responsible for this?  Look at your local internet/cable provider: [Read more...]

Find me a wedding ring!

Ok, Michaelyn and I are driving 2.5 hours to the big city today on the hunt for wedding rings (squeee!).  We’ll visit my brother and watch the LCS today before heading out to stores.   But stores suck and they’re so unoriginal.  Here’s where you come in. We’re having a Doctor Who themed wedding.  We don’t [Read More...]

Detroit: as education and access to contraception dwindle, abortion rate goes up. Who’d have thunk it?

What if I told you…that if you take away education and access to contraception that the abortion rate goes through the fucking roof? Nearly one-third of all pregnancies in the city of Detroit end in abortion, a statistic public health officials blame on rising poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception. Of an estimated 18,360 [Read More...]

I lurve you guys.

Hey all.  I’m still in Augusta, KS chilling with Michaelyn’s father and step-mom.  I’ve also come down with the plague she had last week, so I’m going to spend today resting and holding court with Michaelyn’s family when I can. But I wanted to thank you.  Last night the blog hit its average traffic for [Read More...]