State of the Community

(Guest post from Kathleen Johnson, Vice President of American Atheists) Since the mid 1990s, I have been a happy part of the movement toward free and unfettered civil rights for the atheist/freethought/secular/skeptic/(insert your preferred adjective here) community, first as a member of American Atheists, then as the founder and first president of the Military Association [Read More...]

Your Evening Happiness – Stunning art, and a husky

Nature, gravity (I know thats redundant), and some simple video editing….. This vid was fucking mesmerizing! I now want to try this the next time I’m in a place with lots of rocks!   And some fuzziness is always needed for some smiles! Rock stacking is risky business! Purple [Read more...]

Heading home.

It’s been a lovely vacation, but today we make the long trek back to Kansas.  :(  Will see you all tomorrow! [Read more...]

Religion of Peace

Ten French humor writers and cartoonists and other magazine staffers were murdered in their offices, along with two police officers, by a trio of adherents to Islam, the “religion of peace,” Their crime? They had dared to make and publish a cartoon of Mohammed. According to the BBC, at least seven others were wounded. Killing the [Read More...]

My thoughts on Avicenna’s plagiarism and the reaction of commenters everywhere.

After being off the grid for a bit due to vacation with the family I’ve been having to do some catch up.  I just came across the latest to do in the atheist movement: the ousting of Avicenna Last from Freethought blogs. Hemant broke the story, with help from many occupants of the Slymepit forum, [Read More...]

KKK erects white pride billboard in my hometown’s sister city.

Oh, Arkansas.  I’m sometimes asked how I write about the most terrible goings-on in the USA every day without letting it make me cynical.  The answer is twofold: 1.  I was already cynical.  Ha! 2.  I was raised in Bumblefuck, Arkansas.  The rest of the country struggles to keep up with the amount of religion-driven [Read More...]

Travel day.

Good morning everybody!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you celebrated it however you saw fit free of being antagonized by people who insist you celebrate it their way. The wife and I are making the sojourn to Arkansas today, where we will be staying for a few weeks.  I’ll be back to [Read More...]

First winner in the comment section of the Baxter Bulletin’s nativity article.

(If you need/want more info on the lawsuit filed against the local government in my hometown for discriminating against atheists, read this) Well that didn’t take long.  Brian Davis is upset with the Baxter Bulletin for posting a picture in its piece about the local nativity that only barely gets the Santa and the reindeer, as if [Read More...]

Your Evening Happiness: Husky playing with with her pups!

First, I’ll admit if the Bengals pull out a win against Denver tonight, that would make me happy. Second, had to share this since it was too damn cute and funny. Momma husky teaches pups to play tag, or something… after having cocaine/ 6 red bulls! Purple [Read more...]

Please send better theists

I recently wrote an article about why I find Apologetics uncompelling, and I thought I was fairly honest and frank about it. Then, we were visited by a real life psychic – a kind of crappy one. [Read more...]