Fourteen year-old commits suicide rather than tell her parents she was a lesbian.

This breaks my heart.  However, bear with me, because in this case it’s important we properly assign the blame: Elisabeth Lowe, known as Lizzie, had told her friends she may be gay, the Manchester Evening News reports. The 14-year-old’s friends said she was worried about telling her parents about her sexuality. One friend told the [Read More...]

Happy Belated Evolution-Downfall Day

William Dembski, noted promoter of Intelligent Design said recently, emphasis mine: In the next five years, molecular Darwinism—the idea that Darwinian processes can produce complex molecular structures at the subcellular level—will be dead. When that happens, evolutionary biology will experience a crisis of confidence because evolutionary biology hinges on the evolution of the right molecules. [Read More...]

Ohio anti-evolution bill is dead.

Another anti-evolution ship just got sunk: Ohio’s House Bill 597 — which if enacted would require students in the state’s public schools to “review, in an objective manner, the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories in the [state science] standards” — died in the legislature, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (December 15, 2014). As NCSE previously reported, HB 597, [Read More...]

Indiana pond turns blood red. No one is raptured.

In 2011 a lake in West Texas turned blood red. Recognizing the obvious sign of the End Times™, Indiana pastor and rapture enthusiast Paul Begley quoted Revelation 16:3:   “The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in [Read More...]

As an atheist, this is why apologetics don’t convince me

When I hook horns with apologetics, I often wonder what the other side is doing, because from A to Z, their entire approach is wrong to convince me of anything. Today, I thought I’d spend some time being introspective and explaining where apologetics falls short for me, personally. [Read more...]

Despite massive Christian protests, LGBT protections passed in Plano, TX!

Despite much protest, including protest from the state’s attorney general and various Republican lawmakers, the city of Plano has passed a non-discrimination ordinance that includes LGBT: Monday night, the Plano, Texas City Council voted 5-3 to approve an expansion of the city’s Equal Rights Policy, adding protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, among [Read More...]

Matt Fradd discusses “10 Myths About Pornography”

The Franciscan University of Steubenville puts out regular videos about various topics, such as theological debates and lectures. In this particular lecture, it features Matt Fradd, who discuses “10 Myths About Pornography”. Here’s how you’ll know it’ll be fun – He’s a Catholic Apologist. That, an he’s a fun speaker. Sorry – this is a long article. [Read more...]

Link dump: “Choose faith in spite of the facts.” ~ Joel Osteen

Here are some of the links that didn’t find their way onto the blog today: Twelve year-old boy cheerleader commits suicide over gay bullying. The Vatican, which preaches the virtue of living humbly, stumbled upon millions of euros it had tucked away.  Fancy that. Ed Brayton has a good write up of the police tactic [Read More...]

Proving the existence of Allah to an atheist

I love looking into articles such as this, which discuss how to convert atheists. They provide interesting insights into the epistemological thingamajigs of theists. This is how they think supporting claims works. Though, often they’re just trying to “play the atheists’ game” against them, even if the arguments aren’t why they believe in the first [Read More...]

My brother defends freedom of speech while giving a civics 101 lesson.

I’m so proud of my family.  For anybody who admires me, trust me when I say I’m the least-impressive member of my family.  My father, my mother, my brother…they’re all people to whom I greatly look up. Anyway, one of my brother’s friends shared a story from The Blaze (to which I feel dirty linking) [Read More...]