How “Thinspo” negatively effects self-esteem and self-perception

Christina here… Remember me! Sorry I don’t post here much anymore. I haven’t for reasons, but I’m posting now. Something on social media sites has been bugging me for awhile – Thinspo, or Thinspiration. So I made a video about it using my own body to highlight how easy it is to distort one’s appearance [Read More...]

Interview with atheist Congressional candidate James Woods part 1.

I was fortunate enough this weekend to get to sit down for about 45 minutes with James Woods who is running for the House of Representatives out of the state of Arizona.  Woods is a fascinating person because (among other reasons) he is an atheist and blind.  This makes him an anomaly in politics.  What’s [Read More...]

No video today, but tune in Sunday for a really special one!

I’m about to film something pretty rad for Sunday.  I’ll probably post it in the morning.  You’ll want to see it, so be ready.  :D [Read more...]

WWJTD Youtube: Yeah, science assumes naturalism.

Don’t want to assume naturalism, then your beliefs aren’t scientific. Michaelyn bought her diploma cover today.  :)  Moar celebrating tonight!  See you all tomorrow! [Read more...]

My first WWJTD youtube video: The Cursed Hunger for Gold.

So I’ve decided to do a daily vlog, just to test the waters.  Don’t worry, the blog here won’t see a reduction in content. Anyway, here’s the first episode.  :) Feel free to give me pointers.  I have no clue how to do the youtube thing, so I’m mostly just pointing a camera at my [Read More...]